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Horse Lady of Rohan  by Mimi Lind 7 Review(s)
sueReviewed Chapter: 63 on 3/7/2021
Stupendous. I've spent most of 2 days binging through your story. Now onto your other stories!

Author Reply: Thanks a lot for reading! :)

sueReviewed Chapter: 51 on 3/7/2021
re: mortal children...ELDARION is not half elf, he's 1/8 elf. Arwen is 1/4 elf and she gave up her immortality. Elrond is half-elf.

Author Reply: The 'species' are called half-elven, and Arwen and her brothers are mentiond as half-elven too. (though they are more than 50% elf, so I agree it makes no sense)

Counting exactly how much elf Arewn is is tricky, because her mother was an elf, and her father half-elven - but there is Dior in Elrond's past who was the son of a half-elf-half-Maia and a human (Lúthien and Beren). It should be something like 75% elf for Arwen, but with some Maia genes in that mix. :D

And to complicate matters, Aragorn too has elvish and Maiar genes because he's a distant relative of Elrond's brother Elros. So Eldarion would be a little more than 37,5% elf lol.

Anyway, this is all beside the point. :D The issue is that Eldarion has not inherited his mothers immortality (which Legolas didn't know she had given up). All he knew was that Elrond was immortal, and his children seemed to be immortal too because they lived for thousands of years. So he probably just assumed this would be the case in all elf-human relationships. (wishful thinking!)

Sorry for my nerd TED talk hehe. Love Tolkien family trees!

sueReviewed Chapter: 44 on 3/7/2021
I am really enjoying this. I think you should re-think the number of leagues the company travels each day though. One league is 5.5 kilometers/3.5 miles. I don't think even the best horse on the best ground could travel 56 miles/93.5k a day. A horse with a rider can travel 25 to 35 miles a day. (40-52k). Mearas are good. But not THAT good.

Author Reply: Glad you enjoy it!

About distances: I've used sources about medieval warfare for calculating distances and travel speed. There was a historic case during a war, where they traveled 70 miles in one night, changing horses mid-way. But the norm was around 30 miles per day.

Thranduil's company has spare pack horses to change into, and the horses get strong food in the hostels, oats and stuff. :) But yes, it's a lot. They all are longing to get to the comforts of the city, probably! Who wouldn't, after camping so long.

sueReviewed Chapter: 22 on 3/6/2021
dirty dirty dirty dirty. SMILE lick my lips.
dirty dirty yummy no no dirty. yeah.

Author Reply: Hahahaha :D
(Legolas IS yummy)

sReviewed Chapter: 19 on 3/6/2021
I am so thrilled by the uploading of the WHOLE story.
Yum Yum. Yes - I would love to read the woman/orc backstory.

Author Reply: Thanks! Yes, I've thought about writing it some day, but I have too many story ideas lol.

sueReviewed Chapter: 13 on 3/5/2021
I am enjoying your story so much! Everyday I check to see if there is a new chapter. I particularly like how you have "humanized" the elves. Too many stories persist in characterizing them as ethereal and stand-offish. Keep up the great work.

Author Reply: Thanks a lot for letting me know! Glad you like it, and my elf versions. :) I'm trying to make them more like they are in the Silmarillion, where they seem so different from in the Lord of the Rings!

I've decided to just add all the chapters now, because I keep forgetting about this site. So no more wait for you. :)

AnonymousReviewed Chapter: 5 on 2/11/2021
This story is so great. I would love to see you continue. I do not know if you are still updating on this website but if you are I would really look forward to seeing more of your work. If not, where can I find the completed version of this story?

Author Reply: Glad you like it! Two more chapters coming up now. :)

If you can't wait, it's completed on AO3, Fanfiction.Net and Wattpad, same username (Mimi_Lind).

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