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History Lessons  by Nilmandra 2 Review(s)
hawkeyeReviewed Chapter: 9 on 6/8/2014
I have to admit that ever since reading they were coming, I have been anticipating the coming of Celeborn and Galadriel. The have always fascinated me. I think one reason is just their history. Talk about love that stands the test of time. I loved seeing them in this chapter, and I particularly enjoyed seeing so much of Celeborn. So often, I think he is underestimated and in some ways overlooked. Yet, he captured Galadriel's heart and that alone is a feat worthy of renown.

The elflings were as adorable as always. It's so much fun to see Celebrian interact with them as a mother. I can see why Elrond fell in love with her, and I'm really looking forward to seeing more of her. See knows what everyone needs, and she has raised perfect elflings. Of course, Elrond helped too ;)

The parts about Maglor's power as a minstrel were fascinating. I love how you explore the intricacies of elven fea and their need for connection. Maglor, and Maedhros even, are difficult characters to come to terms with. You make them so real. On the one hand, I want to dislike them for all the terrible things that they have done. Yet, seeing Maglor take care of Elrond and Elros makes me question that. It's hard to reconcile those things with Tolkien's description of elves as "good people." Maedhros is probably one of the most tragic of Tolkiens characters, I think.

Anyway, thank you for another wonderful chapter. Like Elrond, I'm also looking forward to seeing the twins reaction to their grandparents' surprise.

websterReviewed Chapter: 9 on 1/21/2004
I'm just partway through thir long piece, but I have to stop and say how much I like it. In particular, the attack on Elwing--we all know how it ends, but I still found myself silently begging the sons of Feanor to give it up, still hoping that somehow the little Peredhel could escape the tragedy that history decreed.

You're doing a great job of integrating the two storylines.

Author Reply: Thanks for your comments, Webster. I hope Elwing came across as real - she is so cold in many portrayals of her. I hope you like the rest - it is a long story, but I hope you find it worth your effort. ~Nilmandra

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