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Home for Now  by daw the minstrel 26 Review(s)
No Pen NameReviewed Chapter: 2 on 10/9/2007
I have enjoyed all your stories and I am wondering if you will be finishing this story. I love reading and found your stories and what can I say but WOW!

A new fan,

Author Reply: Hi, Sylvia--

Thank you so much. You have no idea how good that makes me feel.

This story is loose and episodic, without an overall plot line, so what I plan to do is add to it whenever I get the itch to visit these characters again. I think Loriel would be fun to follow through to adulthood. Eilian will go crazy when she's old enough for the boys to come around. He recognizes the wrong kind of boy immediately. He used to be one!

At the moment, I'm spending most of my energy writing original fic. Just came back from a week-long writer's workshop as a matter of fact.


elliskaReviewed Chapter: 2 on 8/3/2007
Oh I laughed myself silly when I read this! Flower Face certainly is Eilian in a maid's form, isn't she?! Thranduil's trick, Legolas's reaction, the real reason for Ithilden's injury and all that told by a bubbling little girl to Beliond, no less. There isn't a better combination! Poor Thranduil. He is going to get an earfull--children telling people things they can use for their own purposes indeed! Great addition, daw!

Author Reply: Goodness, Elliska. Are you home from the mountains?

I used to drive a car pool with a bunch of kids aged six to nine. You'd be amazed what they'd tell.

I think Flower Face is going to give her parents a run for their money. Maybe they need to get her a keeper.

erunyauveReviewed Chapter: 2 on 6/25/2007
>>Better she tell him than someone who might use the information for something other than good.

::snerk:: Lovely to see Beliond again - I miss him when he's away. And Loriel is definitely Thranduil's revenge on Eilian. I can only imagine her Ada's trials when she grows to be a maiden and discovers ellyn!

Author Reply: I miss Beliond too! He's so much fun to write.

I think Loriel's adventures in romance will be quite entertaining, for some of us anyway.

The KarenatorReviewed Chapter: 2 on 6/24/2007
What a delightful story! Loriel is the epitome of the parent's curse: May you have a child just like you. I don't know what poor Celuwen did to deserve Eilian and Loriel, but they are both entertaining.

I loved your description of Loriel with springy hair and dancing feet. I especially enjoyed her swinging from Beliond's arm. I remember those days. I felt like a Jungle Gym.

And Beliond. He was certainly a fish out of water. He had a son, right? Not only has it been a long time since he raised a child, but he no 'pink' experience either. He handled it well. "Move it." Made me laugh.

My favorite lines were the very last ones: "Oh yes." Beliond allowed himself to smile. "And now, I think I would like to speak to the king. We have matters to discuss." Oh, to be a fly on the wall. The king cheats at chess. Who knew?

This was such an enjoyable read, Daw. And funny. As always, you did a terrific job.

Author Reply: Thank you, Karen.

As Loriel would tell you, Thranduil didn't really "cheat." That would be wrong! He was riling up his youngest son for the amusement of his oldest. LOL. She also says that pink is her favorite color. If she could get My Little Ponies, she'd probably like them too. Whey do kids have such bad taste?

perellethReviewed Chapter: 2 on 6/24/2007
Here I am at last!
What a sweet tale, Beliond and Eilian´s daughter! It is so full of little details! I can so picture Beliond taking Loriel so seriously and then learning more than what he expected...

Yet I loved the thought of Ithilden laughing until he fell down, and Emmelin´s mother finding comfort in taking care of Loriel. Healing takes time, but it may come to happen. Hopeful and sweet and sooo Belindish! :-)

Author Reply: Perelleth, are you ever going to get internet? I suppose I might get a lot done if I didn't have it, but I'd be lonely.

This was fun to write, but then Beliond always is. Of course, as you know from your own experience, sometimes he's better at a distance. :-)

RedheredhReviewed Chapter: 2 on 6/24/2007
LOL! I could just see all of this happening before my eyes! With a very young Shirley Temple *perfectly* cast as little Loriel - right down to the giggle. ;D Some parents do indeed get what they deserve! Always enjoy Beliond, too!

Happy Birthday to Nilmandra!

Author Reply: Thanks, Redheredh. Shirley Temple is a cool idea in terms of manner, though I picture Loriel as dark haired and gray eyed, like her parents. I find it very helpful sometimes to be able to picture my characters like that.

Yeah, Eilian probably has what he deserves, though I'm not sure he knows it yet. LOL

DotReviewed Chapter: 2 on 6/24/2007
Fantastic! Loriel and Beliond are a hoot together.

I was grinning right from the start when he thinks about Legolas. No-one else could put so much affection into the terms “fool” and “idiot.” I can imagine the scene when he went to Ithilden. And LOL at him planning on being tactful in advance before going to Thranduil!! Hilarious. Like that’d last longer than two minutes.

Loriel is adorable. Eilian all over again. She doesn’t seem a bit afraid of Beliond anyway. Even when he orders her to “move it” like he would Legolas.

