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Interrupted Journeys: Part 7 The course of love  by elliska 3 Review(s)
daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 2 on 4/17/2011
I've been out of town visiting my son and was excited to find this chapter when I got home. Every section of it has conflict, which I thought was great. Even the bit about the two First-Years getting their just deserts (from Legolas's POV anyway) was fun.

Poor Tulus and Colloth. If only orcs were the main threat to their charges! Dannenion doesn't have enough fear or sense to know when he's going too far. I especially liked him going after Thranduil, and the king's threat to removing his hand if Dannenion didn't remove it from from Thranduil's face. Also how weary everyone in that room was when Dannenion showed up. They've heard it all before.

Maidhien certainly wasn't intimidated. Thranduil's assessment of her is right, I think. She and Galithil are well matched.

The last section suggests that the plot is thickening. So something is "wrong" about this guy searching for his SIL's murderer? And the only men around are the spice merchants? I see trouble!

Author Reply: Every section of it has conflict

You made my day with this comment. My little exercise for myself with this story when I went through it to post it was to add/cut/change things and break it up in places to try to keep up-ing the stakes and maintaining the tension better.

Yeah, orcs are more pleasant than Dannenion in many ways. At least they have the good sense to fear Thranduil. ;-) Dannenion is going to learn some respect. Not now, maybe, but soon. Thranduil has done this Hallion's way for a long time. His patience is at an end.

Maidhien is a strong little girl. She's got what it takes and she'll prove it.

I see trouble!
Yep! Poor Legolas.

perellethReviewed Chapter: 2 on 4/17/2011
Cyberspace ate down half of my first review... I was saying that it's such fun to see Legolas disgruntled by being requested to do something for his adar, and seeing Galithil as the level-headed one!

And a wonderful second chapter. Maidhien really knows how to handle her adar, doesn't she? I'm sure he will have to give up eventually. And poor guards, really!

Author Reply: Ain't computers great! Yes, Galithil is being very mature. He still enjoys a little thrill, but past events have toned down his desire to generate really outrageous ones himself considerably.

Maidhien definitely can handle her adar. We will see a lot of that in this story and other ones. Dannenion is not going to win this one.

I think being the guards in any of our stories has to be the worst job ever!

Thanks so much for the reviews! I appreciate them so much!

CandissDReviewed Chapter: 2 on 4/17/2011
another great chapter! Can't wait to

Author Reply: I'm glad you continue to enjoy! Thanks so much for the reviews!

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