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Interrupted Journeys: Part 7 The course of love  by elliska 4 Review(s)
perellethReviewed Chapter: 4 on 5/15/2011
Oh, wow that was intense! Poor LEgolas, and poor Aeen, and poor star crossed lovers. BUt above all poor guards. It's an ungrateful task they have, looking after these kids...Now that we seem to have Galithil trained it's LEgolas' turn to become unpredictable. Thrnauidl is not going to be impressed by this one, oh no!

THis is aboslutely delightful and entertained, elliska, and I still have another chapter to catch up with! :-)

Author Reply: I'm glad it was tense! Yes, Legolas is just not destined to have his kiss, is he? And yes again, the guards are in a lot of trouble. Thranduil has a lot of reasons to not be pleased.

Thanks so much for the reviews! I appreciate them so much!

CandissDReviewed Chapter: 4 on 5/3/2011
another great chapter! can't wait to

FantasiaReviewed Chapter: 4 on 5/1/2011
Elliska, this is quite a soap opera! how many cross lover are there!

Poor Legoals, he won't have a chance to enjoy a first kiss. He will have such a reprimend for his Father, and his guard for leaving without escort that it will be long before he can have a private moment for a kiss.

Author Reply: LOL. A soap opera indeed. And it's not over yet! It will get worse before it gets better (though I doubt Legolas will believe it gets better at all, poor thing). You're certainly right he's not getting that kiss. And he is in a world of trouble for sneaking off to get it in the first place. Poor Legolas!

Thanks so much for the reviews! I appreciate them so much!

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 4 on 5/1/2011
Then he tensed, held his breath and looked at her closely, praying she would not think him overbold.

Apparently she did not.

LOLOL. No, she didn't. She was wondering if she was going to have to grab his ears and haul him down to kiss her because otherwise she'd be old before it happened.

I liked the way the man's hand shook, telling us that he wasn't comfortable threatening them. And what do you know, it's another young couple doing something their parents wouldn't approve of. Legolas's calm assurance, even when the older man aims at him, speaks well of his courage and his faith in his father's warriors.

The tangled affairs of the Laketown couple must really shock Legolas. They're so far from his experience. I was as startled as he was when the warriors looked to him for a decision. What a way to start taking on adult responsibility. And Legolas is sharp enough to understand the lieutenant's desire to help the young couple and use Legolas to do it.

Seriously, I think Aewen isn't a good match for a king's son. Poor thing. She's going to take this personally, especially since she just complained that Legolas never had time for her.

Author Reply: She was wondering if she was going to have to grab his ears and haul him down to kiss

ROTFL! Hilarious image, that one. I'm tempted to steal it--if it isn't cut, Maidhien is going to give Legolas a bit of a hard time in a later chapter and this sounds more like something she would say than what I have written. Awesome! :-) But Legolas has definitely lost his chance for now, hasn't he? But you're right, Aewen is no match for him, at least not yet. (In fact, again, if it doesn't get cut, Lindomiel is going to make exactly that comment in the last chapter--but fortunately not in Legolas's presence, since he is going to have enough to worry about then, without his mother adding to it).

I can't imagine what an elf, with their views on marriage and what constitutes a marriage, might think of the way some marriages must have been arranged in Mannish towns. That would be completely outside of their comprehension. And Legolas, being so obviously innocent about such things, is getting quite an education here. But the father's reaction isn't that far off from Dannenion's, and that will be food for thought for Galithil and Maidhien later.

Legolas is definitely learning the down side of authority here though. He has enjoyed the guards treating him in a privileged manner due to who he is for while now (like guards letting him have a horse or letting him into rooms when they would not let his cousins, even Galithil, do the same thing, as in the last story). Now he's seeing some times who he is is difficult/inconvenient too. Reality bites. ;-)

Thanks so much for the reviews, daw! I appreciate them so much!

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