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Consequences of a Fall  by Dreamflower 9 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 20 on 8/23/2006
Most certainly Begonia deserves some happiness with her own family at her time in life. As for Hyacinth getting her--I shudder at the prospect. Yecch!

GamgeeFestReviewed Chapter: 20 on 7/26/2006
Ah yes, the traditional peeling of the skin. There's just something so grotesquely fascinating about it. I'd hate to be the one to walk in on Merry and Pippin and their pile of growing skin peels (Frodo perhaps *hint*hint*. Or even Pearl - she needs something trivial and silly to make her feel like things are getting back to normal and I think that would do it). LOL :)

Too bad Pip won't be able to spend too much time outside. At least he'll be more careful about falling asleep outside in the middle of the day after this (well, until the Barrow Downs anyway and that wasn't really his fault).

I'm glad that poor Begonia will be getting away from the Smials and will be among family now. It will give her an opportunity to get to know her extended family and to make friendships without the burden of Lalia looming over her head. She deserves it after everything she's put up with over the last several years. Reggie's insights on the nephew's intelligence was fun.

I'm very eager to see how this is going to end. I'm starting to waver on my theory of who Hyacinth is waiting for at the beginning of the chapters.

Author Reply: *grin* You know, this is one of the first scenes that came to me for this story, long before the rest of it--Hyacinth, and Lalia, etc. were part of it. I could just see Merry peeling a sunburnt young Pippin. It took me quite a while to find out where it belonged, and figure out the rest of the story!

This is a lesson he'll take to heart. Don't sleep in the sunshine without a shirt on!!

I thought Begonia deserved a nice retirement. No one yet has identified the nephew. I've been surprised that some of my more eagle-eyed readers haven't remembered him, but there was no Begonia in evidence at the time.

It's not long now--one more chapter and an epilogue, I think. I'm quite sure you've guessed it...

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 20 on 7/19/2006
H'mm ... has Mistress Bolger not been married long? Perhaps this is the hobbit equivalent of a 'seven-months child' that arrives a tad 'earlier than expected' after a hasty marriage. (Or wouldn't hobbits do that kind of thing?)

Oh, yes. Peeling. Irresistibly gross. And much loved by boys. I'm sure Pippin and Merry will find it enough to keep them occupied for a day or so!

I'm glad Begonia is finding another home - and I just hope she's rather more welcome and appreciated than the infliction that is Hyacinth.

Author Reply: I hadn't thought of that--I don't think that her husband would have been so worried if that were the case. I just figure that perhaps she had an inexperienced midwife or healer at home, or perhaps she didn't give her all the information needed.

"Irresistibly gross"--yes, much loved by children of both genders actually! This scene was actually the first one to come to me when I was considering the story--a scene of Pippin peeling, and Merry helping him, LOL! And yeah, it's fascinating enough to keep them a bit busy!

She will be made quite welcome by her nephew and his wife--who have made a previous appearance in another story--so far no one's spotted them.

AndreaReviewed Chapter: 20 on 7/19/2006
Pippin and Merry both sighed at this restriction, but then Merry put on a brave face for Pippin’s sake, and Pippin, seeing this, did the same for Merry.

LOL! This is wonderful! I'm really proud of little Pippin - such a brave lad :)

It was a clear relief, especially as Hyacinth had been dropping heavy-handed hints that she would not mind having a chambermaid of her own ...

Hah! That's good news, indeed! Well, for Reggie and Begonia - not for Hyacinth ;-)

Go, Reggie!

(BTW, I found the website of the Hobbitons and I really enjoyed the Bath Song. Very good!)

Author Reply: *grin* I'll have to tell Lin you liked that line--it was one of her contributions!

Pippin *is* a brave little lad--I like to think that the courage our lads showed on the Quest was there within them all the time.

Yes, wouldn't Hyacinth just *love* to have a chambermaid to lord it over, and order about, and gloat over? Reggie's not *about* to let that happen!

