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A Bond Remembered  by Mirkwoodmaiden 3 Review(s)
Antigone_QReviewed Chapter: 1 on 11/20/2003
This is a much more fleshed-out portrait of Denethor than I usually see. Good for you for giving him thoughts and feelings of his own, and not making him simply an abusive monster. The interaction between the brothers was very sweet.

Author Reply: Thanks Antigone!

There has to be a bond between Denethor and Faramir, but it is obviously one that has been so buried beneath other feelings! Otherwise feasibly how else could he repent for his actions in ROTK after Faramir comes back with that poison coursing through his veins. Denethor's reactions have always struck me as love rememmbered as opposed to a love discovered.


MysteriousWaysReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/13/2003
Sniffle and sniff

That was just so beautiful. Thank you for writing and sharing.


Author Reply: I'm really glad you liked it!

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/13/2003
I thought this was very sweet. I have always loved the devotion of these two brothers. And what a pity that Denethor can't see his way out of his own troubles to connect to his child.

Author Reply: Thanks Daw! The relationship between Boromir and Faramir is a special one. Where would they be without each other? Faramir needed somebody to love him and I think Boromir needed somebody to love. They both would have been very lonely and troubled without each other, because Denethor wasn't up to much of anything in the way of affection.

In answering my reviewers I just realised that I've sent you 3 emails in succession! Hope you don't mind! :-) And thanks for all the kind words!

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