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Thranduil's Begetting Day  by daw the minstrel 23 Review(s)
meckinockReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/14/2006
I really missed these guys. It made me feel all warm and happy to see them again. And nothing's changed. Legolas is still as awkward with girls as Eilian is suave and debonair; Alfirin can still whip up a state dinner standing on her head, and Beliond is still slinking around spying on Men. Loved his crack at Legolas about listening to his hare-brained brother for once. Auntie Mame was delightful. And I truly enjoyed seeing Thranduil being made to enjoy himself. What makes me think it won't last?

Author Reply: It made me feel all warm and happy to see them again. I just sort of let myself go and played with the characters I'd already created. Glad you liked it.

Did you break down and pay for internet?

IdhrenielReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/14/2006
Great to read from you again! And thank you for writing about a party to my dear Thranduil...
The whole chapter was nice, as ever, but there are some lines that, for me, make your story so great. That exchange of smiles between Thranduil and Ithilden was an example. Eilian cleaning his fingers on his robes another. These small details make de difference. And, of course, our great Beliond staring at the men. He could not miss the party, could he?
I am curious to know what Bram sent Thranduil... will you tell us? And how about Legolas? Did his father also hear his protest? Hahaha!

Author Reply: Thank you, Idhreniel. I love Thranduil and I think he needs to have his family showing their affection for him. Alfirin is good at that kind of stuff.

I'm happily reading about the details you like. :-) Legolas was bad and he better hope his father and Aunt Glilan don't know it.

The KarenatorReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/14/2006
Like all your other devoted fans, I was tickled pink to see this. I need a good dose of Mirkwood.

Glilan is a sight for sore eyes. She's such a hoot. I keep remembering her wanting Thranduil to stop the rain on Ithilden's wedding day. She's the perfect aunt, wanting everything to go smoothly and wanting everyone to be happy...even if that means a little matchmaking. Lord love her because Legolas isn't too sure at the moment about his feelings. And the poor elleth she dragged along to the party. I imagine she didn't know she was going to be trotted out like a horse for inspection for the king's youngest son. Of course, Legolas feels he's the horse on the block. I see misery ahead.

Alfirin is in her element, arranging the party and bossing the male portion of the household around. But it was sweet how she admonished Thranduil to have fun and not to forget the purpose of this shindig is to celebrate his begetting day. I think the old boy was touched himself. It's nice to be loved and for the king, attention to the personal things of his life must feel neglected since Lorellin has been gone. Between Alfirin and Glilan, Thranduil might wonder though what hit him.

The men are going to be interesting. They're fish out of water among the elves. And...teaching one young elf a few bad habits. Burping? I asked my husband once--after being subjected to a round of burping and other disgusting things by this all male household--when guys grew out of the bathroom humor and he said: Never. Geez, I believe it. There must be a happy body function gene attached to this or...brain damage in utero. Something's not right.

And Eilian. What can I say? He's so Eilian. Delightfully Eilian. Kissing in the stable stall and being mistaken for a groom. Boy, that man is in for a shock. Eilian might be as well when Adar finds out he was out riding with a cutie pie when he should have been practicing his 'son of Thranduil' role.

Great setup for a fun fiasco. I'm up for the party and the ensuing chaos. Looking forward to seeing what falls apart.

Delightful, Daw, as always.


Author Reply: I need a good dose of Mirkwood! This was fun to do and I let myself go. I'm sure Daeron knows the feeling.

The maiden in Aunt Glilan's grip was as surprised as Legolas was at being shoved into his arms. Of course, egotistical little beast he is, he didn't notice that. I expect he's used to maidens fluttering their eyelashes at him. Eilian sure is. He's home and he's bored and that's a Bad Thing.

Alfirin is coming along nicely as a character. I amused myself by making all the males in the household do what she tells them.

As for the burp, yeah, I figure young (?) males of all species can do it at will.

Thanks for the review, Karen.

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/14/2006
My Internet access has been sporadic this week and when I got online, I was so surprised to see a story by you! Yeah!

This was so much fun to read. The king's beggetting day party. Oh Lord! This has potential (for disaster). I started laughing at I thought Legolas could show Iseniel to her chamber. Poor Legolas. And it just got better from there. Men at Thranduil's party. Well that could only make things more interesting, expecially given the nature of Legolas and Eilian's last adventure into Mannish territory. So do you think Eilian sincerely thought asking Alfirin was appropriate because he recognized this was her party or do you think he recognized that and saw it as the perfect was to manipulate an escape? I love Eilian.

And speaking of the devil, I about died laughing at the man at the stable and his treatment of Eilian. I hope you make him recognize Eilian later. That was sooo funny.

But every line once the party began had me laughing. What had he ever done to merit having his son look at Sinnarn and Calylad with that admiring gaze? *Snort* I loved seeing Maltanaur and Calith's children, but that line was great. So was: “Only once.” I'll bet that is a great story! Beliond was hilarious. But the end! I hooted so loudly the dog ran from the room. That was evil!

Author Reply: I'm so glad you liked it, Elliska. I'm having a lot of fun with it, kind of letting myself go.

Eilian is the first OC I created in this world and he still amuses me too. He never means to make trouble. He's just having a good time and can't understand why anyone would object until it's much too late.

I've mentioned Maltanaur's grandson and Calith's son before but never shown them and was very excited when someone (probably Dot or Bodkin) pointed out that they'd be near Sinnarn in age. That opened up all kinds of possibilities.

