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Interrupted Journeys: Part 7 The course of love  by elliska 4 Review(s)
CandissDReviewed Chapter: 3 on 4/26/2011
Great chapter! Legolas the diplomat! :) I also have a feeling Legolas and Aewen are about to get into trouble! can't wait to read more

Author Reply: Legolas did well with the men, didn't he? ;-) But he will regret his later actions! Thanks so much for the reviews. I really appreciate them!

perellethReviewed Chapter: 3 on 4/26/2011
At last, i was able to seat and read and enjoy!

It's amusing that legols is suddenly about to turn into rule breaking elfling while Galithil is almost settled... He's found himself a hote headed elleth! That's kind of poetic justice.

I liked the moment when they stepped out of the forest into the grasslands, it was a shock to me almost as to them... wonderful touch, that! I'm so nejoying this, elliska, thank you!

Author Reply: Galithil is almost settled, but he will make a decision in the next chapter that is going to force Thranduil into action, which will be fun. Legolas is definitely about to get into a lot of trouble. Teenagers just don't think sometimes, poor kid!

I wish I could have spent more time on the grassland moment. That must be incredible when you are used to something so different.

Thanks so much for the review! I appreciate them so much!

FantasiaReviewed Chapter: 3 on 4/25/2011
The encounter with the men went better than I, going off with Aewen....will see.

Author Reply: Legolas was relieved at how he worked out the problem with the traders. Unfortunately, he will b less pleased with how it works out with Aewen. That will be a little more trouble for him, poor thing!

Thanks so much for the review! I really appreciate them!

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 3 on 4/24/2011
This chapter seemed really well paced. There was time for character stuff, but it moved along and something interesting was happening all the time.

I liked the way we find out who originally made the various arguments and then gave up when Galithil and Maidhien ignored them and started on the same discussion again. I understand how that kind of obsessive repetition happens. When something big is on your mind--and her being sent not only away but also to someplace dangerous--is huge. I say again, "poor guards." This is going to be trouble.

Legolas was particularly funny when he thought that Eirienil "enjoyed immunity from being punched." LOL. I'm sure she does. And that phrase suggests events in Legolas's life that we haven't seen.

As much trouble as Galithil and Maidhien are, Aewen is bigger trouble at the moment! She has no fear, and Legolas is young, male, and in love. This little excursion into the dark would be problematic even if you don't have Bad Events in mind, which I suspect you do.

I liked the encounter with the spice merchants for a couple of reasons. The guards gave what I thought was perceptive advice and it clued me in as a reader to where the danger might lie. Then Legolas handled the situation creatively and well despite his surprise at being "Lord Legolas." The argument rang true on all sides. The spice merchant seems to be in all kinds of trouble, poor thing.

In the exchange about the axle, Brethil really came alive for me. I liked it that he says he could fix it, it's such a simple job. I could hear his scornful tone, and he convinces me that his confidence is well founded.

Also, I liked the awe the children felt at the sight of grasslands.

I was waiting for this chapter this evening, and I was well rewarded for my wait!

Author Reply: This was a tough one, because not a lot physically happens, but Legolas's mind is off in a bunch of directions, with the men and Galithil/Maidhien and, most importantly for him, Aewen.

I'm glad you liked Legolas's thoughts about Eirienil's 'immunity.' I giggled myself at that. Anastor and Legolas are friends, but Anastor has such a different attitude than Legolas is used to. I can see Anastor reacting with a good punch easily, and I can see him pushing Legolas (or especially Galithil) just a little far to earn himself a punch a few times too. :-)

Thranduil will be pleased with how the deal with the merchants turned out, but he is going to be far less pleased with other things. Aewen is leading Legolas into a lot of trouble, for certain. I definitely have Bad Events in mind. ;-) Poor Legolas and poor guards, indeed.

And I am so glad you liked Brethil too. I like him as a character and friend for Legolas. He is a good kid and he'll prove it as things go along.

I wish Legolas had more time to enjoy the grasslands. That must be incredible, really, when all you've ever seen is the forest. Kind of like seeing the ocean for the first time.

Thanks so much for the review, daw! Your comments really made my day, because this was a tough chapter to write.

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