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On Wings of White  by cathleen 2 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/19/2010
The terror is real and supported by what we know of the nature of orcs and Sauron. Pippin is learning wisdom now by leaps and bounds!

Author Reply: Yes, and it was fun watching him as he matured through all these troubles! Thanks for reading, Larner!!

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/18/2010
I really like this. Gandalf and Pippin have such a special bond, it seems, and this conversation is brief yet full of deep insights.

I consider Gandalf’s earlier words to me and my heart warms. I seem to sense Gandalf’s smile with my mind


Author Reply: Thank you, Shirebound! I really like writing about their relationship because I think they did have a very special bond and Gandalf watched Pippin grow through a great many trials.

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