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Midsummer in the Year of the Fall of Sauron  by Cairistiona 24 Review(s)
HanasianReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 10/2/2017
A very lovely write of Aragorn and Arwen's wedding night! The "~~~" would have made a lovely paragraph! Thanks for sharing your tale!

Author Reply: Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed the story! I don't write erotica, so I'll just have to leave the "~~~" up to you, the reader. ;)

SnehaReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 1/1/2014
This one holds my heart. I know I should move on to your other stories, but I just keep coming back to this. I think of all Arwen/Aragorn stories I have read, I love yours best along with Bodkin's Arwens Heart and Nilmandra's stories. I do have a request, I have always wondered about the nature of their (Arwen and Aragorn) arguments and I hope someday you could write one fic about that. I do so love how you write them!

Author Reply: Thank you, Sneha! You put me in high company, indeed. I'm so glad you enjoyed this. Romance writing is definitely not my area of expertise, but this one demanded to be written. I will tuck away your idea for such time as the muse strikes--at the moment, I'm drawing a blank as to what on earth those two might have to argue about, but surely they had their spats and squabbles like any couple. I'll have to do some thinking. In the meantime, I hope you manage to read at least a few of my other tales, just to keep you busy. :) Thanks again!

MikoNoNyteReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 3/5/2013
With Rs9 doing those wonderful pictures I just had to take some time last night and read this.

Wow girl, just wow.

There were more than a couple of laugh out loud moments with Aragorn looking at himself in the mirror; his thoughts of just taking Arwen in the hallway. Yeah, very guy-like. And hitting his romantic button, his trying oh-so-very hard to make everything perfect!

That he would think of Arwen as sheltered also had be laughing. Sheltered? After 3000 something years? Doubtful. She is made of hardier stuff I think and believe he will come to understand that. In time. :)

This was a very sensual piece as well and proves one does not have to engage in graphic sex to show two people having same or being in love with each other.

Beautiful piece and going into my Favorites.

Author Reply: Thank you, Miko! So glad you enjoyed this... and now you see how those drawings fit it so well. :)

I'm with you on Aragorn being a little bit mistaken about Arwen's sheltered existence. I think from the frame of reference of his own life, where she *had* been sheltered in Lorien, he probably assumes that she was always so sheltered. I have a feeling that was as assumption she no doubt set straight!

I do like the "less is more" approach to writing sensual scenes, so I'm happy that worked for you. Thanks for considering it a favorite!

XenfëaReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 4/19/2012
I definitely remember reading this fic a year back and have always been trying to find it ever since. Only to realize that I had been searching in the wrong place! ( *facepalm*

Nevertheless, I absolutely adore this story and especially liked the part of Aragorn shedding tears. It really portrayed the build up emotions both of them felt. You should really write more romance fics about this pairing. I just love your not too explicit/graphic style of writing. After all, its the emotions that count! :D

Author Reply: Thank you so much, Xenfëa, both for working so hard to find it again and for this lovely review! I really need to get it posted at (like all the rest of my stories).

I might revisit romance... it's not something I find easy to write, to be honest, but I do enjoy it. And yes, nothing too explicit when I do!

Glad you enjoyed this and thanks again!

Glory BeeReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 1/21/2012
Every time I read this I weep yet again at the beauty of it, after first smiling at Aragorn's valiant attempts to pull off wearing a silk robe. :

Author Reply: Aw, thank you! Gosh, a second review! That's a real treat! I'm so glad the story continues to move you. And yes, that silk robe... I just couldn't picture our hardy, somewhat scruffy Ranger ever being able to handle something like that, even if he was raised in Rivendell! LOL So glad you're still enjoying reading this.

Glory BeeReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 12/1/2011
Cairistiona I do not know how I missed this one but it was heartrendingly beautiful with tender moments and even some gentle humor. :) I loved it!

Author Reply: Thank you, Glory Bee! I'm glad you discovered it... it's funny how we can overlook stories like that, isn't it. And of course I'm very glad you enjoyed it. I very, VERY rarely write anything romantic so I really can't say what came over me, but it was a lot of fun to imagine how how their wedding night might have gone. Poor Aragorn, I don't think he'll ever forgive me for that silk robe...

Thanks for the review!

Ranger~ArratayReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 10/29/2011
I think I already told you I really liked this story, but I'll say it again anyway. You really have no idea how much I laughed reading this, especially the part where Aragorn was considering going out "arse first" ;D and his robe problems were hilarious, as was everything, though it was very sweet as well. Can't wait to see what you're working on next :)

Author Reply: Thank you so much! I think it did come up in conversation at some point, didn't it, but I'm so glad you left a review as well to let me know what you found funny. Poor Aragorn! He survived fire and sword only to be defeated by a scrap of silk. *g*

ElentarriReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 9/19/2011
I only just found this story. It is so sweet. :)

Author Reply: Thank you, Elentarri! The good thing about stories is that they don't have an expiration date. I'm glad you found it and enjoyed it. :)

mdReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 9/28/2010
I reread all your stories several times, and loved all of them, long and short alike.
I just noticed that we got to know all the stories behind the scars, except the worst one on his leg. Dare I expect another story with Dúnedain? (as you mentioned Halbarad was there)
Or any other story in general? Did you run out of ideas? I really hope not. I would need a good new fanfiction. :)
Best wishes

Author Reply: Hi, md... thank you for taking a moment to let me know you're enjoying my stories!

Yes, I do intend one of these days to write how Aragorn got that scar on his leg--I just have to figure out the logistics first (in other words: I have no idea at the moment how it happened!) I've not run out of ideas, just the time in which to get them written into stories. I've got about 3 different stories in various stages of completion, so more will come eventually. I appreciate your patience, and thanks again!

LisaGReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 1/28/2010
And they lived happily ever after! :) That was an exquisite loving and gentle and sweet as Arwen caressed all Aragorns scars...a testament to his battle for his people, his kingdom and most especially her.

You also made me chuckle with Aragorns antics as he tried to psyche himself up for the wedding night, primping, then trying to be suave and carefree, rearranging things constangly...too cute! Aragorn is such a sweetheart! *sigh!*

Author Reply: Thanks, Lisa! I think even a man as bold and daring and confident as Aragorn likely would have some nerves on his wedding night, and he's waited so very long for this--to my mind, that would make it nearly unbearable. Nervousness is not really something we're used to seeing in Aragorn so it was fun to figure out how he might handle it. So glad you enjoyed it!

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