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Sam's Coming-of-Age Gift  by KathyG 1 Review(s)
LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/14/2017
Oh, this is lovely! The descriptions bring me right into the scene. Like this one, for example,

Whistling, the young Master of the Hill wrapped it in a white linen handkerchief, slipped it into his trouser pocket, and left the smial to walk down to Number 3 Bagshot Row. The round bright-green door clicked shut behind him as he strolled down the cobblestone path toward the gate, which opened out onto the dirt path leading to the bottom of the Hill. He paused to close the gate before continuing onward. Overhead, a few wispy clouds drifted in the sky, and a breeze ruffled his curls. His feet made soft thuds in the dirt, leaving narrow impressions behind as he made his way toward Samís home.

And I wonder, from Frodo and Sam's shared glance, what else happened the day they saw the fox? It sounds as if there's a tale to be told...

Author Reply: Hmm. Perhaps there is!

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