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The Help of a Friend  by daw the minstrel 26 Review(s)
MarianelReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/8/2015
Have you ever thought of a sequel or the like on this story? Its heartwarming and painful at the same time and Legolas is very much a father to the sprite Turgon. I pity him and his parents, they need help.This story took to my heart as a parent and im sure im not alone there.

Author Reply: I admit I never thought of doing a sequel. I find it tough to write post-Ring War stories because you lose that sense of everyone being headed to a destiny. And once you get to the Undying Lands, it's harder to build tension into your plot.

I'm not sure I understand the Undying Lands. In some ways, they feel like heaven. But then, there's Feanor.

AnnarielReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/5/2007
Ohh Turgon!!! yes, the untiring Turgon is back!!!!! It's so good to know about him, and that Legolas is so glad to see him.

A question, is there in anywhere a story about Tuilinn's return? If not, you plan to go on writing about this universe you create?

ah I loved to read about Lalorn and Legolas, they were lovely together :D

many greetings!!!!

Author Reply: I was happy to be able to bring Turgon back. I missed him.

I haven't written about Tuilinn's return, though I supose I might. I keep doing bits and pieces when I have time. Mostly I'm working on original fic and I seem to have only a limited amount of creative energy.

obsidianjReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/13/2006
This was great. Legolas in Valinor. He seemed to be a bit at a loss and not much healed, or maybe Gimli's death reminded him strongly of what he all lost during the war and all the mortal friends he will never see again. And this time there is no direct family to help him. But Elowen and Siondel make a good substitute family as they did when he was a young child.

Turgon's appearance was a pleasant surprise and I think Namo sent him back not just for his parents, but also for Legolas. Although they are now centuries apart, he is exactly what Legolas needs to heal. I love the way you describe Turgon's newfound innocence and wonder at the beautiful surroundings combined with the reckless behavior he always showed. He is changed and still the same Turgon. He will keep Legolas on his toes, and I hope Legolas can now give him the guidance, he was so sorely lacking in ME. Turgon's parents are hopeless, but still lovable. They love their son, but I don't think they are capable of guiding him better now than they were before.

Author Reply: I have always comforted myself over the various characters I've killed by thinking they'd be there in Valinor, and I was so happy to have this chance to bring Turgon back. You are so right. Legolas needed him. Healing his guilt over Turgon's death is important in his healing overall.

It was also fun to try to think what Turgon would be like. He's so excited to be experiencing life again. He just needs guidance to be the person he was always capable of being and Legolas will provide it.

DotReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/8/2006
Sorry this is so disgracefully late :-/

I was actually laughing by the time we were two lines in. It struck me as hilarious that Elowen “thumped” the plate down and Siondel is sitting there “gluing together the pieces of a broken earthenware platter.” *snort* Either someone needs to tell her to be a bit more gentle or Legolas should start eating when she tells him to.

How great it was to see Elowen and Siondel again. They seem to have quite a comfortable, familiar set-up there. It’s clear that there’s something missing but there’s still a lot of love in that room.

I thought you did a great job with Legolas’ melancholy. The loss of Gimli, his weariness and his loneliness all come across but it’s mostly – to me – the feeling that he just hasn’t really found his place there yet (sort of like that piece of pottery, eh?!). Until Gimli died, I suppose he didn’t have to. I’m glad he has Elowen and Siondel – as much as he gives them something to focus on, they seem to anchor him.

I love how you write about the people who are returned from the Halls of Waiting – that light that shines from within them. It seems like all their sorrows have been taken from them and a purity and innocence restored to them.

Well. Elowen must have just about found herself standing before Namo too. What a shock to see this vision from the past! And I was pretty surprised too!! It’s so odd, isn’t it? To have returned at the age he was when he died. Odd for him, for his old friends, for his parents who probably wanted nothing more than their son returned yet perhaps weren’t ready to face back to the rearing of a child. And Amdir! Turgon’s little brother is well and truly grown up.

“Why does it not surprise me that Namo sent Turgon on his way as soon as his parents were here to receive him?” LOL!! I was thinking that too… But I love how Elowen immediately decides to feed him bread and jam.

Turgon’s shyness and wide-eyed appreciation of everything around him is very touching. He’s still the same person, but seems to have lost the resentment he carried, that need to prove himself. His daring seems to have become more curiosity now. And Legolas, who always tried to give his friend what he thought he needed, now actually can.

I think I felt most sorry for Vardalan and Mirdaniel. Just in terms of their weariness and bewilderment in being so newly-arrived. They have a lot weighing on them. I can’t decide whether it was a gift for Namo to return their son to them when they needed some light in their lives, or if it is in some ways unfair when they are so tired and dispirited that even the simplest tasks seem a burden. I’ll go with the first. Who am I to question the Valar?! They haven’t changed all that much, though! Mirdaniel is still doing things “vaguely” and I had to laugh at Vardalan saying “I am thatching the roof” and he sitting there playing the harp. It would have been an incredibly poignant moment if not for Legolas’ memory of their leaky roof making it all seem so normal. I admit I got a little teary, though, at the thought of Mirdaniel keeping Turgon’s drawing. She might not have provided her elfling with much guidance but she loved him.

