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Another Moment of your Time  by Larner 490 Review(s)
periannoreReviewed Chapter: 96 on 5/9/2022
Wow, Pippin has really grown up and he has certainly earned that maturity.
Sam's sensitivity to what haunts Frodo and his open, affectionate support is golden.
You have treated the aftereffects of Frodo's quest in such a way as to show its implications in practical, believable terms. Dear, Wise Frodo has devised a caring use for his shares Aragorn is sure to appreciate.
As always your story enhances my visions of Middle Earth infusing it with reality I know isn't true but love to believe in my imagination and heart. However I still pick and choose what to make permanent in my personal M.E. and mean hobbits like Ultimo aren't welcome.
what's with Ultimo's hatred of Frodo? I miss points more often than I like to admit but why would he hate Frodo? Is it just that he wants to keep Frodo's shares for himself?
Please keep writing.

periannoreReviewed Chapter: 97 on 5/7/2022
From the title I worried this would be a lackluster fic but since Frodo was in it and living in the shire I had hope. It turns out I had the pleasure of spending some peaceful, quality time with Frodo, Sam and the children.
The little history lesson went down pleasantly and given the conclusion the title couldn't have been more apt. I welcomed the bits which gave my imagination new fodder for my continuing daydreams about Frodo and the Fellowship. For example: "I had to ask Master Erestor, as keeps Lord Elrond’s library for him, to help make it out." I'm imagining scenarios involving Elrond giving Erestor time off to satisfy Sam's boundless interest in books of tales in Elvish, and maybe to help Merry with the maps.
“You did this picture?” He nodded,... “Bilbo seemed to think it was close enough to how he remembered Smaug being, there in the treasury in the Lonely Mountain. I hope I did Glaurang justice.” I like the idea that Frodo has an aptitude for drawing and can imagine so many ways to incorporate it in my musings about him.
Last before this review becomes longer than your story I loved what you didn't say. As young as they are the children didn't beg for bites of tangerine. This showed their love for Frodo and their willingness to forego treats in respect for his need.
Thank you for packing so much in this little fic.

UTfrogReviewed Chapter: 97 on 4/27/2022
Absolutely delightful story. Thank you so much.

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 97 on 4/18/2022
Oh, but the ending left me laughing in delight!

It seems so natural for Sam to seek out more of the old tales while at Rivendell. I can just see them (Bilbo and Frodo) chasing him off after Frodo's recovery to make sure he gets some rest and recreation - "And don't come back until the supper bell chimes!" - as if pretending that they want some private time, but also because they know he'd neglect himself (and had done so) to make sure that Frodo had everything he needed. If anything will help Frodo now, it's Sam's tea and Strider's gift of lemons.

Alas, poor Frodo! I'm glad his cold didn't go into lung fever. During a bad stretch, every cold I had seemed to follow the same cycle (which meant it moved into my chest before moving out). But now I'm wondering if Frodo was never sick after Bilbo left because of the effects of the Ring? What a shock his first cold-in-the-head after It went into the Fire must have given him!

So looking forward to seeing you later today. (And I'm so glad you're writing and posting!) I have a birthday present story for you, but it's not quite finished, so please bear with my bad manners at not presenting you with the story before noon on your birthday, which is what I believe Miss Dora specified as Proper Birthday Etiquette.

(And I can only imagine Miss Dora and all her accumulated advice for dealing with a cold! Hah! I'm sure it would more than fill one of Bilbo's wastebaskets.)

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 97 on 4/17/2022
What a satisfying realization for both Frodo and Sam. And I love the idea of lemons and tangerines flowing into the Shire, especially when Frodo needs them most. I hope you have a joyous and peaceful Easter.

UTfrogReviewed Chapter: 96 on 2/20/2022
Learner, I was absolutely thrilled to see a new story from you. As one of my favorite authors, I have truly missed you. This lovely story is the same high quality as your others offering great characterization. Thank you so very, very much.

Author Reply: I am finding it harder to focus on a single story as I get older, so it takes me increasingly longer to finish each story. Sorry about how long it's taken to get this posted.

Am so glad you like the characterizations--it's always fun to examine how different folk react to the Travellers. Thanks so.

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 96 on 2/15/2022
What a lovely birthday surprise! You said you were working on one, but I don't remember you talking about what was inside the package, under the shiny paper and sparkly ribbon bow. What a wonderful story. It reminds me somehow of Frodo talking so politely to the ruffian, and Pippin taking offence at the ruffian laughing at Frodo and calling him a little cock-a-whoop and stepping up, standing up to the bully. (I do especially love Pippin in this.) And Sam's quick understanding - ah, but how well he knows, as the only other living creature in M-e who had borne the Ring for a time, how well he must remember the temptation to power that he himself fought off with the help of a dash of good, solid hobbit sense, and yet he also knows that Frodo had carried the Ring for so many years, at the end embarking on a journey where the Ring would have only grown stronger with every step closer to the Fiery Mountain. And Sam must remember all too well how the Ring took Frodo in the end. Such pity as he must have felt for his beloved Master just now at Frodo's confession of weakness. But he doesn't show it; instead, he provides comfort and some of that solid good sense.

Author Reply: Oh, I am so glad that you like it. It took so long to get it written--and to think I used to crank out two or three stories in a single day!

Yes, I like Pippin in this, too. We know he grew up a good deal during the quest, and I've always thought he had an excellent mind under all the apparent Took foolishness. Now he's putting together details he'd probably not actively thought about for years, and understands Frodo's frustration immediately. I always loved the idea that some Hobbits refused to accept Bilbo as himself after his return from Erebor, and suspect some people would want to do similarly with Frodo. It was fun to play with the idea.

But how long would Frodo find himself reaching for the Ring, only to find the Queen's jewel instead? There must have been times he would want to blast some fools who spouted nonsense or tried to blame him for the Time of Troubles. I suspect he would feel terribly guilty each time he found himself automatically for It.

As for Sam--well, he's always been a wonder!

Blessings on you and yours. Give them my love. I plan to be down for Holy Week.

KatReviewed Chapter: 96 on 2/14/2022
Great chapter. I love how you bring these characters out.

Author Reply: I love imagining Frodo dealing with different people after returning home. As for the lingering influence of the Ring--I suspect it would raise its terrible head, especially early in his return and as the Shire's deputy Mayor, and he'd feel temptation to use It from time to time. Thanks so much!

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 96 on 2/14/2022
Poor Frodo, needing to continue to fight internal and external conflicts in distant lands as well as in his beloved Shire. Bless his friends always, and Arwen's jewel.

Author Reply: Amen! Thanks so much, Shirebound!

FantasyFanReviewed Chapter: 95 on 2/8/2022
Larner, somehow a spam link to a sex shop has become attached to this story, on the home page and on the chapter list page. You might need to have an admin remove it if you cant

Author Reply: Thanks for the heads up. People have tried to sell watches, shoes, and purses through my stories. And now this? Gads!

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