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History Lessons  by Nilmandra 1 Review(s)
hawkeyeReviewed Chapter: 10 on 6/19/2014
"Celeborn, walking on the other side of his wife, remained wisely silent." This made me laugh. Celeborn has got to be one of the strongest of Tolkien's characters, in my opinion, but he knows when to keep quiet. You write Celeborn and Galadriel superbly. There are so many facets and subtleties to their relationship, and I love how you draw them out. Seeing them with the elflings is priceless. I imagine that Celebrian was a handful as a child, and for some reason I just see her as being more mischievous than Elrond at the same stage. But I'm sure she was the perfect child none the less ;)

The relationship between Glorfindel and Celeborn was a wonderful touch. It makes me wonder how they first met and what history is there. That's the cool thing about elves, they're so old there are literally endless possibilities.

And the ponies... I loved this part, and it made me all kinds of nostalgic. It reminded me of my own pony that I had to leave behind when my family moved abroad. She was white, but that's still called "grey" in horse colors. Anyway, it was a lovely trip down memory lane. The elflings will have years of wonderful memories with their new friends.

Oh, and Glorfindel got the worse end of the deal with this prank. I actually do feel quite sorry for the poor dear, though I did have a good laugh. Thank you for another lovely read :)

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