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History Lessons  by Nilmandra 5 Review(s)
hawkeyeReviewed Chapter: 4 on 5/12/2014
This is one of those few stories that gets better every time I read it. Glorfindel is an amazing teacher, though after so many years of experience I suppose it's not so very surprising. I really like how you portray Glorfindel. I think it is one of the closest renditions to Tolkiens descriptions of him that I've seen. I want to hug him after this chapter. Elrond's past has a lot of shadows, and it was interesting seeing them begin to surface. Watching him with his little twins is pretty much irresistible too.

AiwenReviewed Chapter: 4 on 1/10/2009
I am enjoying the story, but you asked for canon quibbles:
I am a little surprised to see Maedhros in himring at this time. From reading the Silmarillion I understood that the sons of Feanor were leading a wandering existence in Avernien, unable to return to their homes in the north. I also understood that it was Celegorm's servants (on Celegorm's orders) who abandoned Elured and Elurin in the forests of Doriath, not Maedhros. Seems a pity to blame him for more crimes than he actually committed, considering he's guilty of so much already. Thank you for writing.

Author Reply: Thanks for the review Aiwen. There are many 'canons', and I think Christopher Tolkien did a phenomenal job trying to decipher each version of the story in its proper place.

I do not blame Madehros for the actual act - but have him express regret that it was done. That is in the Silmarillion

There fell Celegorm by Dior's hand, and there fell Curufin, and dark Caranthir; but Dior was slain also, and Nimloth his wife, and the cruel servants of Celegorm seized his young sons and left them to starve in the forest. Of this Maedhros indeed repented, and sought for them long in the woods of Doriath; but his search was unavailing, and of the fate of Eluréd and Elurín no tale tells.

With the death of Feanor, the 'headship' of his house, if you want to call it that, fell on Maedhros's shoulders. The others seemed to look to him - when his vengeance waned, so for the most part did theirs. When he could not rest for the unfulfilled oath, they followed him.

It is hard to know where Maedhros was after kidnapping Elrond and Elros. There is little information in the Silmarilllion, but HoME (vol 11, I think) did have more, as well as some timelines for all the acts of the First Age. Tolkien's Letters were the inspiration for the whole story, so I then used various bits that fit with that.

Mum's the WordReviewed Chapter: 4 on 7/15/2005
"But those that we can prevent, we should. A warrior is bound by honor to this."
You've done so well in explaining the honor of noble warriors.

Elrond's explanation of keeping and being released from oaths was at once very deep and very understandable for young ones -- besides being lots of fun.

Have I told you I love your Elves? You've given Glorfindel a wonderful personality -- beauty and innocence, grace and power, and such a sense of humor! I can see a glimpse of the glory of the Valar in him. Excellent job!

Also, hurrah for Istuion:
"Does Lord Glorfindel have any stories that help them learn numbers?" Istuion ventured.

Elrond was right: he will make a good teacher, for he's willing to learn.

Excellent chapter!


Author Reply: This is one of my favorite chapters! It was Glorfindel's idea, of course - and he loves teaching in a rather unforgettable manner. I am glad you liked it.

lwarrenReviewed Chapter: 4 on 4/29/2004
What a great tests - with something to be learned for the one who obeys and the one who doesn't! Master Mud Monster....hehehe...cute! And Glorfindel is a something else isn't he!? Great object lesson about a difficult concept (oaths and such) at the end too! Didn't I say I'd drown you with reviews today?;) Terrific chapter, as all the others!


mistry89Reviewed Chapter: 4 on 4/21/2004
"Does Lord Glorfindel have any stories that help them learn numbers?" Istuion ventured.

This is such a lovely way to present a Primer To The Ages! Thank you, and thank you for the look at Glorfindel-at-play in Imladris.

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