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Interrupted Journeys: Part 7 The course of love  by elliska 5 Review(s)
FantasiaReviewed Chapter: 6 on 5/17/2011
Great chapter, I don't have too much time to review ( I'm reading at work!) but I just wanted to say that Thranduil motto should be "Where Dreams come true"
And again, poor Legolas.

Author Reply: Hehe! Reading at work is great when you can get away with it. :-) Glad you enjoyed it. Thranduil is great, isn't he?! Thanks so much for the reviews. I really appreciate them!

CandissDReviewed Chapter: 6 on 5/17/2011
oh wow! awesome chapter! :D

Author Reply: Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed and thanks so much for the reviews! I really appreciate them.

Laikwal‚ssÍReviewed Chapter: 6 on 5/16/2011
Thranduil is really cunning. With his concession he has ended this dreadful stand-off. If Dannenion acts against his King now Thranduil can also act accordingly and banish him for good. Serves him right. And poor Legolas. I feel sorry for him right now. Another great chapter. Thank you so much. Lai

Author Reply: Thranduil is looking forward to getting rid of Dannenion once and for all. The actual outcome (which we won't see for at least two more stories) will surprise him. :-)

Poor Legolas, indeed. His day has been rough and it is only going to get worse.

Thanks so much for the reviews! I really appreciate them!

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 6 on 5/15/2011
You have to love Thranduil. He's tough as they come. Except:

Maidhien's expression would have brought Thranduil to his knees

LOLOL. As I believe he observed in the last chapter, it's a good thing he doesn't have a daughter. He knows Dannenion, though. He sees what will move him and what won't. So he tries love as a motivator first but isn't surprised when he has to move on. If I were him, I wouldn't trust Dannenion either. His eagerness to hang around court when he hates Thranduil can't be good.

I liked this too:

"Please explain to me why you find Galithil so objectionable," he said, changing tactics, "while he is still young enough that I might endeavor to correct any character flaws you see in him."

If I were Galithil, I might have flinched at that one. I liked his hesitation over whether he should stand when Dannenion starts giving him orders, the way he would for Thranduil. The use of body position to mark dominance, respect, etc, is foreign to us for the most part, but it's interesting. I think we react to it even though it's unfamiliar because it's body based.

And speaking of body based, I laughed at Thranduil's reaction to the suggestion Galithil and Maidhien had been too cozy. Eirienil is unlikely to thank Maidhien for announcing that she's been kissing boys. It's a good thing Legolas isn't there to hear the start of the news about Aewen. Though given what comes later, perhaps he would have appreciated the warning.

This made me laugh:

In fact, Thranduil had appeared quite eager to get he and his cousins out of the family quarters. Legolas wondered if that had anything to do with the fact that his naneth was due back to the stronghold at any moment and might take Thranduil to task for agreeing to a betrothal without even speaking to her. Not that Lindomiel would object, but Legolas imagined she would not be pleased to be completely left out of the decision either and he suspected that omission had occurred to his father rather belatedly.

Maybe Thranduil should kick her in the ankle.

Legolas had a sobering talk with Tulus. That was very moving. But then Conuion makes a good point about how Tulus was supposed to be the one with judgment while Legolas is still young. I guess some things can't be undone.

Author Reply: Hehe! Yep, that conversation ultimately ended well for Galithil, but it had to be uncomfortable for him a several points, and certainly the two you pointed out. I imagine Galithil definitely would have preferred for Thranduil to go without learning about the swimming incident. :-) And you're right that Maidhien was a little blunt to make Eirienil happy. Legolas would have killed her if she'd been allowed to finish her sentence. ;-)

Maybe Thranduil should kick her in the ankle.


I'm glad the conversation with Tulus came off ok. That is the part I fussed with the most here. This was a serious mistake on both Legolas and Tulus's part, but it seems there are at least some extenuating circumstances for both of them too. I'm glad Conuion has to deal with it and not me. ;-)

Thanks so much for the reviews daw. I appreciate them so much!

perellethReviewed Chapter: 6 on 5/15/2011
Awww! this chapter was aboslutely great on so mnay lines!!! First, I loved Thranduil's cunning. It osunds like he's playing with fire too, I fear, but then Dannenio hasn't given him any other chance, so he's really getting his rope and strnagling himself, sadly. And also loved Conunion's stance. And the promise to LEgolas "I have guarded three generations of your family, as I told you. All of them eventually managed to marry, despite the presence of guards This made me laugh so hard.

And poor Legolas, what a shock!!! Well, such is life, bu surely it must have hurt, even more after Galithil and Maidhien managed to solve their problem! Great chapter!

Author Reply: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! Thranduil is definitely playing with fire, but at this point he will be happy to let Dannenion hang himself. He is comepletely disgusted with him.

Conuion is great. It must be tough to do what he does.

And Legolas is definitely having a rotten day, that is not going to get any better, unfortunately. Poor elf, indeed.

Thanks so much for the reviews. I appreciate them so much!!

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