“Not much. I remember meeting the Men, and Ithilden telling us off, and then not really anything after that.” Ah. I think Legolas really needed to hear that. Isn’t it sad, really, how we torment ourselves about things like that? And Turgon just shrugs it off. Of course, Legolas has been carrying guilt as well as sorrow and questions but perhaps now that can start to ease. And, after all, the fact that Turgon has missed so much of Mirkwood’s history might be a gulf between them but he was saved from seeing what happened to the forest and is one of the few people that Legolas can talk to who knew his home, yet is untouched by all that happened to it.

It’s good to see him already bringing Legolas out of himself. He can never go home again, can never reclaim his childhood but he can make a home here, make new memories.

Turgon, it seems, has as much a sense of danger as ever. Though I admit cute bears might have attracted me too :-) It’s possible that this sense of wonderment will fade and he’ll begin to be more aware of his surroundings rather than get lost in them but yes, he does need guidance. I swear, I could hear Thranduil in Legolas’ words to Turgon’s parents! It must have been hard to frighten his parents like that, but being told that they could lose Turgon again was probably just what they needed to see that they have to pay more attention to him. And if they can bring themselves to do that, they’ll have something to give them focus and will see the joy that’s there for the taking if they can pull themselves out of their weariness. Luckily, Legolas seems to know that these people might have the best intentions but difficulty in carrying them out! So he has received not only friendship, but a simple, innocent friendship that he needed. He can offer wisdom and guidance – and he can begin to find joy in things in a way that we do only when seeing the world through the eyes of a child.

Won’t Thranduil be pleased to see who’s back in Legolas’ life?!

Wonderful story, daw. It’s funny and touching and beautifully written.

Author Reply: Hey, Dot! Happy to hear from you any time. I'm still jealous of you and Karen for your weekend.

Over the last couple of years, I've thought repeatedly of what it would be like to have Turgon return in Valinor. The whole thing is just so strange to us. I thought his returning as a child was what Tolkien said would happen, but once I started working out the consequences of that, it was just odd. I think he's what Legolas needed though, just as Legolas is what he needed. Namo did a wise thing in sending him back (and is undoubtedly saying "Whew! Thank goodness that's done").

I also wanted it clear that his parents love Turgon although they are just so out of it. Legolas is going to have to step in here and show Turgon things like how to fix the roof. That's okay. It'll keep him busy until the rest of his family arrives. And in the meantime, Turgon loves having a body again and being in this wonderful place.

When I tried to think of what Turgon would remember, I decided Namo would make sure he remembered being told off because he'd earned that! He didn't earn what came after though.

By the time Thranduil gets there, maybe Turgon will be all grown up and straightened out. :-) Or maybe not.

Thanks for the review, Dot.

erunyauveReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/6/2006
::waves to Siondel::

I think Amdir's parents will have a rather long wait - I'm still convinced that Thranduil never left Middle-earth. But then, I have always thought Legolas' departure was the saddest moment of LOTR. No elf was ever so meant to remain in the forests.

I love the way you treat Turgon's return. Obviously, he would have learnt some humility in the Halls of Mandos, yet he is still a child. It wouldn't be realistic for him to be too wise. The difference in ages is something I hadn't really thought about - normally, it wouldn't matter to elves that one of them had aged a thousand or so years while the other remained the same age, but a child would be a special situation. It's also perfectly in keeping with post-Fellowship Legolas that he finally feels that he can say something to Turgon's parents.

Author Reply: LOL. Siondel waves back!

Interesting idea about Thranduil. I never thought about it much. The passages about Legolas leaving ME are curiously melancholy, despite the fact that he's following "the desire of his heart."

Then Legolas built a grey ship in Ithilien, and sailed down Anduin and so over Sea; and with him, it is said, went Gimli the Dwarf. And when that ship passed an end was come in Middle-earth of the Fellowship of the Ring.

But maybe the melancholy is for ME, not Legolas. I don't know.

Glad you liked what I did with Turgon. I had some things to think about in terms of how everyone from Legolas, to Turgon, to Turgon's parents, to Siondel would act. Tolkien really thought of some bizarre stuff here.

perellethReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/5/2006
Turgon's return, now that was a welcome surprise!

The whole tale has a crepuscular air, there is such melancholy everywhere, and the burdens of loss and solitude and memory seem to be weighing heavily upon Legolas, so Turgon's eagerness and carefree approach make Legolas' pain even more unbearable. At some point it seemed to me as if LEgolas was living in a dream, so disconnected and apart from his childhood friend he looked to me.

Yet Elowen´s song did the trick, both for lEgolas and for me, because the hummed song served as a link to reality, as the soundtrack of the tale, not a distant dream but a reality. Don´t know how to put it but this has a dreamy quality that is suddenly brought down to earth by a song. As if I had been watching a movie in "mute" and suddenly the sound was turned on. Great! Impressive.

