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History Lessons  by Nilmandra 4 Review(s)
Antigone_QReviewed Chapter: 15 on 11/15/2003
Wow, do I feel slow on the uptake! So I'm reading your story for the umpteenth time in my favorite chapter, and Elrond is talking to his sons about his brother, and lo! we come to this line: "He had determined...that some information would not be given unless the right questions were asked, but...he knew in time they would ask the question he truly dreaded." And I have already skipped over that line a number of times without realizing that OF COURSE the question he was dreading was, "Can we choose, also?" Sheesh. Okay, I finally get it now. Back to reading I go.

Author Reply: Ohhhhh- do you know how thrilled I am to find that someone likes the story enough to reread it? Thank you :-) I was purposefully vague here, as it leaves me room in the future to write more. I have often thought how hard it must have been for Elrond to know that his children could make Elros' choice someday. I am writing the prologues for HL: Second Age right now, and already doing a little more of the foreshadowing.

Thank you!!

IthilienReviewed Chapter: 15 on 8/4/2003
Oh, this review is ssssssssssoooooooooooooo overdue, I'm ashamed to even pull it out of my pile after such a long time. But I'm going to put words to page all the same because I have to keep you apprised of just how much I have adored this fic even if I have been remiss in my reviews for it. RL has kept me from keeping up with it, but I am printing out what I have missed and will be reading it soon. For the now, what a better way to post my thoughts than here, on your new site.

Although I am charmed by the twins and all that befall them in this story, I have to say the staying power of it for me has been the history and learning of Elrond's story. Of course I have read of all of this in the Silmarillion before, but itís a disjointed story there, not nearly all that interesting, and really worth only dozing through (IMHO). You, however, have given it life. And that is not a small thing. I have also read Silmaril fics by other fanfic writeres, and they have been okay, but truthfully, they are tainted for me because I found this bible of Tolkien's to be such a dull read I could never really get past it, and so those other fics held little interest for me. But your story is way more intriguing, and I actually feel like I am learning a thing or two from it of Elven history. I love seeing Gil-galad in this face-to-face, and Cirdan is just as rough and as loveable as I would have imagined him to be. So with that, now you know why I am here and keep returning. Hopefully I can redeem myself a little for my tardiness by fessing up this little fact, and if not promising to be more diligent in my reviews, at least promising I'll keep coming back for more.

LevadeReviewed Chapter: 15 on 7/27/2003
Hallo! Tried and tried to leave a review at but..bother! I can leave one here. *G*

Loved Glor's lionish tendency peeking out again for that brief moment, and them teasing him about the clothing. :D

And so it was Celebrian! I should have stayed with my first guess and instinct. *snaps fingers*

Elros trying to fly is too funny. I can so see that!

I feel a bit sorry for the wounded Ranger. It would be so hard to be around elves for long, I think. Their beauty and grace, their long lives and wisdom. It would be horribly hard not to compare yourself to them and find life wanting.

Not to say I want the muses out. ;D Another lovely chapter, Nilmandra! Something tells me Erestor and Glor are plotting though...


FadesintothewestReviewed Chapter: 15 on 7/19/2003
Well finally I can leave a review for this story. FOr some strange reason, would not let me leave a review for this particular story. I love to read stories that bring to mind events of my own childhood and yours always do! I remember wishing my leg were broken as my sister had a cast filled with drawings and signed by friends. I was jealous. Although no jealousy here, I did find the scene where the adults and child are busily decorating the cast to be a delight! Elros and Elrond, what a pair they were, and you know I always knew Elros was the more impetuous, of-the-moment of the two. Of course he would have to choose being of the second-born b/c with immortality comes too much patience and time doesn't it. And Gil-Galad, another sexy elf hunk. These elf lords drive too many women crazy! Please don't tell me this story is almost over. I will cry. First Journey's End ended, now One Year in Mirkwood by Daw is finished. I just cannot handle it :(

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