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Of Greater Worth  by Nilmandra 10 Review(s)
RedheredhReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/13/2006
This was so enjoyable! Every line and moment of it! But, I am even more excited that you might write more about these two. :D

Many people forget about the trust needed in a relationship of any kind. It means more than just knowledge of another's personality. C&G always seemed to me to have had to learn early about how to stand together and this was a wonderful story of how they faced what had to be their first real crisis of trust.

Lovely story and lovely writing too! Great depictions and descriptions, as usual. If this is outside your comfort zone, you have transported yourself and us with great skill.

Author Reply: I am glad you liked it. This was fun to write, even if a bit out of my comfort zone! I was comfortable with them.. but not with having thought through the political and social situation they were in at that time. It would be fun to explore more of that. Thanks for your kind words :D

DotReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/12/2006
I loved this, Nilmandra. It’s definitely some of your finest work. Everything is so real and raw and intense. These two are equals, they challenge and are passionate about one another, they aren’t blinded by their love but are strengthened by it – and clearly this part of her history must have been discussed and a decision reached as to how it would affect their relationship.

It’s interesting to think about *why* they were silent – but the issue here is that they *were*. Celeborn’s anger is completely justified. And you do a marvellous job of writing his anger – hard and dangerous. A weaker person would break under it, I think. But Galadriel stands her ground. Perhaps she knows that his hurt goes deeper than his anger. I like how she doesn’t fight back or give in but instead stands firm, wanting only for him to see her, not what she has done. I also really like that she reaches out to him – with her mind, with her hands. But he needs to be angry.

The surge of love they still feel when catching sudden sight of the other says it all really. There is no question of their love. But how do you have a relationship without trust? Celeborn is wounded because he doesn’t know if he fully trusts her anymore and she’s wounded because she doesn’t feel trusted. She really is trying, though – you have to give her that. And he shouldn’t really be pushing at her memories of that time. Yet clearly, and understandably, he’s not at the stage where he can say that he’s willing to listen if she’ll talk. Her leaving him for a while both surprised me and didn’t surprise me, if you know what I mean. But I think that’s what was needed. They’re both strong people and this is no small matter easily resolved but Celeborn felt his own pain and panic – and heard her sorrow.

“I would still like to know of your past and even of the memories that are painful, of the hurts caused by your father’s kin, but not that I might judge you; rather I would share the burden of them. I leave you to decide if you would include me in that part of your life.” Mmmm…. Galadriel wasn’t the only one feeling a “rush of warmth” at that!! He’s obviously decided that he can live with these deeds being part of this person he loves and that their love matters more than anything in her past. I think the great love we see in them is probably due to testing times like these, to patience, and to deep understanding of each other’s souls.

I laughed at Galadriel’s list. She was so serious about it too! And I have to admit there’s something very amusing about the idea of Finrod being dumped in icy water because his sister had loosened the boards. Sometimes I pity her brothers! She sounds like a right bundle of mischief. One of the funniest parts is how bemused she is when she sees the length of the list. I’d quite like to see her brothers retaliate… And whatever happened to that list after Celeborn claimed it?! I love the idea too of her talking to people about his childhood. I hope one day he does the same when he meets her parents.

I’m still smiling at the ending. Oh, I do love Celeborn! When you’re done with Elrond you’ll have to write more Celeborn stories! This was marvellous, Nilmandra. I just loved it.

Author Reply: These two strike me as two giants... an amazing force when working together and a clash of titans when opposed. I saw this as perhaps their first great conflict of their marriage. They really were a pair - it is fascinating to think about how this prince of Doriath saw this exiled elf with the light of Valinor in her eyes.. and how she saw him. What did she see that made he love him, over all the elves she might have known in Aman? It is fascinating to think about :D

meckinockReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/11/2006
Wow. The intensity and range of emotion in this short piece was breathtaking. A battle of wills between equally-matched opponents is a beautiful thing to behold. What a great point of conflict between Galadriel and Celeborn. Trust, loyalty, disclosure of the past, understanding who one's partner really is - these are such universal issues in relationships, and they are played masterfully here by these two unbending maestros. I loved Celeborn's line: "I want to know that I can trust you." The descriptions were great, too. I loved seeing Celeborn through Galadriel's eyes, learning that his purposeful stride and tree-like stance was part of what enamored her of him, in contrast to the willowy, stealthy green elves. Such insight in such a few words! The conclusion was delightful. The only solution to a stalemate between immovable objects is humor, of course. And, er, other diversions. Wonderful. Happy Birthday, Perelleth.

Author Reply: I honestly wasn't even sure I would post this here, as it didn't feel very meaty, so I am glad it came across okay. Definitely a bit out of my comfort zone. A lot to think about in the First Age, with all those giants walking around Beleriand.

But I enjoy these two and pondering how they might have thought, how they would handle conflict. Can't see them screaming at each other, nor demanding complete acquiescense.. but they likely learned to be good negotiatiers.

And humor and other diversions are part of making up, right? :D

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/11/2006
Beautiful. Although I don't quite know if Galadriel's list of childish peccadillos is quite what Celeborn had in mind, it is definitely disarming - and very endearing. And enough to offer them both a way to look past the more major issues of kinslayings and dooms.

