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From Wilderness to Cities White  by Larner 5 Review(s)
AndreaReviewed Chapter: 57 on 7/12/2015
Wonderfully done!

I especially like the second one about the man from Harad who is free for the first time in is life. And overwhelmed by his feelings he sums them up in one word: Dream!

Author Reply: I'm so glad you loved that one in particular! Thank you so, Andrea!

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 57 on 7/6/2015
On a more sinister note... more vignettes, which unfortunately, the Muse refuses to consider. (I'm having a difficult enough time getting her to deal with some of these WIPs I want to finish this summer.)

The Ring, which while not described as having the power of thought, certainly was described as having the power to try to work its way back to its master. So, an impression of the Ring, freeing itself of Gollum (who showed no sign of leaving the caves under the mountains) and being slipped into Bilbo's pocket.

Or the Balrog, wakened by dwarves delving too deep in their quest for Mithril, freed of his dreams and able to emerge into the halls of Moria, at least until the coming (and going) of Gandalf.

Wormtongue's rejoicing at setting himself free of Saruman... cut short, of course, by hobbit arrows.

Bittersweet... Beren's freedom at the cost of Finrod's sacrifice. And again, Beren's freedom won by Luthien. (And perhaps Luthien's thoughts as the Eagles bore them away from the doors of Angbad.)

And I don't know why I just thought of this, but did Bilbo feel any twinge of being freed of the Ring's influence when it went into the fire? I know he was old and forgetful when Frodo returned ("What ever happened to that old ring of mine?") but, was there any effect on him, at the moment the Ring was destroyed? Was he alone at the time, or was Elrond, or Arwen, or Glorfindel even, with him?

Sheesh, I can come up with plot bunnies galore, but as to writing... Ah, well. Coming up with plot bunnies is a marvellous way to avoid writing, come to think of it.

Author Reply: I have done many of these--the Ring in the first two chapters of "Between Green Door and Gold Ring"; the Balrog in the proper chapter of "Stirring Rings"; Bilbo in "Following the Fellowship from Afar." Have done Saruman's thoughts at the end of his life in the unpublished final chapters of "Stirring Rings", but haven't thought of it from Wormtongue's POV. Might think of that eventually.

Haven't done much of anything regarding Beren and Luthien, although I have been rather fascinated by Earendil and Elwing and have done two or three stories from their POV as to how they felt when they realized they couldn't return to M-E and their sons. May eventually try that, too. But not until I get "Stirring Rings" finished, which just simply is driving me crazy again!

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 57 on 7/5/2015
Beautifully done, so well suited to the theme. And such a great springboard for thought! I think of the wild men, freed by Aragorn, I think it was, as he escorted the hobbits on the beginning of their journey north. (My brain is very muddled today, heat-triggered migraine the most likely cause, so this scene may very well play out elsewhere in the book...)

Those cursed, who followed Aragorn out of the haunted mountain and were set free after their spirits finally fulfilled their oath.

Those chained to the oars. (I wrote a drabble about that, actually.)

Men, ruffians, spellbound by Saruman's voice. Were some of them set free when he died? Or were their hearts rotten, in the first place, for them to have been tempted and then snared by him? (Somehow I see, in my mind's eye, at least a few who were left shaking their heads in bewilderment, as if shaking off a dream -- perhaps some who surrendered at Bywater were among these.)

Author Reply: You were correct as to when Aragorn communicated with the Wild Men, as they traveled between Gondor and Rohan, decreeing that the Druadan Woods were now theirs forever and banned to outsiders who might seek to trespass without the Wild Men's permission. And I admit to being inspired by your drabble about the Gondorian who found himself freed by Aragorn who now pulled willingly at the oars so as to bring those coming from the southern reaches of Gondor to Minas Tirith to its protection.

And you've set still another plotbunny hopping throughout the house! Maybe it will take up housekeeping in Marble's hutch! Heh!

AntaneReviewed Chapter: 57 on 7/4/2015
Free at last! Wonderful news for them all. Happy 4th!

Namarie, God bless, Antane :)

Author Reply: Indeed, the best of Fourths to you, too. And they are free!

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 57 on 7/4/2015
A very moving and beautiful tribute to the Fourth. Thank you.

Author Reply: Thank you so, Shirebound!

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