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A Malady In Meduseld  by Agape4Gondor 22 Review(s)
TariReviewed Chapter: Epilogue 2 on 3/3/2009
This is way to sad. "sniffs". Tell me the poor soldier is an errand rider and not Boromir.

Author Reply: Nope - it's not Boromir - he's off to Rivendell...............

SarasratiReviewed Chapter: Epilogue 2 on 3/2/2009
My goodness! Real life gets in the way, I don't look at this website for a few weeks, and there is a whole excellent new story posted when I come back! I had wondered a bit about what had happened when you put that note in Ten Thousand Years. Will we see what happens on the other end, with the plots hinted at here? Quite a gripping tale--I was supposed to be working and I read the whole story straight through instead (don't tell my boss)!

Author Reply: I just couldn't put anything more in 10,000 - it is way too long as it is! As I said, though, the Muse insisted the whole story be told....

PS - Your secret is safe with me....

Thanks for reading and reviewing and your kind support! Most appreciated.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: Epilogue 2 on 3/2/2009
So it is that the word failed to come to Denethor in spite of the letter sent by Boromir himself. Alas for the rider! And alas for Rohan that the word was so halted!

Author Reply: I wonder if Denethor had really realized the extent of Theoden King's malady - might he have tried to do something?

Yet, again - according to Pip - the Steward seemed to know a LOT about his neighbors...

However, Denethor fully expected Rohan to come - until the very end, when Sauron's lies finally overcame him...

Lots to muse on....

Very glad you were along for the ride, Larner. I most appreciated your support!

Blessings in all you do!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 6 on 2/26/2009
A fascinating tale. At least he is now on his way at last.

Author Reply: He is - all that is left is the Epilogue.

I've enjoyed this moment with the Man of Gondor, but his father is brutal and wants his own tale finished.... So - back I go to 10,000 Years.

Bless you and thank you for the kind support. MUCH appreciated!

TariReviewed Chapter: 6 on 2/26/2009
I,for one, think your muse is doing a wonderful job. I love Ten Thousand Years Will Not Suffice just as I love this tale.

I hope Boromir's letter reached Denethor in time and I hope he is safely escorted to the Fords of Isen.

I've always wondered how Wormtongue was able to get control of Theoden and reduce him to a shell of a man.

Author Reply: Bless you, Tari! I love 10,000 myself - since it's been in my life for over seven years now!!!

Read the Epilogue - things do not end well - all the way around..... DRAT!

Drugs - I really think that played a part in Grima's control....

TariReviewed Chapter: 5 on 2/24/2009
So, Théodred and Háma are wise to the witch’s tricks. Good for them. I wonder how they found out.

What a terrifying experience for poor Boromir. How helpless he must feel. I certainly hope the warning reaches Denethor in time.

Author Reply: Ah Denethor and Faramir - I do so wonder how they are faring - but at the moment, my main concern is Boromir....

Yes - hooray for quick-thinking Theodred - and Hama, ever faithful.

Thankfully, Theoden King has made no edict against Gondor nor Boromir - nor has he said anything about Boromir being in Edoras... so I'm thinking this is why Theodred and Hama feel they can 'help' their friend... they are not going against any direct order of their King. The healer (and whoever she is in cahoots with) do not require obedience from these two.... Yet.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 5 on 2/24/2009
I'm certainly glad Theodred isn't a gormless soul! Excellent--he's managed to save Boromir's life and sent him the aid he needs.

Now, to see the poisoner caught in the cleft stick of her own cutting!

Author Reply: I fear the blasted leech may be above justice - for the nonce. : (

*giggles* Theodred - as you will see - took awhile to accept the problem - perhaps, like his father, he is too good-hearted to look for treachery...

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 4 on 2/20/2009
The vomiting has helped save his life, apparently.

Now, if Theodred will only believe him....

In this case they need death for the poisoner, I fear.

Author Reply: I'm sure the vomiting helped... but I think there is more to the drink than met Boromir's (or the leach's) eye! We'll see what Theodred has been up to.

Glad this has caught your attention. Thanks for the review!

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 4 on 2/20/2009
OK, there's nothing like a cliffhanger to end a chapter! I just hope it's Theodred, who's worked out what's going on ...


Author Reply: Usually the 'timing' doesn't work for me with cliffhangers - but ths one did and I was glad *devilish smile*

TariReviewed Chapter: 4 on 2/20/2009
What a chilling chapter. It’s a good thing I don’t bite my nails. Theodred will be devastated when he finds out what he is doing to his friend.

I hope no one is at the end of the tunnel to impede Boromir’s escape. Hopefully he’ll wait until night to do so. That might be a little safer for him. A Mearh would get him out of there the fastest. (fingers crossed) I’m hoping he gets his hands on the witch that is poising him too.

Author Reply: Sorry about the nails... but I think this one is going to be pretty tense for quite some time!

And poor Theodred - it looks like he is going to suffer dreadfully at this leech's hands!

I don't really think Boromir can steal one of the Mearas... but who knows.

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