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Brotherhood  by Bodkin 14 Review(s)
grumpyReviewed Chapter: 13 on 4/9/2007
Goodness the twins got there just in time. Estel was becoming much to adultish. To resist being taken away from a day of classes, is just not right for a child.

Author Reply: Yes, Estel definitely needs the fun the twins will offer him - or he would have grown up to be far too sober and duty-driven. He needs, too, to get into trouble a bit and learn to deal with disapproval - and the twins are just perfect to lead him astray. He'll learn more away from those classes than in them!

French PonyReviewed Chapter: 13 on 4/6/2007
Slowly, their lives begin to converge. As Estel learns how to be a grownup, the twins can enjoy learning how to be kids again.

Author Reply: I think the twins have a lot to be grateful for in the presence of Estel - he helps them learn to be young again. (Eldarion should be grateful. I'm sure he had great fun playing with his uncles...)

Estel is growing up far too quickly. But that would, I think, happen in a household of adults who are all determined to bring him up to be the pride of his house. A very good thing he had the twins to offer him some heedless fun!

Raksha The DemonReviewed Chapter: 13 on 4/3/2007

Lovely and very credible scene of young Estel lying in the grass, concentrating on moving his toy armies around, with an instinctive comprehension of strategy - we can see both the child and the future Thorongil and Aragorn.

And I loved his having toy wolves - the Elves of Rivendell must have built up a nice collection of wooden soldiers and monsters to train Heirs of Isildur with over the years.

Author Reply: I can just see Estel having a natural talent for strategy - and a very responsible attitude to education and training! His mother would insist he was obedient, I think - and his tutors would be wise enough to make his learning interesting. While his brothers would make it fun. (And doubtless help him get into enough trouble that he would be able to deal with that, too!)

I wonder if his toy wolves were in proportion to his warriors ... probably. They were doubtless made by someone with an eye for detail! And kept in good repair over generations.

Thank you, Raksha.

RedheredhReviewed Chapter: 13 on 4/3/2007
This was good chapter. But then actually, they all are!

The thing that caught my interest was Estel being a better student of battle theory then his brothers were at his relative age. Maybe, that's was encouraging to Erestor and garnered some extra effort on his part to teach a natural-born leader like Estel. :) And, I like the idea that it was indeed Glorfindel and Erestor that undertook such lessons because Elrond was no longer in the warrior trade... and might never have been comfortable laboring in that framework. It might be possible that young Estel has a more balanced view of conflict than Elrond's sons got from their father - and mother.

You really do make family dynamics intriguing as well as entertaining.

Author Reply: Thank you, Redheredh! Note the blush ... I think Estel would be more serious about learning than the twins. They each had the other one to lead them both astray - and a much longer childhood to pick up all the learning they needed. I reckon being educated by elves would ensure that Estel learnt twice as much as would be expected in the same amount of time! And being the only kid - with a destiny at that - in Imladris would have compounded it! Elrond has a lot to do - and I suspect would include the teaching of healing in his remit, passing other elements on to those best suited to it.

Family dynamics are fascinating. It's so easy just to go for the 'brothers' bit - but E2 are 3000 year old warriors, while Estel is the only child in a household of very wise and experienced elves. It must have been an odd situation in many ways - and risked raising one very confused Dunadan. Thank goodness for a tough Gilraen - and a pair of Elrondionnath who could do young very well.

Beruthiels CatReviewed Chapter: 13 on 4/3/2007
This is wonderful, Bodkin! I love the relationship between these three, and the twins "plotting" is so much fun. Getting to shrug off their responsibilities for awhile and just be with little brother is a great insight into their personalities...very thoughtful of them, and much needed by the little guy.


Author Reply: Thank you, BC. The relationship between the twins and their 'little brother' is very appealing! I think they needed his innocence and affection just as much as he needed their sense of fun and ability to - er - find their inner elfling. They had fun together - with a bit of gentle education added in. Just to keep the adults happy!

perellethReviewed Chapter: 13 on 4/2/2007
I was missing these! I love the thrid person pov of many of these which allow you to show while telling what other people see of the child who will grow up to be king.
And the twins´bantering is always so refreshing, they being so different yet so well attuned! I loved Elladan´s cheeky suggestions and Elrohir´s more thoughtful approach to proper behaviour before a child who is growing up and might learn certain tricks to his advantage!

A lovely chapter again!

Author Reply: I did think, originally, about keeping Estel out of them altogether - but I'm glad I didn't. On the other hand, I do like him being peripheral to the action, while central to everybody's thoughts. (And it avoids being too cute!)

The twins are quite different - Elrohir is more thoughtful, while Elladan is better at direct action. And probably naughtier! But I think Estel needs to be led astray sometimes. As an only child in Imladris, he could have grown up a bit of a prig. And only children often don't realise they are being guided because everyone is so subtle about it - Estel needed to learn to accept the consequences for the odd bit of disobedience, I think, if he was going to cope with the outside world.

Thank you, perelleth. I'm glad you liked it.

Agape4GondorReviewed Chapter: 13 on 4/2/2007
Nice chapter - especially loved Aragorn's growing 'sense' of tactics... Glad the 'boys' are taking him out to play though!

Author Reply: I reckon Aragorn has a natural feel for tactics - and a natural talent for warrior skills that stands him in good stead among the elves. He might not recognise it until he knows men to whom he can compare himself, though. I think Elladan and Elrohir need some playtime here - and entertaining (and educating) Estel offers them the perfect opportunity!

harrowcatReviewed Chapter: 13 on 4/2/2007
Ooh, can I play hookey and spend a day in the woods with these three too? Please....can I?

Author Reply: You shall go to the ball!

If you can figure out a way of getting to the woods of Imladris, that is! (Perhaps you could play the princess and be rescued by E3... I'm sure you wouldn't mind?)

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 13 on 4/2/2007
I absolutely love these. The poor twins must find it difficult watching this child that they have grown to love so much grow up--and do so so quickly from the elven pov. But I loved little Estel's strategy and particularly his attention to his wounded wooden soldiers. The hands of the King, indeed! And I was glad to see the twins take him off to play--everyone needs more play! :-)

But this needed to come with a warning: ‘Which should not take long,’ he murmured provocatively and ducked expertly to avoid his brother’s retaliation.

Tea is not good for laptops!

Great chapter!

Author Reply: Tea is definitely not good for laptops! Those twins - they insist on teasing each other regardless of the safety of electronic equipment!

So hard to watch Estel rush through his childhood, knowing what he will face. And their experience is so long that they know far more than ordinary adult brothers would. So many generations of Dunedain chieftains come and gone - but this one was special to them.

I reckon Estel would display natural strategic talent - and has absorbed enough from his Ada to turn his mind to healing his injured warriors - but he needs to play. (And so do the twins - I'll bet those who care for them were just as glad to see them laughing with Estel as they were to have the child enjoying himself with his big brothers.)

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 13 on 4/2/2007
They seek their inner elflings, eh? It does sound as if young Estel has inherited a natural sense of what he will need to think of once he reaches his true task. How wonderful, and yet disturbingly sad as well, as the twins note.

I doubt they'll face much resistance from the powers that be--Erestor, Iorvas, or Gilraen.

Author Reply: I think Estel must have had remarkable talent to learn so much so swiftly - even though he was man rather than elf, he absorbed all the skills they could teach him. The twins have taken this child to their hearts - they would know far better than most what he would face and, I suspect, wish that they could protect him - while knowing that they couldn't.

I reckon everybody will co-operate happily in letting the twins and Estel play - they need the release as much as he does.

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