I love the way she would not give way and stood solid in the face of his anger and hurt. That they would not fight, but gave each other space to come to terms with what was, after all, a rather huge omission from Galadriel's history of her past. And I also love that they had to come to terms with it - somehow - because they love each other too much not to.

Strong, beautiful, fierce, wilful, determined, loving characters. They can disapprove of each other's actions, resent each others decisions - but they are still there for each other.

And Galadriel's confessions are delightful. I reckon it is just typical of male / female relationships that she would have sought out tales of Celeborn's childhood and stored them away, while Celeborn wanted, desired, loved the adult Galadriel and had not looked for stories of her as a child.

She so much needs not to be feared, I think. Probably what drew her to Celeborn in the first place. An equal - whose expectations of her are even higher than her own and who presents her with a challenge. And he can accept her power and be proud of her. It is a very strong and equal relationship. Not quiet. Never easy. But always strong.

Lovely, Nilmandra.

Author Reply: I tried to put myself in each of their shoes, and I saw Celeborn's position clearly. The children of Finarfin's silence was an interesting thing to ponder, as one wonders why they were silent. I couldn't see a real fight between them, but they really did have to decide what they could live with.

As for her brothers, I am not sure they exactly fear her, except maybe they fear her retaliation! One elleth growing up with four big brothers likely learns to hold her own :D

perellethReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/11/2006
Oh, wow! What an ending! (Goes and fans) Thank-you Nilmandra, this was wondrous! Conflict was perfectly built and resolved,;-) and they both took turns at the other's throat, more or less, as it was fair. Galadriel's list of misdeeds was so amusing! You made me laugh out loud. And I think you pinned them down very nicely, strong and self willed and yet so abosultely in love.
And, ehem. Celeborn was really impressive here. Solid. I take him as another birthday present. May I? ;-)

Author Reply: I liked Tolkiens' statement that there was 'great love' between them. Yet such strong personalities seemed like they would have the opportunity for great conflict as well. Yet... they are also wise enough that their conflicts would not be unreasonable, LOL.

You may have Celeborn as your birthday present. Just be sure to give him back when you're done :D

runnerbeastReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/11/2006
What a treat to be able to read a great Galadriel and Celeborn story, with a wonderful portrayal of Celeborn. He's one of my favorite characters and you write him so well! You were able to get so much detail in just a one chapter story. I enjoyed the equal play back and forth between these two Middle-earth giants. I just loved it all, but my favorite was at the end with her comment of how he didn't fear her. What a gift you have - Thank you!

Author Reply: I'm glad you like him. I figure he is strong and powerful and straightforward and not in the least intimidated by Galadriel. They remind me of two giant cats circling each other. He may be bigger and stronger, but he would never win in a fight unless she allowed it. Otherwise, to the death!

French PonyReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/10/2006
I love reading about a Celeborn (Galadriel, too, for that matterr) who doesn't seem like he OD'd on Quaaludes just before all his scenes. Though he's relatively withdrawn from the rest of the world's affairs when we meet him during the Quest, there isn't really any doubt that he can be a world-beater when he puts his mind to it. You don't stay married to someone like Galadriel for thousands of years without having a very strong sense of self, and I love how it shines through here.

Celeborn is certainly trying to absorb a great deal about his new wife here, and he has to do it without the possibility of ending the marriage over it, which forces him to really think about the issues rather than take what might be the less painful way of putting Galadriel and all of her baggage out of his mind. Clearly, he was able to find it in his heart and his conscience to accommodate Galadriel's past, and in the end, that will probably strengthen their marriage. He really is a good guy.

And I'm going to shut up here before I completely lose all coherency. That'll learn me to try reviewing while listening to music.

Author Reply: I always figured Celeborn was no pushover... Galadriel wouldn't marry someone she didn't consider equal, I don't think. What Tolkien wrote about him too suggests he was someone of importance - in all of the versions of who he is :D

Celeborn is a great guy. And looking at him through Galadriel's eyes was appealing.

GwynhyffarReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/10/2006
I love Celeborn and Galadriel, and I think you capture them very well. Galadriel loving that Celeborn doesn't fear her seems right on. I love how everything they do has this sort of intensity about it and you showed that here. Of course, it was also funny to think of either of them not only as elflings but as mischievous ones at that!

Author Reply: They both strike me as such strong willed people that they had to be mischievous elflings - full of adventure. And Galadriel had four older bothers to keep up with, too. Glad you liked this; stepping out of the old comfort zone is good every so often. :D

InglorReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/10/2006
Very nice short. Wonderful interpretation of something any Sil reader has wondered

Both were very in character IMHO.

Just enough imagery to draw the picture.

in short: Nailed it.

Author Reply: Thanks, Inglor... this time is a little out of my comfort zone, so I am glad you thought it seemed in character. These two could be fun to write more about , I think.

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/10/2006
I enjoyed this Nilmandra. You did a really nice job of conveying the situation between these two strong willed, strongly feeling people. I'm afraid I found Celeborn quite sexy. Don't tell Galadriel.

Author Reply: I must admit I found Celeborn sexy. I may have to give up being Celebrian for a while and try out being Galadriel. :>)

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