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Thranduil's Begetting Day  by daw the minstrel 30 Review(s)
MarianelReviewed Chapter: 3 on 12/7/2015
And I forgot Eman of Esgarots thoughts of begettinfdays! My tears ran of laughter at his thoughts about that! 😂

Author Reply: LOL. I've always thought Begetting Days are way TMI. What was Tolkien thinking?

MarianelReviewed Chapter: 3 on 12/7/2015
Hahahahah ! That was one of the funniest fics I have ever read😂.All the misunderstandings and the poor unsuspecting men among them. Hahahaha! I loved the scene in the cave and Beliond and Maltanaurs overprotective suspicions! Sinnarn was so funny with the harp, hahahaha! I laughed so much at so many places in this story I have lost count!😂

Author Reply: I laughed when I wrote it, so I'm glad you did too! Thank you for telling me.


endorearwenReviewed Chapter: 3 on 9/13/2013
A riot, Daw! This one was an absolute riot!! What can I say? About Legolas - take that! - enough said! ;-) By the way, I knew it was going to end that way... About Eilian - grow up! - enough said! ;-) About Beliond - get over it! - enough said! ;-) About Sinnarn - back to the forest with you, you silly creature! - enough said! ;-) About Alfirin - loosen up woman! - enough said! ;-)

I simply adored the ending and the image of a very satisfied Thranduil chuckling and enjoying his rather favourite Dorwinian wine - he deserved a few blissfully joyful moments and this story definitely gave it to him!

I do so hope that, one of these days, I’ll be able to learn from you and write humour into my stories as you do yours, Daw! This was hilarious!! I just loved it! :-)

Author Reply: I don't write slapstick very often but this one was fun. And it turns out it's hard to describe smell. Thranduil has some great begetting day memories here!

erunyauveReviewed Chapter: 3 on 7/4/2006
I can't help but feel sorry for the men in this story. And poor Alfirin! This was wonderful fun. (At some point, I'll review 'Spring of Joy', but I haven't yet forgiven you for killing Sinnarn!)

Author Reply: I still haven't fogiven myself for killing Sinnarn either! Bodkin asked me if she could write about his reembodiment in the West and I jumped at the chance. She posted the story here. I think it's called "In the West." She resurrects Annael's father too. Thank the Valar.

This was more slapsticky than I usually write but it was fun. I discovered that describing smell is not easy.

obsidianjReviewed Chapter: 3 on 6/8/2006
Oh, Daw. This story is hilarious. I'm still giggling. Poor Alfirin, that was not how she had planned her father-in-law's begetting day. But I think Thranduil got a really unforgettable day (and the rest of the cast, too). That should teach Beliond to be careful with his accusations and suspicions. If he wouldn't have been so suspicious, Sinnarn would still have the perfect gift.

Author Reply: Thank you, obsidianj! I don't usually write slapstick, but this was fun. And whether the smelly things were the 'perfect gift' or not probably depends on you point of view. Alfirin would probably have been horrified to see them on her table, but Grandfather Thranduil must have been touched by Sinnarn's love.

pipinheartReviewed Chapter: 3 on 4/6/2006
Loved It!!

This was great, I was worried when Maltanaur, Calith, and Beliond went into the cave with the lock on it...and they did get locked in. Those three pounding at the door, now that had me laughing....

Eilian and Legolas finding them, and Legolas not going to teach Elian to pick a lock, huh....

Thranduil had a laugh for his begetting day after all, them having a finght with that awful smelling stuff....

And Legolas thought he was letting her down easy, when she wants to avoid him after all.... Maybe he should have been nicer and told her that from the begining....

Great work!!!

Update soon!!!

Author Reply: Glad you liked it, Pipinheart. Yeah, you could just see trouble coming, couldn't you? I've been meaning to write about the keepers and Ithilden's aide for some time, preferably in a situation where they're in trouble and Eilian and Legolas have to rescue them. This is what came of that. It made me laugh to write it, so I'm glad it made you laugh to read it. I feel odd laughing alone!

MandyReviewed Chapter: 3 on 3/26/2006
This was a fun story. Thanks!

Author Reply: Glad you liked it, Mandy. I giggled to myself while I wrote it, so I was glad someone else laughed too!

IthildinReviewed Chapter: 3 on 3/21/2006
Daw, I read this the other night, and the screen kept going all blurry (from tears of laughter) and I nearly choked trying to keep quiet (because my hubby was already asleep in the same room)! Oh, but I sooo enjoyed reading it! What fun! A good laugh was just what I needed, too.

Eman musing about Elves celebrating begetting days; now that was just hilarious. I, too, have thought about how strange that custom might seem to humans that don’t know much about Elves. And Beliond is such a hoot! Griping about having two suspicious humans to spy on at once, and how lock pickers are so untrustworthy, even as he picks the lock himself (a skill Maltanaur knew about, I notice…) and Legolas getting to show off his own, recently learned lock picking skill – to Eilian no less. The unbelievable stinky rilliums, Thranduil's original motivation for eating them and Beliond's reaction to the thought that he might still be doing it, the keepers and Calith locked in the cave, the fungi-fight, Beliond rounding on Legolas – the list goes on and on. So many priceless moments!

And poor Alfirin! But I sort of know how she feels. And Thranduil, too. A couple of years ago we had a birthday party we will never forget. Two of my teenagers had a chocolate-icing war and no gift we could have given my Dad could have brought more laughter or enjoyment for any of us. I was soon laughing so hard I gave up worrying about the potential mess and just enjoyed watching the fun. And I must add that I'm glad chocolate, at least, has a nice, pleasant aroma. ;-)

Hmm, Beliond, Maltanaur and Thranduil in their youth – now there’s a corner of the sandbox that is virtually undisturbed – here’s hoping it won’t always stay that way!

I have grown to love your cast of characters, Daw, and I miss them between stories. It was good to visit with them again and I'm already eagerly awaiting the next tale! I hope all goes well with your original fiction, too, and I look forward to reading it when it becomes available.

Ithildin *(

Author Reply: I've been out of town, Ithildin, and came back to find this nice review. I'm so glad you found the story funny. I had a lot of fun writing it. I just sort of let myself go.

Begetting Days strike me as waaay too much information. I don't know how elves manage them. What on earth was Tolkien thinking?

Loved the story about the icing fight! There's something about just breaking the ordinary bounds of decorum that can really make you laugh.

A story about young Thranduil, Beliond, and Maltanaur does sound enticing, I have to admit. :-)

White WolfReviewed Chapter: 3 on 3/20/2006
This was a riot. I loved it. Who says elves are always dignified, straightlaced and never get dirty? This was a Begetting Day that Thranduil will not soon forget. And he doesn't even know everything that went on!

As always, looking forward to the next story.

Author Reply: Thanks, White Wolf. Thranduil is better off not knowing everything, I think. He knows enought to be amused but not enough to be alarmed.

NoorReviewed Chapter: 3 on 3/20/2006


You incorporated Beliond and Malthanaur being locked and Legolas freeing them by using the trick that Beliond had taught him..........I remember you saying that you wanted to use this in a story.

Well done again!


Author Reply: This was fun to write. It's shallow, but fun!

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