"I found Uncle Legolas's Nana." ROTFL!!! Poor Beliond. And then Nimloth is reluctant to let Loriel off with him. *snort* All Loriel needs is someone with a tight grip. Though I love her dancing along and swinging from his arm. She’s such a bundle of energy and seems to be entirely unfazed by Beliond’s attempts to make her act with a bit of respectful decorum. Oh, but what a mine of information she is. Beliond the Spy could make good use of that.

I really like the glimpses of what’s happening in the background – Legolas pushing himself, Eilian clinging to his own child and going south again, Ithilden’s sorrow, everyone’s attempts to pick themselves up again. These are dark times, which makes moments of laughter even more special.

Chest! I swear, you write kids like you’ve spent your whole life around them. I love Beliond trying to follow what she’s talking about and then realising to his delight that she’s spilling all sorts of secrets.

She was dark-haired, round-cheeked, wearing a pink gown, and came up just past Beliond's waist, and she was Thranduil to the life. Ow, ow. Hilarious. As is her impression of Legolas. I bet she makes them all laugh when they need it. I’m sitting here grinning at poor Ithilden. Ouch. But I LOVE that Thranduil would try to make him laugh like that. Even though Ithilden would be mortified. Oh well, I’m sure Alfirin will tend him :-)

I really liked the scene at the end. I was thinking myself that someone would want to train Loriel as Thranduil’s sons were trained, even if it’s probably a harder job than being on the king’s council. And Beliond is a good old soul – it’s fun to hear about the goings-on behind closed doors but he doesn’t need that to know what they’re really like. Personally, I’d be more than happy to listen to her give away their light-hearted and embarrassing moments ;-)

This was great fun, daw.

Author Reply: I wanted a more light-hearted story than I'd been writing lately. Everyone I know seems to need to laugh more just now. And writing from Beliond's POV nearly always makes me laugh.

Loriel now lives with at least two intimidating males, Thranduil and Ithilden (not to mention her Grandfather Solith), and I suspect she's learned they're soft touches for her. She probably sees Beliond as just one more in the same category, especially since he's such a nana. :-)

And she turned out to be a good mimic. Who knew?

Glad you liked it, Dot.

yanicReviewed Chapter: 2 on 6/23/2007
I LOVE Beliond. He's such a fun perspective to read, and I imagine the same is true for writing... and I liked seeing more of Loriel, she's going to be a handful for her poor father, especially when the young males start coming around. Thanks for the treat

Author Reply: Beliond is indeed fun to write. Being in his point of view seems to free me to think and say things I ordinarily wouldn't. He's just outrageous.

"Poor father"? Beliond says she serves Eilian right!

Elena TirielReviewed Chapter: 2 on 6/23/2007

But, surely Beliond would never use such personal information against Thranduil?

This is absolutely delightful, Daw! Thank you for giving us a fix of Beliond -- ever concerned for his charge, Legolas, even to the point of infuriating him at times -- and Flower Face, who is so clearly Eilian's child that it's almost like a glimpse of The Resourceful Wood-elf Warrior himself. ;-D

It's always such a treat when you post a new chapter, Daw. I'm very supportive of your personal fiction writing -- but please be sure to throw us Tolkien-lovers a morsel whenever you can!

And thank you so much for this treat!

- Barbara

Author Reply: Glad you enjoyed it, Barbara! LOL. Beliond makes me laugh too and I'm the one writing about him. And Flower Face is a hoot. I expect she keeps them all on their toes, but she also makes them smile, which they need.

meckinockReviewed Chapter: 2 on 6/23/2007
Oh, our Beliond is the very picture of tact, yes indeed LOL. And it seems that he hasn't been Legolas's nana so long that he can't temporarily backslide to his old profession when faced with the tantalizing prospect of accepting some willingly volunteered (and exceedingly useful) information from an eager young informant. I loved how he would have known from Loriel's eyes just whose daughter she was, and how gleeful he was at the thought that Eilian was getting exactly the daughter he deserved. I loved his conversation with Loriel, and his chagrin at the presumption that he couldn't handle a maiden whose head only came to the top of his belt. And I loved her confessions about her grandfather and uncle even more - a windfall of useful gossip that is surely making Beliond's mouth water. It was especially kind of him to give Celuwen a gentle suggestion - it must have hurt to cut off a promising source of ammunition like that! A very enjoyable interlude, and Happy Birthday to Nilmandra as well.

Author Reply: He does seem to be taking on that spy manner, doesn't he?

Once in a while I think about a story in which Legolas and Maltanaur are both out of commission, and Beliond has to guard Eilian for a while. I don't know which one would be more horrified.

In the meantime, Eilian's daughter is chatting her curly head off. After all where she's lived, the most exciting information is probably that someone had a spat with their spouse and in a village, the chances are everyone already knows that anyway. Celuwen has her work cut out for her if she expects to make Flower Face discreet.

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