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Letting Go  by daw the minstrel 21 Review(s)
KChanReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/11/2017
I love all of your stories, but for some reason I can't find 'The Spy' on Even on this site, 'The Spy' is shown, but when I click on the link, the story is missing, even though there are reviews for it. What happened? Is it an error, or did you remove the story? I hope you didn't remove it, because I've read it before and I love how funny Beliond is in it! You really do have a gift for creating dialogue and characters!

Author Reply: Hi, KChan--

I have "The Spy" hidden at the moment. I've been revising it to turn it into an original story and sending it out to magazines to see if someone will publish it. We'll see how that goes.

I like using my fanfic stuff as a basis for some of the original stuff. I have a YA fantasy called "Deep as a Tomb" in which the prince character is clearly Beliond to anyone who's read about the guy.


moonshineReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/17/2007
That was really sweet. I feel almost sorry for the family though, knowing what is to become of Sinnarn.

Author Reply: Thanks, Moonshine. I try not think about Sinnarn's future. Thank goodness that Bodkin wrote a story in which he's re-embodied in Valinor.

obsidianjReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/6/2007
Annael is adorable. I never thought about how awkward it would be for him to have his daughter wed Ithilden's son. Ithilden was always the bit remote, mighty big brother of Legolas and now he is, concerning his daughter, his equal. That takes some getting used to. And it seem Ithilden is not very comfortable in his role either. His attempts at small talk were kind of pitiful. Luckily they both have wifes ;-).

Author Reply: Luckily they both have wifes ;-).

LOLOL. So true! I'll bet Alfirin told Ithilden to make nice. The poor guy is trying his best.

meckinockReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/5/2007
Gosh, it's so weird to see Annael in the role of nervous father of the bride. It obviously seems weird to him, too, as he reflects on his long acquaintance wiht the royal family. I laughed out loud at this: He blinked. Could Ithilden be trying to be friendly?
I can see where it would take him a moment to figure that one out! It's a lovely snapshot of a beautiful moment full of hope and love. A bit sad, knowing how little time Sinnarn and Emmelin will have together, but Annael is right to say all we ever have is the possibility of happiness. At least they had it for a brief moment.

Author Reply: Ithilden's idea of small talk leaves a lot to be desired, I'd say. But the guy is trying. I've always pictured him as half-amused by the way guys under his command are scared of him even when he's not biting their heads off. Except for his aide, of course. What's his name now?

Annael is wise, I think, in the way his parents were before him.

pipinheartReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/5/2007
Very nice...

Its nice to see Annael and Ithilden together, and its nice to see the flashbacks annael has growing up in the presents of the troop commander. Eilain and celuwen having an argument over having a baby, that sounds about right. Why does she fear raising a child in the palace, I've always wondered.

Very nice, update soon

Author Reply: Thank you, Pipinheart.

Why does she fear raising a child in the palace, I've always wondered

I've always figured she thought life in the palace was unnatural for a Wood Elf. She'd want to raise her children living closer to the trees and in a simpler environment, one where the pressures of royal life don't affect every move.

GwynhyffarReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/4/2007
I thoroughly enjoyed this tale, Daw. :)

That being said, I have to say that I found it kind of odd to think of Annael as the father of an adult. I mean, I know that he is by then and I have read him as an adult in many stories of yours, but this one for some reason really hit home. I guess it's so strange because at this point in time I still sort of see Legolas as somewhat newly post-adolescent. He doesn't seem that much like a 'real' grown-up as much as Annael does and it makes it strange to see Annael in that light.

Author Reply: Thanks, Gwyn. Elf ages really confound us, I think. I for one struggle to see their ages relative to the stage of their lives, particulary with that organization into Houses, so they're still tied to their birth families after they're physically adult. (Now there's a thought I can't get into!)

IdhrenielReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/4/2007
It is always a pleasure to read your stories!! I love all your OCs...
It was hard for Annael to call Ithilden by his name hehe... considering the fact he is just the troop commander, son of the king and just a few years older than himself!
Nice chapter Daw!

Author Reply: Thanks, Idhreniel. I'm very fond of my OCs myself, so when other people appreciate them, it makes me happy. Glad you liked it.

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/3/2007
This was great! Annael has always been one of my favorite characters. It is fun to see him with Ithilden for such an important event reliving in his memories the progression from awe of the Troop Commander to commander himself of Ithilden's son's patrol. How odd a feeling that must be for him. There are so many little touches in here that show how momentous, difficult and wonderful and event this is for Annael.

How sad to know how short their happiness was. That makes Annael's last thoughts all the more powerful. Great story, daw! I love seeing these characters again. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting caught up on my reading during my vacation!

Author Reply: I wonder if Ithilden was going through similar memories of Annael? It's hard to wrap my head around the way the long life of elves affects relationships.

I picture Annael as a loving, sensible father, much like his own. I've been very cruel to him. :-) But Bodkin reunited Emmelin and Sinnarn in Valinor, and that made me feel better.

Hope your vacation was good. You've been working much too hard.

RedheredhReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/3/2007
I really enjoyed Annael's pov. :)

This was very sweet and touching in the best ways. From the insightful emotions, the interactions with the in-laws and the public, the loving couple and the siblings, to the evocative flashbacks.
The flashbacks were very nicely done. These introduced Annael to me, who did not know the character, and made me like him as a person.

*And everyone lived happily ever after...* I am going to believe that for now.

Lovely, Daw.

Happy Birthday, Bodkin!!

Author Reply: I love Annael and his family. They were a nice, normal place for Legolas to go when he was a kid.

*And everyone lived happily ever after...* I am going to believe that for now.

It's true! They do! Don't believe all those nasty rumors!

erunyauveReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/3/2007
>>"How frightening it is to watch one's child make an irrevocable decision."

I think it's much harder for the parents than the betrothed couple - they're elves, so they know they've chosen rightly.

>>All a father could do was trust in the goodness of the Valar and let his child go.

::sniff:: I still haven't forgiven you for killing Sinnarn, you know.

Author Reply: I still haven't forgiven you for killing Sinnarn, you know

You and everyone else it seems. I have to admit I was surprised by the strength of the reaction I got to that death. I'd always thought of Sinnarn as a minor character. But I think everyone felt bad for his family.

Ah well. Bodkin wrote a story re-embodying him in Valinor. Have you seen it? It's called "In the West."

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