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From Wilderness to Cities White  by Larner 7 Review(s)
LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 56 on 7/2/2015
Alas, poor Lobelia.

And it’s up to me to make things right.
She'll do her best, and with her considerable strength of will, her best will help many.

It's a pity that Benlo questions the permanence of Lobelia's change of heart, but not surprising, I suppose. I'm glad she saw it through.

TariReviewed Chapter: 56 on 6/29/2015
I doubt that Lobelia would fall back to her old ways after all that has happened.

My birthday is this Thursday should you have time to write one of your wonderful tales. Though I'm partial to elves, I do love the Hobbits.

Author Reply: I agree! The prompt I was given for this month's LOTR Community challenge inspired both these stories, I found. So glad you enjoyed them. And you and Dreamflower should be receiving a nice story this month! Heh!

meckinockReviewed Chapter: 56 on 6/24/2015
This was touching, Larner. As much as we sometimes love to see people get what's coming to them, it's even more satisfying to see them sincerely regret the hurt they've caused and want to do better. You've managed to make Lobelia a sympathetic character, which is no easy task, but it goes to show there's good in everyone. Beautifully done.

Author Reply: The Master told us that she'd had a determined change of heart after she was imprisoned and released, and I loved exploring that change. The hundredth sheep was saved, at least, and I suspect there was a good deal of rejoicing in other parts when she allowed her better nature its full reins.

NilmandraReviewed Chapter: 56 on 6/23/2015
This is really well written, Larner. You really have captured the voice of Lobelia very well. I've never seen anything written during this time in the Shire and I have to say that you really have shown in this conversation exactly what Tolkien only told us about. It makes it so much more real. It is very realistic, very well done. Although I do agree make the changes quick before she has a change of heart and goes back to her old ways! I would like to think she really had changed though.

Author Reply: We know that the Master indicated that Lobelia returned Bag End to Frodo and that she left those properties she and Lotho had held to provide a fund for reparations to those whose homes, livelihoods, and lives had been damaged during the Time of Troubles. We know she was surprised to find herself applauded as she came free of the Lockholes, for she'd never before known any level of popularity. So, I did my best, considering the proverb I was presented with, to examine just how she came to the decision to return Bag End and leave the properties for reparations.

Thank you so much for your comments, and I so hope your birthday was wonderful. I have written a few more stories from Lobelia's point of view set in this time, and Benlo Bracegirdle first appeared long ago in my story "Stricken from the Book." I love that the Master indicated that Lobelia's heart was changed by her experiences in the Lockholes, and I love to imagine how she experienced her redemption.

Thank you again for your comments, and for providing this archive site for us to explore Arda within.

AntaneReviewed Chapter: 56 on 6/23/2015
That was big of Lobelia to do that.

Author Reply: Perhaps one of the first times Lobelia realized she could be "big" in such a manner. Thank you so very much, Antane!

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 56 on 6/23/2015
If you see somethin’ as you like, take it—and make it better.”

Now that is a wonderful aphorism. Would we all could do that.

Loved the details in this. It felt very real.

Author Reply: I had to start over three times before I think I did the aphorism justice. I can imagine that Lobelia had a good deal of remorse at the end to deal with, and hope that she found comfort in the redemption offered her after being freed from the Lockholes.

Thank you!

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 56 on 6/23/2015
This is a wonderful gap filler. Lobelia really did make amends, at the end.

Author Reply: Yes, she did have a so necessary change of heart. To have been applauded as she was led out of the Lockholes must have been such a surprise for her, and then to know that Lotho could never look to know the same must have hurt the more.

Thank you! I so hope Nilmandra appreciates it!

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