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Destiny's Child  by Mirkwoodmaiden 4 Review(s)
SimplegirlfromLPReviewed Chapter: 12 on 4/1/2021
So enjoying this story especially about a young Eowyn. We know how it all ends, but I so love reading all the filler and details in between. Thank you for sharing your story. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Author Reply: SimplegirlfromLP!

So happy to hear from you and so happy you are enjoying the story! I do like to write gap filler stories and I really love Eowyn!



NurayyReviewed Chapter: 12 on 3/29/2021

It is so difficult to see how Théoden is getting worse and worse. You show so well the helplessness Théodred and Éowyn feel. So hard for them to have to witness this.
Take care my friend!

Author Reply: Nurayy!

Hello! Yes, these are not easy times for the royal family of Rohan. Does Théoden's decline seem too slow or too fast. I am trying to pitch it right with the timeline in the book.

And yes it is so hard to see one you love decline. Even harder when they are under the influence of someone you don't trust. Not an easy time at all.

Be well and stay safe Mellon nin!


LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 12 on 3/28/2021
As the chapter began, I had to go back and look at the date at the top, for it almost sounded like the arrival of Gandalf the Grey (escaping Saruman and taking Rohan's finest horse) or Gandalf the White and the Three Hunters.

How sad that Théoden was emotionally and intellectually separated from his son in his son's last months of life. And poor Éowyn, to have borne the burden, seeing the reality that her cousin was too preoccupied to notice (or perhaps he was afflicted by that peculiar but common malady where we refuse to recognize a loved one's decline).

This part of the timeline is very sad reading.

(And yes! I have begun reading again in two of your other stories: Elanor's birthday and Éowyn and Faramir's wedding!)

I hope this finds you and yours well. ((hugs))

Author Reply: Lindelea!

The beggar being dismissed at the gate in the beginning of the chapter IS Gandalf. I meant to reveal that the end of this chapter but it was getting too long and I broke it where I did thinking that made a decent enough stopping point so in effect I have a good portion of Chapter 13 already written!!

Yeah this part of the timeline has some heavy going. Théoden slipping farther away, Eowyn watching it all happen. Grima's effect on both of them but in different ways. Théodred dying. And it is sad that Théoden is losing touch with his son and his son dies before Théoden comes back to himself. We don't what the future will bring.

Théodred, like Éomer has his duties to keep him occupied and yes often we don't want to admit to a loved one decline. He can keep busy but Éowyn's dreams have been taken away from her and she, as a woman's part often was historically, has a front row seat with no distraction to see her beloved Uncle's decline. Gandalf mentions something of this to Éomer (I think)in ROTK.

But she was loved by the people of Edoras and they give her strength and joy and the ability to keep going in these sad times. I keep on reminding myself "Éowyn does end the story happily!" Because this story will more or less end with her realizing her love for Faramir in the Houses of Healing. And it will flow into "Bound by Duty; Bound by Joy" and flow into the other stories I have already written about them!

I am so happy that you are ready those other two stories. Looking forward to what you think!

Hope you are well!



shireboundReviewed Chapter: 12 on 3/28/2021
Théoden was aging before his eyes. The plan was unfolding quite well.

How helpless those who truly love Rohan, and their king, must feel, watching this unfold. You describe everything so well.

Author Reply: Shirebound!

Thanks! These haven't been easy chapters to write. I've been trying to show Théoden's decline slowly and show Éowyn growing despair in stages. Both she and Théodred are can't help Théoden and each is grappling with it differently. It is a somber and very uneasy time.

Hope you are well!



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