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Little Lad Lost  by Citrine 3 Review(s)
DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 4 on 6/16/2006
Oh golly! LOL! This little story is just so funny and adorable. I am far from a Lobelia admirer, but I will have to say--your version of her is *almost* likable!

As for Lotho, I have to say the reactions of little Pimpernel and Pervinca are perfectly understandable. I'd feel that way about his smile too.

But I don't think that Paladin and Eglantine will be all that accommadating to Lobelia's plan, LOL!

Author Reply: Thanks, Dreamflower! I've been a closet Lobelia admirer for a long time:o) Anybody who would go after Ruffians more than twice her size armed with nothing but a bumbershoot is my kind of gal.

demeter dReviewed Chapter: 4 on 6/15/2006
I promise you, dear, I am awake today. i very much enjoyed parts two and three, but on looking back I was so tired trying to write about them that I know I muddled the two together. this one should be better.
"whenever there was trouble at Bag End, there was Lotho like a rain cloud at a picnic". Darling! Then, even though he failed at math in school, he could see that things could add up to trouble. But he just is not smart enough to talk to the grownups, instead of two little lasses around sixish.I loved the image of Bell Gamgee racing to the rescue. i am sure that Sam had to get his courage from somewhere. And then, the end, "his mother was on her own"! Too funny! I wonder, though, once the little girls settle down, maybe one of them might say that Lotho had been teasing them about finding their lost brother. That might get everybody stirred up again! Only one part left?
I am sure it will be a busy one!

Author Reply: Aw shoot, you did just fine, Demeter:o) Lotho was just so desperate to avoid becoming a big brother, he grabbed whatever Took he could find. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing all this!

ArmarielReviewed Chapter: 4 on 6/15/2006
Love how you describe Lotho's smile, heheh! The big oaf! WEll, that was an interesting twist, wonder what's going to happen next! LOLOL


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