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I Hope You Dance  by cathleen 2 Review(s)
GoldenReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/28/2007
I just read it on here again and just wanted to repeat, how much I love it. Thank you for writing it! And I can identify with Pippin in this... *L* ..well not today anymore, but as a immature teen there was a time were I was so jealous of HIM ;), the first boy-friend of a very good friend.
Today, he and I get around very well and I am happy that they are still a couple after all this many years.:)

Author Reply: Sorry this reply is so late, and thanks so much! It was written for you and very important to me that you enjoyed it!!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/26/2007
As I said elsewhere, all too easily can I see this happening. And the hair cuttings as an itching powder is wonderful, although the one described by Primsong in "Nothing of Note" is even more ingenious, if not as easily accessible as this one. And to have it on poor Estella's underwear! Poor lass!

And I'm SO glad that Frodo was the one to heop mediate the peace between them.

Author Reply: Thanks once more for your comments. I'm very pleased to hear you find it realistic. And yes, I think Frodo makes the perfect mediator for Pip and Merry!

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