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Reunion in Mirkwood  by Mirkwoodmaiden 2 Review(s)
demeter dReviewed Chapter: 14 on 11/19/2020
The thing that most came to mind as I read your last three chapters or so is, their creator is beginning to use these first-born children as part of a much greater plan, one whose ultimate end is now so shrouded in the mists of possibilities that even Mithrander can not see far ahead! Legolas and his troubled father are learning to forgive each other their errors in judgement, and to depend upon each other for the emotional support they will desperately need in the coming months. Why, tho, do I get the impression that our Leaf and his personal bodyguards will now leave directly from Sadron's holding to Imladris? If they do, then the letters of forgiveness will truly be the last tie the father and son will have until the end of the up-coming war! No wonder Thran was so anxious for his son's return. One more bit. I did not go back and check which chapter it was in, but Legolas woke to see Vivelle and her husband asleep in each other's arms. You said something about Legolas once having someone who fit like that, but she was taken from him. Is that in one of your earlier stories? If so, which one please? I freely admit I have not read many of yours. But now that I have discovered this one, I am trying to catch up some of yoour older ones.

Author Reply: Demeter d!

Thank you for the long and thoughtful review. When I write I have only a vague notion of where I want the story to go. As I write that is when I discover where the story is taking the characters which is sometimes off in a slightly different direction than I had planned. Mithrandir cannot see all ends and while I am writing the story I know how I want it to end. In the writing of the chapters will determine how I get to that end. You are right. Legolas, Erthion, Navedir and Vivelle will leave from Sadron's holding for Imladris. Legolas and Thranduil will not see each other again until the end of the Ring War and the events after the war.

It was originally my intent that they would have had no communication, letters or otherwise until they met again after the War, but in the writing of the chapters I had brought the two of them to such an emotional pass that neither could properly see to their respective responsibilities without at least some form of forgiveness and healing, hence the letters. But Sadron is right. When Legolas leaves their lives will never be the same.

In LOTR, Legolas never does come back to Mirkwood to live permanently. He will go to Ithilien to live and then take Ship for the West. It is why in my story he is the youngest of three brothers. Celebren is the heir and Sadron is the "spare" as in the way the English talk about their own royal family line of succession. Legolas is free to chose his own path which is divergent from Mirkwood. But that does not mean there won't be joy in reunion even if things have changed. How I don't I have written those chapters yet!

You ask about when Legolas seeing Vivelle and Erthion sleeping. That is unfortunately a story I haven't written yet, but I will. It will also speak to to why Legolas is free leave Mirkwood. His great love already awaits in the Halls of Mandos and Tolkien Elves love only once, with only a few very notable exceptions.

Thanks again for writing!

Stay Safe!


Author Reply: Wanted to also mention that Legolas and Thranduil are learning to forgive one another. Their problems stem from the fact that they love maybe too much and each wanted to save the other from hurt which in the end hurt both of them. Relationship are messy and very rarely clean cut but the love does remain within both of them.

MM :-)

eliza61Reviewed Chapter: 14 on 11/19/2020
Great chapter MM, I have to say you have great writing, I can imagine Sadrons little fiefdom and the supporting characters all have "personalities".
Poor Legolas, kids got hundred emotions running around his head, some times becoming an adult sucks royally, knowing you have to do something you really prefer not to. I did giggle when he got testy over the treatment of his adar, so like family. You are allowed to criticize them by. woe to the outsider that does it.

can't wait for the next chapter.

Be safe mellon

Author Reply: Eliza!

Thanks for writing! I have had a lot of fun creating Sadron's little enclave. And yes poor Legolas has so much going on his head and he isn't quite sure how to figure it all out. He will somehow find a way. It really is a journey of growth and discovery he is on. One that he never expected. He will face his demons and he will succeed. How yet I'm not sure! Really glad you are enjoying the story!

Stay Safe. Mellon nin!


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