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The Omen  by Ellynn 1 Review(s)
eilujReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 10/26/2010
Very nice.

Arda, a faraway blue gem, so tiny in the vastness of ňa, so distant that only the Valar can see it -- I like that idea (which I don't remember reading in JRRT anywhere, so I will give you credit).

Also liked the idea of the wounded star. And that the voices in the heavens are silent: in reaction to the beginning disaster -- or permanently? Has Melkor wreaked even greater harm already?

Author Reply: I can't be sure and I can't remember details now, but I got the impression, from LotR or Silmarillion I guess, that the Straight Road was long and that the journey to Undying Lands wasn't a short one, so I suppose that Arda and Undying Lands are far away from each other. So, I got the idea that only the Valar can see Arda, that not even elvish sight is not good enough for that.

As for the silence of the stars: while writing, I got the idea that the stars usually had some sort of their whisper/song, by which they talk to each other and to Varda. But now, they can feel the approaching evil (although they couldn't identify it), so they got scared and fell silent. So, no, the silence is not permanent; I believe all things will be even better and renewed after Last Battle.

Thank you for reading and reviewing! :)

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