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The Secret of the Wooden Wall  by Lily Dragonquill 13 Review(s)
Sweetpea DeepdelverReviewed Chapter: 3 on 12/20/2013
I enjoyed this story. I've never seen this kind of idea in a LOTR fan-fic before. Thank you for posting it. I look forward to reading more of your work.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 3 on 10/2/2007
Ah--she wished only for the passage to be opened one last time and for her identity to be returned to her, perhaps? Lovely!

Author Reply: Yep, that's what she wanted - she wanted to be remembered.

Thanks for reading!

Pearl TookReviewed Chapter: 3 on 10/1/2007
Well done, Lily! Is there another ghost story to follow?

I'm glad they could help Daisy. I hope they put a plaque or something there so she and the others aren't forgotten again.

Author Reply: So far there is no other story planed, though I left myself that option open. I will see where the muses take me.
I think they might have put something there to keep Daisy and the rest in their minds. Well, at least those present will never forget - and Merry will definitely tell his son so that the future Master will know as well - and will never be that foolhardy as Gormadoc.

Thanks a lot for reading and commenting.

AndreaReviewed Chapter: 3 on 9/30/2007
That was a great ending, Lily!

So her name was Daisy Greenhill. And she just wanted her tragedy to be remembered and "brought to the light", so to speak!

Paladin and Pippin shared the same vision, whereas Frodo probably didn't see but felt it. A different kind of Sight, but nevertheless remarkable.

“You’ve got too much Took blood in you, scallywag,” Merimac said and clapped the tween’s back. “Stick to us Brandybucks. Stick to sense.”

LOL!!! I'm not quite sure, if Merimac realised immediately that the word "sense" has more than one meaning ;-)

Author Reply: Nope, Merimac certainly did not realise that "sense" had various meanings. But it's nonetheless a good advice for Frodo to trust his senses... all of them.

For Daisy everything happened so quickly, I don't think she even realised at the very beginning that she was dead - she just felt lonely. I can imagine her wanting to play with the children of the Hall but, though some of them might have felt her presence, none of them ever saw her - until Paladin, and later Pippin, came along.

Frodo does have some sort of Sight but it is not the one of the Tooks, even though it is very similar. I think it only fully developped once he got the Ring, but the ability itself must have been there from the very beginning - I even have some hints in Schicksalsjahre eines Hobbits.

Thanks for reading!

SlightlyTookishReviewed Chapter: 3 on 9/30/2007
This is a lovely ending to the story. I'm glad they finally discovered the truth and learned about Daisy Greenhill and did what was necessary to make her happy. I liked Merimac's advice to Frodo at the end - “Stick to us Brandybucks. Stick to sense.” LOL!

Your last line has me there a plot bunny in there? What ghost is Pippin going to hunt? *curious*

Author Reply: I think for Merimac all this Sight business is a bit too dubious. He's more the practical kind and I think he wouldn't want to lose his "baby cousin" to something as weird and inexplicable as Took Sight.

I'm very happy you enjoyed the story.

Pearl TookReviewed Chapter: 2 on 9/16/2007
This is just so cool Lily! (sorry, I know that sounds a bit twerpy, but it is cool :-) )

I'm really enjoying how you are handling the Took Sight and I like your Paladin. I think it is wonderful that he can see the light in Frodo.

Eagerly looking forward to more :-)

Author Reply: I love writing the Took Sight and, though all my stories (this one included) about it are rather short, I hope that there will be more to come.

I'm very happy you're enjoying my portrait of Paladin.

AndreaReviewed Chapter: 2 on 9/16/2007
“I don’t know. I was drawn here, I think.” Unseeing eyes stared at the wall and the voice that spoke to Paladin was distant. “It was just a feeling.”

I think there's more about it than Frodo is able to put into words just now!

And Paladin's perception of Frodo's Light of Being fit just perfectly into this story!

Frodo was also gifted with "a Sight". Maybe it's different from the Tooks', I don't know. But I'm sure we will find out in this story :)

Now, I'm looking forward to reading more about Pippin's "skills"!

Author Reply: Frodo was also gifted with "a Sight". Maybe it's different from the Tooks', I don't know. But I'm sure we will find out in this story :)

"A Sight" fits quite well. Frodo is more perceptive than others (at least for me) but what he sees is not the Took Sight, though seeing that he is part Took it might have influenced his own gift.

Pippin's skills don't differ from Paladin's - but they are hardly discussed in this story. Maybe I'll write about them one day.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 2 on 9/16/2007
Yes, Frodo's Light of Being is already obvious to those who know; and Paladin knows that Frodo feels something, even if Frodo's not certain what it is he feels.

Author Reply: Yes, Frodo feels more than he knows - and Paladin somehow senses it. I like "playing" with Frodo's Light of Being.

SlightlyTookishReviewed Chapter: 2 on 9/16/2007
No, it cannot be taught. It’s inborn and cannot be controlled. It’s like doing a puzzle you don’t know whether you’ve got all the pieces.
I love that description of the Sight - it's perfect! I really enjoyed Paladin and Frodo's conversation here...and that Pippin has inherited the Sight from his father. :)

Author Reply: I'm glad you like my description of the Sight. It's just how I've always pictured it - ever since I first learned of its existence. And yes, Pippin has inherited more than just his father's looks, even though Mac doesn't quite believe it. But then, Mac doesn't quite believe in the Sight anyway.

Pearl TookReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/8/2007
OOOO! Off to a wonderful, mysterious start Lily! I look forward to more :-)

Author Reply: Thanks a lot!

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