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Reunion in Mirkwood  by Mirkwoodmaiden 1 Review(s)
NurayyReviewed Chapter: 17 on 3/7/2021
I liked it how you described Legolas' connection to the wood. How he feels the joy in it, and also the sadness and where the trees are marred by the darkness.
A touching moment was when Sadron gave him the pendant as a reminder of home, carrying the joy of the wood in it. It was sweet that he gave him his since his father did not get the chance to give this blessing to him. Thranduil would be so glad and grateful for this gesture of a caring big brother. And he does care so much. I could feel again how hard it was to him to let his little brother go into possible danger, to let him go and let him grow.
The part where he let the sound of the river and the sky full of stars soothe his heart was very peaceful.
The sadness at the memory of when his mother was taken is so tragic. It changed their lives and will always be felt.
And you refer to some past events involving Aragorn. I might go and find out what relationship already exists between them.
Take care

Author Reply: Nurayy!

Thanks and I pondered what it would be like to have that connection cut off when it was as natural as breathing.

It will mean a lot to Thranduil to know that Legolas has at least his brother's pendant.

It is hard for Sadron. He is Legolas' big brother and wants to protect him as he always has, but he knows he has to let Legolas go knowing as you say to "let him Grow..."

I pondered how would Legolas would see and feel about a wide open sky full of stars. I figured they would at least partially bring him peace. Rivers, lakes, streams, oceans. They all fill me with comfort and I thought it might be the same for Legolas. :-)

The story "The Heir Apparent" where Aragon and Legolas meet is when Estel is only 15. The first 8 chapter deal with Arathorn and Gilraen and litte Estel. After that it is set in Imladris!

Thank you so much for writing! Hope you do check out "The Heir Apparent"

Stay Safe!



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