Oh, I'm *so* glad you like them. I think they do a wonderful job--on some of the songs, I actually like these amateur versions better than the professional ones of the Tolkien Ensemble or Donald Swann.

harrowcatReviewed Chapter: 20 on 7/19/2006
Now he is better can I borrow the rest of Pippin's lotions? I went camping for three days and I am usually so careful about sunburn but I forgot the perils of driving with the window open! My shoulder went lobster red and now is blistered! As I sleep on my side that, and the heat have made sleeping very difficult! But you are making me look forward to the peeling stage! Ugh!

Good old Reggie - he does seem to cope with being married to THAT hobbitess.

Author Reply: Oh, you poor dear! Well, you certainly know how little Pippin felt! *lends you Mistress Hollyhock and her lotions*

Yes, Reggie *is* a good hobbit. He copes very well under the circumstances.

Pearl TookReviewed Chapter: 20 on 7/18/2006
oooo! I love both doing the peeling or getting peeled :)

Huzzah!! I'm so happy for Begonia :) :)

Looking forward to more ;)

Author Reply: I'm afraid I plead guilty to the same. And I like to watch little flakes of dead skin fall like a snowstorm, as well--though I've never scratched them off onto someone else like Pippin did, LOL!

Yes, a happy ending for poor Begonia!

We're getting near the end.

PIppinfan1988Reviewed Chapter: 20 on 7/18/2006
As for Hyacinth...hindsight is 20/20. Too bad the "Marking" didn't come to her mind while she was actually considering the murder. You have done so well with her character, though!

Oh, I so enjoyed Pippin playing with his dead skin! LOL, typical little laddie--and going so far as to lure Merry into pulling off more of it! Oh, yes, I remember the blissful feeling of pulling off skin...and then the itching right after.

I, too, am glad to see Begonia embarking on a new life with her nephew and his family.


Author Reply: She was being opportunistic, and didn't really think things through to a conclusion. Almost getting caught would definitely put a dint in her composure, and make her think of the things she missed.

Playing with dead skin--a bit gross and disgusting, but kids like that sort of thing. And being peeled--it's just a delightful sensation, LOL!

I thought that most folks would like this resolution for Begonia. And the blacksmith and his wife will make a nice home for her, and she'll have two little great-neices to spoil.

AspenJulesReviewed Chapter: 20 on 7/18/2006
Ahhh, the joys of peeling long sheets of skin off of a former burn. Many people find it disgusting, but I am with Pippin, and love the feel of it coming off, as well as being fascinated by peeling it off of others. I must be part lizard or something, LOL.

And I'm so glad that Begonia will have a nice place to go, where they will appreciate her. She's had a hard time of it, and is a faithful and devoted woman. They will all benefit from her being there.

I do have one complaint however. I've decided that it is decidedly bad for me to read too many 'hobbit' stories by you talented 'hobbit' writers. You describe so *many* big, yummy sounding meals I'm *always* hungry! It's really bad for my waistline, you know! It's a good thing I simply don't have time to do all that baking and frying and general all-round cooking. *grimaces*

Baggins BabeReviewed Chapter: 20 on 7/18/2006
How lovely to see Pippin recovering - even if he is peeling! I'm sure Merry will help there.

So sweet to know that poor Begonia has family who want to take her in, and what a hobbity thing to do. This is what I love about hobbits - their kindness and love of family. And glad that Reggie had no intention of allowing Begonia to go from one bossy old bat to another!

As for Hyacinth - I still wouldn't trust her as far as I could throw her!

Author Reply: Yes, I think, actually that Pippin and Merry may have a good deal of fun with the peeling, LOL!

Yes, most hobbits are like that: they care about family, and know that it is important to take care of one another. Reggie certainly would not allow Hyacinth to have a chambermaid! Especially Begonia, who's had it hard enough already.

Er, no, neither would I. But she's back to square one. Not only did her plan against Pearl fail, but her aborted attempt on Pippin has caused her to somewhat lose her nerve. And add to that the fact that without Lalia around, her attitude will not be serving her very well any longer, and her teeth have somewhat been pulled. But she is still a nasty and poisonous specimen.

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