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A Light in Midwinter  by Mirkwoodmaiden 2 Review(s)
LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 5 on 2/26/2020
Pardon me for quoting such a large swath...
It was the eve of the Solstice, a time for looking back and reflecting in Minas Tirith and now a time for looking forward in Ithilien. At the informal family feasting that took place on the eve of the Solstice Éowyn looked around at those who formed her life around her now. She laughed as Merry and Pippin had their mugs in hand and were once again regaling the gathered friends and keep inhabitants with songs from the Shire, or more correctly songs from Shire pubs. She laughed with the dear little ones; they brought such life and such happiness wherever they went.
Ah, yes, we've talked about the Solstice before. I love your take on it, especially the subtle message in "looking back" in Minas Tirith and "looking forward" in Ithilien, categorizing a shift to new life and hope from regrets over past events and endless watching and waiting for the next attack. And I love how you portray Merry and Pippin and their effects on the others around them!

Ah, the horses. (In my youth, collecting and playing with Breyer horses was my delight.) And Arwen, joining the fray!

Interestingly enough, my midwife told me alcohol is useful to put off early labor pains and prolong a pregnancy when the babe needs a bit more time before emerging into the world.

Gimli! and Legolas! (and the children! including the latest, about to arrive!)

...and Faramir, and healing his battered heart, and brotherhood... Ah, my heart. Lovely.

Author Reply: Lindelea!

Be prepared for long winded me! Really glad that my distinction of how Minas Tirith and Ithilien view the Solstice has been noticed by you! Yeah! I thought it shows how Gondor is now thinking about life and hope since the return of the King.

About Merry and Pippin they really strike me as hobbits are yes, mischievous but very loyal and very loving and full of joy. Their characters do read like that and I guess I am also influenced by the wonderful portrayals by Dom Monaghan and Billy Boyd. They are a joy to write.

Ah the horses! Yes! I wanted to show Aragorn and Arwen's lighter side and showing that they are both very much engaged with their son. Both Aragorn and Arwen were raised in Elven ways. Arwen of course being an Elf and Aragorn being fostered there from before he was three and to the age of 20. In Morgoth Ring Tolkien talks of Elves raising their children and the parents are the primary care givers. Elves are very close to their children. I could very well be mistaken but I have used how highborn households in our world going to back to renaissance, Victorian, Edwardian English noble families have had their children raised (Nurses, Governesses, tutors, etc). Hence it is very usual for Aragorn and Arwen to play Horses with Eldarion.

I thought taking more time to bring Legolas and Gimli into the story, but the idea didn't flow. Then I thought they live in Ithilien and would probably just drop by. And Eldarion would be very familiar with the two.

I wasn't going to bring Faramir through anymore doubt (because he has been through so much) but again this new pain and doubt seemed to make sense. When having had a traumatic upbringing and then entering into a loving and nurturing relationship you don't alway believe your good fortune. And that person who has provided that safe haven is somehow taken away for perhaps the first time it flowed in my story that Faramir would lapse into what had been the norm for him for so long. One that says that happiness is fleeting and doesn't last. He is brought out of it by Aragorn, but also Eomer, Legolas and Merry and Pippin. They show him they are not disappointed by "weakness" as Faramir thought his behaviour to be. They show him that the opposite is true that he is indeed loved and respected. It heals his heart. They are his brothers who will stick by him, It is a revelation to him.

And Breathe. Sorry if I may have run onto too long. BTW Didn't have a chance to tell you. In your current story I truly love that you thought deeply enough in your story to understand the Court system that at least the Tooks have. Very impressive! Love it!


shireboundReviewed Chapter: 5 on 2/13/2020
What an absolutely lovely chapter, from beginning to end.

Author Reply: Shirebound!

Hello! Yeah! So glad you liked it! I said to myself that I wasn't going to refer to Faramir's sad past anymore but as I was writing this chapter it just flowed naturally. But it was a healing moment for him, I think. Onwards to the birth! Thanks for the review m'dear!


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