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Darkness Falls  by Kara's Aunty 5 Review(s)
AndreaReviewed Chapter: 2 on 12/19/2009
Ah, the Witch King's point of view! And well done once again.

I just saw that Antane agrees with me about your "evilness" ;-)

The Witch King never saw Eowyn's accomplice. He just had no time to do so. What would he have thought if he had found him to be a hobbit?

Author Reply: Hello Andrea!

Yep, your last review sparked a riot and now everyone's rushing to comment on my utter depravity.

*chuckles madly*

Poor old Witchking; he never saw Merry coming, did he?


Just as well though - if the sight of Eowyn upset him, the sight of another potential slayer of his would have finished him off before Eowyn so much as had the chance to raise her sword...

Thanks for R & R-ing, and for leaving such lovely feedback,

M :)

AntaneReviewed Chapter: 2 on 12/13/2009
Another gift here, cousin mine! The poor Witch-king - believed his own publicity too much I fear - and feared no loss at all for who would be in battle but a living man? But no, a woman and a hobbit holding a dead man's sword brings him down. Don't you just love it? And I love that quote about the houses of lamentation for how could he know of its torments if he didn't experience them himself? That other reviewer was right that you do have a way into getting into the mind of evil - which, of course, you did exceedingly well with the Ring, so maybe you could go back to that? *prods you with furry Tookish foot*

Namarie, God bless, Your impish, cheeky blossom :)

Author Reply: Hello m'dear sweet cuz,

I'm glad you liked it! I've always wondered what thoughts ran through his head when Eowyn unmasked herself, or if he knew fear when he saw death racing towards his face in the shape of her blade. Perhaps he was too consumed with disbelief and pain after Merry's wounded him, to realise that his end was nigh. But I like to think he knew - even for a moment, the tast of fear himself after instilling it in so many others throughout his unnatural existence.

As for the getting into the mind of an evil being, I'm already in one - my own!


Thanks very much for R & R-ing,

M :)

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 2 on 12/13/2009
What a marvelous and chilling point of view. His own death, at anyone's hands, would have been the last thing this servant of darkness would ever have believed possible.

Author Reply: Hello shirebound,

yeah, I know. Can you imagine his surprise when the 'man' pulled off his helmet and, lo & behold, it was a woman instead?


Thanks for R & R-ing,

M :)

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 2 on 12/11/2009
An excellent view of the W-k's last moments! Good job!

Author Reply: Hello Dreamflower,

so happy that you enjoyed it! It's been buzzing about upstairs (in my head) for a dew weeks, and it was deliciosly satisfying writing about his shock, denial and horror.

Gosh I'm a bit twisted, actually...

Thanks for R & R-ing,

M :)

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 2 on 12/11/2009
Ah! The Witch-king's own POV of his last encounter. Rather satisfying, I must say!

Author Reply: Hello Larner,

it was rather satisfying writimg it too! Eowyn's & Merry's defeat of the Witchking of Angmar is one of my favourite parts of the whole trilogy. A really shining moment of mutual justification for them both. Like a joint 'eat your hearts out' to everyone who told them they couldn't or shouldn't participate/contribute to the defence of Gondor bacause they were too weak, small or female.

Aragorn himself couldn't have done the job better! (Well okay, Aragorn couldn't have done it at all, being a man and everything...)

Thanks for R & R-ing,

M :)

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