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From Wilderness to Cities White  by Larner 8 Review(s)
Linda HoylandReviewed Chapter: 10 on 7/30/2011
This was so touching, I loved it!

Author Reply: It was fun to find a way to put my visiting tom into a story!

AntaneReviewed Chapter: 10 on 1/24/2011
Nice to see the Gaffer being nice!

Namarie, God bless, Antane :)

Author Reply: Isn't it, though? Grinning. Thanks!

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 10 on 1/23/2011
You know how much I love it when the Gaffer shows his kind heart. This is sweet.

Author Reply: I do, too. It's fun to invite the Gaffer in from time to time, I find. He's a sweet old guy!

EllynnReviewed Chapter: 10 on 1/23/2011
Awww, lovely! :)

Author Reply: Oh, I'm so glad you think so, Ellynn! Thanks!

harrowcatReviewed Chapter: 10 on 1/23/2011
I think the question is...will this rangy and ragged tom consent to stay. But perhaps, knowing the care Marigold is likley to lavish upon him, the cat will know which side his bread is buttered and earn his keep as a mouser which will eventually please the Gaffer. Lovley touch about the timing of the asking.

Now I think the review is longer than the drabble!

Author Reply: I have two toms here who both want to be the indoor kitty. Zubran has priority, after all, having been mine since he was born. But some days Buck comes in in spite of Zubran, I find. And I'm certain that the children of Number 3 will all take care of the cat and let him know he now has a very soft life! Heh!

TeresaReviewed Chapter: 10 on 1/23/2011
Chuckle......I often did the same thing to my parents! I'm sure they wondered why I had to have my various pets; but they only grumbled a little bit! And I can see the Gaffer's face at that moment..... but then even if his wife had been there he would have allowed the cat to stay! The Gaffer reminds me of my grandfather, he loved gardening too! Thanks for another vignette to bring a bit of warmth to the winter months! :)

Author Reply: I think I did, too. Glad you enjoyed it and helped the winter at least a bit more comfortable.

Raksha The DemonReviewed Chapter: 10 on 1/23/2011
Lovely story; I can just see the rangy cat and the little Gamgees. Hope that the cat recovered and stayed with them...

Author Reply: I can see it, too. Sam and Marigold and May will undoubtedly spoil it rotten!

And do check out "Griefs Faced and Hearts Lightened" in "Another Moment." I found myself thinking of you as I posted it.

ArmarielReviewed Chapter: 10 on 1/22/2011
Now that was one happy cat!

Author Reply: Or at least he's a lucky one! Heh!

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