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History Lessons  by Nilmandra 6 Review(s)
The KarenatorReviewed Chapter: 21 on 10/12/2003
I've been reading along for some time now but have not reviewed. This story is even in my bookmarks. I'm ashamed. I have truly enjoyed the whole story. It really is somewhat like The Silmarillion for Dummies and I've loved that. I've read the The Silmarillion and found it quite confusing. I'm glad the twins needed lessons so I could eavesdrop. Your story is so detailed, but not overwhelming. (You should have beta-ed for Tolkien!) The twins are adorable. Glorfindel is, too, but not in the same way, if you catch my meaning....:>) In this last chapter, I was so impressed by the details of the war and the reactions of the participants. The scene of Elrond's coming of age was quite touching....similar to the sweat lodge of some American Indian tribes with the exception that the sweat comes first, then the dip in cold water and then the feast. Tolkien, I've read, drew heavily on generic American Indian traits in creating the Elves and your rendering of the coming of age ceremony seemed quite appropriate. Celeborn and Finarfin's first meeting was interesting. I suppose I had never considered that the in-laws had not met. The love between Elrond and Elros is evident, but so are the differences that will guide their paths. I've found myself wondering more about Elros. Last, but not least, I'm pulling for Albast. Very well done, Nimandra. You've put so much into this and it shows. Karen

MarnieReviewed Chapter: 21 on 10/12/2003
Yay! I loved this chapter! Of had Celeborn in, and that alone was a great draw for me :) But I really enjoyed seeing Finarfin meet his family - he had quite a presence about him, didn't he ;) And I was really touched by Elrond's coming of age ceremony - I liked the way they dumped him in the river, but also the fact that both halfs of his heritage were involved.

And it's so obvious already how the two brothers are drawing apart, just from the accident of who they're working with and where they feel most at home. It no longer seems like a jarring choice so much as an inevitability - amazingly well done!

But I do wish I knew what Finarfin had said ;D

FadesintothewestReviewed Chapter: 21 on 10/12/2003
So we meet Finarfin and I loved Celeborn's greeting, yes you King of the Noldor, that was great! I was touched by Elrond's coming of age ceremony and Celeborn and Gil-Galad's thoughtfulness, but was equally saddened by the fact that Elros did not have the same, nor want the same ceremony. It was as if his coming of age was when he became leader to the men.

LKKReviewed Chapter: 21 on 10/11/2003
Most informative, Nilmandra, and highly entertaining! I made it through The Silmarillion once but have never attempted it again. But your story has made me want to tackle it again. (Now, I just have to track down my copy.) How much of the initiation ceremony is canon and how much is your wonderful invention? I liked the parallel initiation rites for Elros and Elrond. Even though Elros' rite of passage was not formal and a result of necessity, it was obvious you intended it to parallel Elrond's.

Great chapter, Nilmandra. I repeat what I said in an earlier review: I'm learning so much!


BejaiReviewed Chapter: 21 on 10/11/2003
Another beautiful and brilliant installment. This fills in a time that Tolkien just didn't tell us much about. My favorite bits:

Young Elrond hearing the stories of Glorfindel before he returned.

Finarfin's meeting with the elves of Middle Earth. Just the other day I was wondering what kind of reunion that would have been, especially between Finarfin and Celeborn. It makes me wonder if Finarfin saw his daughter before he returned to Aman. This line to them was interesting: "Together we shall defeat Morgoth and you shall know what it is to live in peace. Yeah, for a while.

I love how you are slowly drawing Elros and Elrond differently, and setting up the rationale for their different choices.

And the stories that Elrond would not tell his boys! Someday he'll probably tell them, but not now. Dragons and Balrogs should be exciting to little elflings.

Interesting about Elrond wondering about his fate before his decision: the halls of Mandos or the mysterious fate of men? I'm sure that those who loved him worried about the same thing while he was hurt.

Looking forward to the next installment of this wonderful epic

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 21 on 10/11/2003
This chapter showed some important moments for both Elros and Elrond. I thought Elros's battle scene was nicely rendered here. You put us in the middle of it. And I loved the coming of age ceremony for Elrond. You balanced the humorous and serious aspects of it perfectly.

I think I love Gil-Galad.

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