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Glimpses of Middle-earth  by Linda Hoyland 3 Review(s)
55lnUJk3Reviewed Chapter: 16 on 10/23/2013
Hi ShaunThis brings back a never foorgtten time. To set a little of the record straight, after the fire, a load of us met, led by Dave G as union rep to find a new site, as Mddx Poly in its infinite wisdom had only the suggestion of a boarded-over swimming pool out in Enfield or similar . After much letter writing to councilors on holiday, disinterested tutors and so forth, we ended up speaking to the TUC who were just about to take over the Crouch End site, which had released its last Foundation students and had been gutted to make ready for refurbishment. As a fellow union, they agreed that we could have it for the year, hence the late start that term as its innards were reconnected. Years later, working in FE in Haringey, I was to attend many an education session there, as the TUC education centre and would stare at the gaps in the floor boards where certain conceptual grains of sand from meaningful sculptures had trickled.Alison x

JCOWjzjeZaReviewed Chapter: 16 on 10/21/2013
First off, I would like to give a REALLY BIG thank you to Ronae, who invited me to be a guest atuohr on her wonderfule website and blog! It was such a pleasure to write for you Ronae :)And, thank you everyone for the wonderful validations and feedback. My favorite subjects to write about are teens and parents!I have to say, this is a wonderful blog site. It feels very warm and welcoming. A personal thank you to: Denny, Anna, Ro, Barbara, Lyn, Rosann, Anastasiya, Jamie, Christina, Seo and Gina, for your posts, and nice feedback.I do think it would be a great idea to do a postive journal with younger kids it starts to shift thinking patterns and actually, neuropathways in the brain. Dan Siegel's book Parenting From the Inside Out is a fabulous book on how to nurture your child's brain from a very early age. I love making Toolbooks with girls too, decorating the book throughout with stickers to make it visually appealing, and putting all kinds of things in there tools for self soothing, affirmations, mission statements, positive journaling, etc.Well, its getting late here in Phoenix, but I just wanted to stop by and say hi to everyone, and thank you for the wonderful feedback. You guys rock!! Lynn Hoyland

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 16 on 3/16/2013
I would hope that this was an AU, actually. Poor guy--not many vices, and this is one he has found soothing for so much of his adult life!

Author Reply: Many thanks for your much appreciated review.Yes, this is AU to my head canon where he gives up smoking soon after being crowned and only regrets it when he is estranged from Arwen over Sulion.

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