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History Lessons  by Nilmandra 1 Review(s)
InarielReviewed Chapter: 14 on 8/1/2005
"He launched himself backward to avoid a collision, landing hard on his backside with a groan.

'Ereinion!' Círdan growled. 'Will you ever give up sliding on polished floors? One would think you were the elfling. A fine example you are to them,' he grumbled."

Well, these lines made me laugh. I sat in front of the computer laughing aloud, much to the consternation of my husband and my daughter who came in to check on me...

Another very evocative chapter. Elrond's care for Elrohir's injury, the interaction between the elflings and Albast, episodes of Elros' and Elrond's life in the care of their relatives... Everything is nicely written.

But I liked most, more even than the lines which made me laugh, the subtle but already visible differences between Elros and Elrond. It's not so much that one is noisy and playful while the other one is quiet, it's the "tantrum" scene that caught my attention. What would Elves know about Human children who do not always stay punished even if the parents take care to explain to them what they did wrong, and for how long they have to endure the punishment and all such "preparatory things"! In my opinion, Elros was not so much ired by the bare fact of being restrained---although that did bother him. He "felt" he was being punished and he simply did not want to accept punishment. Only when Elrond "shared" with him, he got quiet: now he was again "like everybody else", and in this case that meant "like Elrond" since Elrond was the only other child there. You have a very powerful pen...

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