As for Legolas chasing Iseniel away, I figure young guys of all species can do that at will. :-)

yanicReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/12/2006
Hahah! Well that's one way to get rid of a lady! I was sooo excited to see another new story! And I love that you're bringing in all of the OCs, cuz I love 'em! And Beliond is such a hoot, I'm glad he's in here too

Author Reply: Beliond is a lot of fun to write about. He should be in all my stories, I think. No exceptions.

Thanks for the review, Yanic.

White WolfReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/12/2006
I'm loving this. I can only imagine what Thranduil would (will?) say about Legolas's uncouth behavior. Iseniel was probably going to tell him she's sorry for what his aunt did, and she's not romantically interested in him, but he never gave her the chance.

Eilian is his usual self, I see. I need say no more than that.

Visualizing Beliond skulking around spying on the men is too funny. Loved the hairbrained comment.

The one I feel for is Alfirin, though she seems in her element at a celebration like this. How long she stays that way may depend on how far down this whole affair disintegrates.

Author Reply: Glad you enjoyed it, White Wolf. I think Thranduil would be unhappy if he knew every detail of what various members are doing, but fortunately, they're considerate enough to keep that from him. :-)

Alfirin must sometimes want to smack them all. She's trying to make things nice and this all male household just will not behave.

WantanelfReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/12/2006
Yipee!! Daw returns!! I've missed you. I was so happy to see you have started another story. As usual it is wonderful. As usual the interaction between your characters is so believable. I loved Legolas' reaction to the attempt at matchmaking. I can't wait to see what happens when that arrogant Eman finds out who Eilian really is. And I see Eilian is up to his usual mischief with the local maidens. Your story made me smile and chuckle all the way through. But, did I read it's only 3 chapters long! Oh, please tell me you have another one in the works. Three chapters is just not enough. Looking forward to chapter 2!!

Author Reply: Thanks for the welcome, Wantanelf. Legolas has no intention of letting Aunt Glilan match him up with this girl, but he's also too nice to want to hurt anyone's feelings. In the meantime, Eilian is being himself! And I doubt if Adar will be pleased.

I'm pretty sure this will be only 3 chapters. Farce takes you only so far.

sofiaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/12/2006
I'm glad you have another story out.
I can't wait to see Eman's reaction when he finds out the elf he thought was a stablehand was actually the kings son.
And Legolas burping to get Iseniel to go away, very amusing. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Author Reply: Thanks, Sofia. Eman has many things to be puzzled about, as it turns out, poor Man. And Legolas had better hope his father and Aunt Glilan remain ignorant of his newly-found talent!

AliceReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/12/2006
Huzzah! Another Daw the minstrel story! And a farce as well, which is going well so far. Hee. This is going to be fun. We have Beliond wandering around with his Super Spy kit ( I swear to god I have this image of him in camo hiding in bushes spying on the men), Eilian avoiding Eman which you know he's not going to be able to do forever, and Legolas in a similar futile effort trying to avoid his aunt's machinations to see him wed. Legolas, such a dimwit. There was no need to burp in the girl's face. Just talk incessantly about yourself and don't let her get a word in edgewise and she'll run away as fast as her elvish legs can take her.Why is it that I suspect that the girl was just trying to tell him that she had no interest and was sorry to put him in this awkward position?

Ooh. I loved Alfirin in this story. I think it's impossible not to immedietly say "Awwwww." when she tells Thranduil that his birthday is the main reason they're there. Also, I love how she tells Ithilden to stop making faces because Toviel is nice. Hee. Ithilden is only making faces because he knows that Toviel is not Celuwen and they'll never have any peace until Eilian gets his act together with Celuwen. Which I believe is not for a century or so so hang in there Ithilden. I was also quite pleased to see Sinnarn. I've missed that boy. And poor Eman. Trying to get information out of a sixteen-year-old-boy. Hee. Sinnarn knows what's important. Being polite and then quickly slipping away with friends.

I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author Reply: Good point about what Legolas can do to drive Iseniel away! In my head, I had a Legolas who was used to having girls pursue him, so he's unconciously egotistic about the matter. :-)

I've used 'Toviel' before. She's one of the friends Celuwen invites for a teaparty on her begetting day in the single-chapter story about that. There Eilian makes fun of her and her harp. He's behaving badly here, I'd say, and it's no wonder Celuwen wanted nothing to do with him for years on end.

Sinnarn will have a large role in the next chapter.

thechevinReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/12/2006
What a delightful surprise this was I have so missed my visits to the Woodland Realm and its wonderful denizens.
Legolas is going to regret that belch I expect if his great aunt ever finds out that is
Eilian is sheer joy to watch as he goes about causing mayhem for all and sundry and Thranduil towers above them all and probably sees and knows more than anyone else
I am desperate to find out about the present whatever can it be?
If it is in as bad taste as the wrapping, Alfirin is going to have her hands full as the party gets into full swing
I am so happy to see you writing again

Author Reply: Thank you, Chevin.

The thing about Eilian is, he doesn't mean to cause mayhem. He's just enjoying himself! And Thranduil always finds out everything, so I don't know why any of them bothers to try to fool him. I made myself laugh by having Beliond call him "too trusting."

Alfirin must sometimes wonder what she's gotten herself into.

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