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Destiny's Child  by Mirkwoodmaiden 2 Review(s)
LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 8 on 3/21/2021
In haste tonight, so quick impressions.
I love the reconciliation between the King and his niece. That he keeps looking up at every sound, hoping it's Éowyn... his thanks and pledge at the end of the scene...

The next scene: Éowyn the generous, the kind (the foretelling! yay!), the problem-solver, the one who fights for her people, even if it's just getting them the care they need. (And her working that the boy should have the chance to pursue his heart's desire, something that has been forbidden her. Poignant.)

The old councilor. So that's how Grima's opportunity arose. I'm glad it wasn't through accident or poison, but still...

((hugs)) Hope you're staying safe and well!

Author Reply: Lindelea!

I'm really glad you liked the reconciliation. I thought hard about how I wanted it to come about and I really wanted to emphasize the love between the two. It was a very heartfelt scene to write.

The next scene was to help develop the love and comradeship felt between Éowyn and the people of Edoras. Hama says in TTT that the people of Edoras love her I wanted to show why. You'll notice that she knows the name of all the people she calls on for help with Háláf. And to show her "high-hearted" spirit even though she will never realise her dreams she cannot stand to see a child lose his. Though she carried a secret pain in her heart she gave to others and never let them see her pain.

I thought about how to introduce Grima. His was an recent influence he comes on the scene around 3014. He was not a long time councilor. There is no written reason in the Legendarium that I could find so I invented a reason.

Thanks for taking the time to write even though you were in a rush!

Stay Safe, Mellon nin!



shireboundReviewed Chapter: 8 on 10/30/2020
I love everything Eowyn does to ensure that her people are taken care of and also know that someone is looking out for them. And Holdlith's prediction is wonderful! :)

Author Reply: Shirebound!

Hello! I hope you are well! I was thinking about it and while it is clear when we meet Eowyn in TTT she described as stern and sad, it is also written that she was held in great love by the people of Edoras. Hama proclaims about Eowyn, "She is fearless and high-hearted. All love her. Let her be as Lord to the Eorlingas!"

She clearly did not mope about in public about her lot, though it clearly ate at her soul. The people knew and loved her. So I thought that being among the people was in keeping with that. You'll notice that she knows everyone's name in the lower portions of Edoras.

Holdlith's prediction was a bit of inspiration as I was writing the chapter! We all know what will happen but Eowyn doesn't at that point! :-) I had to think of a way to describe Faramir that was very accurate and yet vague! Had I always written of Faramir's appearance as written in the book I could have been even more vague said "grey eyes" which could have described Aragorn as well, but I had always been swayed by the visual in my stories and describe Faramir as in the film, the reddish blond hair and blue eyes of David Wenham!

Thanks so much for writing! Stay safe, mellon nin!!


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