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Destiny's Child  by Mirkwoodmaiden 2 Review(s)
LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 7 on 3/18/2021
Impressions as I read...
My heart is breaking for her.
Oh! A loving conspiracy.

And yes, those childless couples with endless room in their hearts to take in strays. I grew up with such an elderly couple next door. Wonderful refuge from the storms of life.
little red-haired slip of a girl with a spirit as large as Helm Hammerhand. Perfect description.
Gamhelm is so wise... what a good counselor and friend he is.

Oh, yes. Bareback and with only a halter and rope, heading out to find some solace and solitude. Been there. If your horse has been trained to neck-rein and/or respond to the rider shifting his or her weight, it's doable (though probably not advisable).

And Théodred... "Neither wanting to hurt the other, but in your raw emotional states one is bound to say something that will just make the other angrier, or worse, more hurt.” what he's describing, I've heard called "lizard brain" - and he's right, of course. And the horse analogies! Again, perfect!

You have a sure sense of relationships in your writing. Your people are so real and relatable. Lovely.

We got our first Pfizer shot on the same day! Little by little. Now if people would just practice some restraint... there's light at the end of the tunnel, perhaps, but we need to get out of the tunnel before we start acting like the emergency is over. Sorry, I let my frustration with the news videos of spring-breakers boil over a bit there.

Author Reply: Lindelea!

Exactly! My heart hurts for Eowyn. Those we love are not perfect in their reckoning. They try to make the best decisions with the options they have. That is why I write of a conspiracy of love. And following that when she finds out the three she loves the most can't be the ones she turns to.

She needed to run to find shelter from the maelstrom of emotions within her. She would go to her comfort zone which for any child of the House of Eorl would be the stables and her horse. And of course the comforting and solid presence of Gamhelm. I was really quite glad I had already created this relationship earlier in the story he was the perfect one for Eowyn to talk to.

I figure if anyone could ride bareback it would be the Rohirrim and as Eowyn is the daughter of Kings she has riding in her blood.

Thanks for the compliment about the relationship I create. I really work at trying to make each relationship real. We love and are not rational in our loving. I try to reflect that.

The chapters you are coming up to haven't been easy because I must take Eowyn through her unhappiness. An despair so deep that she wanted to die on the Battle field of the Pelannor. But I remind myself that I have already written of her happiness but she must travel this difficult road to get there.

**dose of reality** Yeah!! that we got our first shots on the same day! And no need to apologize. I feel your pain. Those people on the beach Grrrr!! They don't care who they might long as they get their sun! Grrrr!

Thanks so much for writing! Mellon nin!

Stay safe (((Hugs))


shireboundReviewed Chapter: 7 on 9/28/2020
What a shock, to discover that something you trained for was never to be yours. I can relate to that, in my own way, and you write it beautifully.

Dear Gamhelm! I just love his wisdom and gentleness.

Author Reply: Shirebound!

So lovely to hear from you! Thank you! Éowyn most definitely has had a rough go in life up until she marries Faramir. She says so much when she says to Aragorn that she does not fear death only to be trapped a cage till old age accepts it. That is a frightening image to me and it says a lot about her life before the Ring War which is what I am trying to explore.

In writing this story and everything that Éowyn will have to go through I keeping telling myself that she does get her happiness at the end of the story.

I love Gamhelm! It is a happy chance that he was in the other chapters as Éowyn's confidante because as Demeter d pointed out she was so upset with her uncle, cousin and brother she would not have listened to them! So thankfully Gamhelm was there! With his wonderfully comforting and wise words. Otherwise not sure how this chapter resolves itself! :-)

Stay Safe, Mellon nin!


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