Author Reply: I'm glad you were surprised, Perelleth. It seemed like a good present for Bodkin since she wrote about my characters in Valinor. Originally, I thought of Legolas helping Turgon now, but then I realized Turgon probably helped him just as much.

I hadn't at all thought in the terms you're describing, but it sounds like a really eerie effect! Cool.

lwarrenReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/2/2006
Oh, I remember that story when Legolas was just a little guy recovering from his mother's death, visiting Annael's house and eating bread and jam at Elowen's table. She had given the boys colors and paper and he drew her a picture she ended up keeping. I see she is still taking care of him and helping him through the grieving he's experiencing because of Gimli (the thought of him waking to that empty, silent room next to his was so sad). That entire family has been so important to Legolas throughout his life.

Ah, Turgon the Irrepressible...funny, I used to think of him as the Irresponsible when he lived in Mirkwood! Turgon still seems to find trouble though - if anything, being re-embodied has made him more careless. He seems constantly distracted by the beauty around him, which I found endearing - it wasn't like before when it was high spirits and the attitude of 'let's see what we can do that's daring and dangerous'. He is rediscovering 'living in his skin' again and it is so wonderful and amazing and he is so captivated by everything, he just doesn't pay attention to the little rocks under the water or bears near a berry bush.

Legolas has a lot of adjusting to do in his new role as friend to Turgon, and it couldn't have come at a better time! Not only will it take his mind off Gimli and the fact that his family isn't there, but he'll gain a measure of relief from the guilt he's felt all these years since Turgon's death. And speaking to Turgon's parents - he did a very hard thing respectfully (although I'm sure he'll still keep a close eye on Turgon regardless). Some things NEVER change, but maybe Legolas can bring them out of some of that self-absorption. This was just great, Daw! A wonderful birthday gift for Bodkin and for all those who love your characters and stories about the realm of Mirkwood! Thanks for sharing again and Happy Birthday, Bodkin!


Author Reply: I love the Elowen/Siondel/Annael family. The parents are loving and sensible and generous. No wonder Annael turned out so well. Even though Legolas has lived more years than Siondel now, he couldn't shake the habit of listening to Siondel's advice.

It was hard to imagine what kind of healing Turgon might have experienced in the Halls of Waiting. But he kind of regained his innocence. He lost any resentment or jealousy, and he's happier than he was. And he loves having a body again.

So now Legolas and Turgon can help one another.

Glad you liked it, Linda. Thanks for the review.

meckinockReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/2/2006
This was bittersweet and beautiful, Daw. My heart ached for Legolas in the beginning. You brought across his heaviness of heart, his world-weariness beautifully - even sadder to see because he's supposed to be in this place that's free of sorrow and weariness. Turgon's appearance brought tears to my eyes. It's such a strange and magical thing to imagine, being reunited with the long-lost friends of one's childhood, and given the circumstances in which Turgon was lost, heart-wrenching. I can just feel Legolas being wrenched back to that time, to the anguish and grief but also to the innocence and joy of that time of his life. It was amusing to watch him see Turgon through adult eyes, and Turgon's parents as well. After the battles he's fought and the losses he's suffered, this at least is one lost friend he can have back.

Author Reply: Thank you, meckinock. I'm not sure I understand Valinor very well. It's tempting to think of it as like heaven, but people are embodied and this place spawned Feanor. People can die here. And yet, it's also a place of healing. I think Legolas is just in need of healing. Between his long defense against Shadow, his sea-longing, and the death of Gimli, he's been battered. So here's a chance to take care of someone else and heal some guilt he's felt for a long time.

I think Turgon always looked to his friends for what his family didn't give him, and now Legolas is in a position to provide it.

When I wrote this, I thought about the end of the movie "Seabiscuit." Have you seen it? It's a great movie. The trainer, the owner, and the jockey more or less rescue this horse which turns into a champion, but the three of them were lost before the horse came along. And at the end there's this voiceover, where one characters says something like "People say we saved him, but really, he saved us." I think Legolas's care for Turgon is like that.

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/2/2006
PS. Who claims not to be good at description and multi-sensory stuff? This gleams with it! From the choice of 'thumped' in the first line, all the way through the jam and the rain and the ripple of Vardalan's harp. It's full of colour and sound and fragrance and feel. Wonderful.

(Turgon might just have to get used to a friend and contemporary who can switch to uncle/captain/lord when the need arises.)

Author Reply: I was working on this when you posted the story for my birthday. That's when I analyzed what you did. Then I rewrote this. I was pleased with the difference the small changes made. I just need to practice some more!

I think Turgon probably always wanted some adult guidance. Drifting on his own must have been lonely and scary.

RedheredhReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/1/2006
I love stories about the adventure of being reborn. This one was excellent. I am not familiar with all your characters, but Turgon was just delightful in this. And I really enjoyed his effect on poor Legolas. ;)

Author Reply: I'm glad you enjoyed it, Redheredh. My OCs have spun out of control, so you're brave to take this on at all! It's tricky to think about what re-embodiment is like for someone who died as a child. So far as I could tell, Tolkien meant he would still be a child when he was reborn. But how would he be healed? And this particular child is good for Legolas.

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