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Destiny's Child  by Mirkwoodmaiden 3 Review(s)
LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 11 on 3/26/2021
Somehow I knew even before you said it why she would stay. She was nothing here, except her beloved uncle’s only smile.

I'm glad Théodred was still alive at the time of this ceremony.

So much lovely detail! It reminds me of seeing The Two Towers and the amazing detail that had gone into the set and costume construction for the Golden Hall and the village in Rohan and the people of the land.

royal masks slipped back into place ... very evocative phrasing. A whole lifetime expressed in only a few words.

I hope this finds you and yours well, my friend. Thanks for a lovely treat after finishing my work for the day.

Author Reply: Lindelea!

Exactly! She won't leave him. And yet Grima ever there disturbing her peace.
I think Two Tower may actually be my favourite of the three film because of the Rohirrim and Rohan. And the music that Howard Shore created for them. The man is a bloody genius!

I admit I have watch parts of Two Towers when I have been writing this story, so chock full of detail those scenes are.

"royal masks slipped back into place" yep they are to play the roles they were given.

Theodred doesn't die until February 25 3019. The timeline in the Appendices in the back of ROTK specifically lists this. It will be very hard of Eowyn. But I haven't written that chapter yet, but it is coming.

Thank you so much reading and writing to say what you think!

Stay Safe! Mellon Nin!



NurayyReviewed Chapter: 11 on 2/16/2021
This was an excellent chapter, my dear! You show Éowyn's pain so vivid; about her lost dream, about her uncle drifting, this sense of loneliness she feels at being so different, against expectations, so well written here. And her great joy, that keeps her going is her closeness, her friendships with the simple people. And that makes her shine so much in my eyes. Loved the banter between Háláf's parents.
I liked the ceremony. The excitement and the pride of them all comes through so very well. I loved how Háláf blushed at the excited and proud waving of his mother. So good :)
Oh Éowyn, her emotions are touching. Háláf is living her dream, through him she can somehow keep close to it but it is also so painful to see what she is denied.
I loved to see how close she and Théodred are, loved their banter. And I loved to see how deeply Théodred feels for Éowyn. And if I think that soon she will lose him, because we know it will happen, it gives a harsh sting to my heart.
And in all the feelings of excitement, of pride, of joy for what the young rider(s) achieved, I can't help to think that this boy is going to be a warrior and I fear for the hearts of his now smiling and happy mother and father, that one day they might get shattered. I pray that won't be the case. But how many parents' hearts will break in this war...
Maybe I just get too used to slip into a certain depressed elleth's mind... :)
Stay well, my friend!
And I can't wait for our three hunters to reach Edoras ;)

Author Reply: Nurayy!!

Thank you so much for the detailed review. You know how much it means to me! So happy about what you say about Eowyn. I have been trying to sketch and fill out her pain and loneliness slowly and I am so glad that is coming across. Theodred and Eowyn have a close relationship and it will be very hard on Eowyn when Theodred dies.

She does somewhat live through Halaf. She wants his dreams to come true because hers cannot.

Thanks so much for the review!

Stay Safe, mellon nin!



shireboundReviewed Chapter: 11 on 2/15/2021
Sheathe your sword and be accepted as one of us

How Éowyn must yearn to someday hear that said to her, poor girl.

Author Reply: Shirebound!

So true! It is the pain that resides in her heart that she tries to hide from everyone. She hides it from her uncle, cousin and brother because she doesn't want to hurt them with the reminder of their part in her pain and she hides it from others because she can't stand to dwell on it.

Of course (and I keep reminding myself of this when I am having to write about these unhappy times) her pain will be assuaged when she meets Faramir! :-))

Thanks so much for writing!

Stay Safe, mellon nin!



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