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Renuvammet  by Zimraphel 3 Review(s)
ImrahilReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/14/2016
An interesting story. Well written and intriguing. There are a few historical inaccuracies though.

1. The Palantir of Elostirion that looked to the West belonged to Elendil. He brought it over from Numenor before the Downfall. So Elrond really should have no way of knowing of the fate of Ar-Pharazon's Gret Armament. In fact, Elendil himself would have been able to view the defeat of Ar-Pharazon the Golden.

2. Elendil says that Ar-Pharazon was never his King. But we know from Unfinished Tales that Elendil did consider Ar-Pharazon the rightful King and even counselled his father Amandil against outright acts of defiance against the King.

A good take, but inaccurate on a few key Tolkien facts. Nice rendition of Elendil's landing, having Elrond meet him is a nice touch. Though I always thought that Gil-galad would have come to greet Elendil in person, given the great friendship between them.

Jason TroutmanReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/4/2005
Another excellant work. I have been reading through the entire list of stories you have posted to You have a gift for bringing out the human elements of stories that are given in a flatly historical context in the Silmarillion. Bravo. One criticism, though. You may wish to re-examine the idea of Elrond having knowledge of Ar-Pharazon's invasion of Aman come through the palantir in Lindon. As far as I recall, the seven palantiri that came to middle earth were brought there by Elendil himself during his escape from the drowning of Numenor. If anything, it is Elendil who should be able to tell Elrond about the palantiri, for he should not have seen one yet. Of course, in the larger sense of the story, this is a small detail and perhaps not significant enough to merit any editing. Again, I have enjoyed reading your listed works immensely!

Lasse-LantaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/27/2003
Nice, very nice. I ment to leave a review the other day when I first saw this, but some silly thing in RL distracted me. You certainly have a wonderful talent in reaching to the heart of a situation and then bringing it to the written page for all of us to enjoy. Of course Eleandil would want to record his history and how kind are Elrond's words to him.
Thank you for a lovely vignette.

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