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Consequences of a Fall  by Dreamflower 9 Review(s)
PIppinfan1988Reviewed Chapter: 13 on 5/24/2006
At least Pippin got to get out of bed--and watching the threesome playing "Miggle" was a delight. Sounds like hints of Chinese Checkers, but I haven't played that game since I was Pippin's age.

I still had a good laugh at Frodo's suggestion of "sincerely-falsifying an apology" for in the future! Such young rascals--blackened teeth and a green

Now we're getting to another great part--Ferumbras exonarating Pearl. :-)


BodkinReviewed Chapter: 13 on 5/21/2006
Now, with most mothers, hearing happy Euphorbia and Juniper would remind them of being separated from their own daughters. Not, I would suspect, Hyacinth. Her daughters were tools on the way to power. (Orc bait.)

I hope Pippin's burst blisters don't become infected and make him ill. Hyacinth'll be feeding him monkshood and yew berries. With an expression of concern on her face.

Bilbo's teaching on How to Apologise When You Don't Mean It will definitely come in useful to Merry and Pippin. They should store that information for future reference.

I like the sound of Miggle. Good game.

And I'm glad that undercover Reggie has come to a conclusion that satisfies devious Ferumbras. And I'm even happier that it will frustrate evil Hyacinth.

Author Reply: Orc bait. Yes, indeed. Poor Orcs.

We shall have to see what happens, won't we?

*grin* Life Lesson #401. Diplomacy Can Be Fun.

It does sound kind of fun, doesn't it? I might have to figure out exactly what the rules are and how it's played.

Hyacinth will not be happy with Reggie, oh no.

Baggins BabeReviewed Chapter: 13 on 5/20/2006
I should think you'll have people queing to put dye in Hyacinth's bath! She really is a very unpleasant person. I feel very sorry for Reggie, who seems a decent sort. Love the fact that he is fair and even-handed in his investigations, and I'm glad he's been able to show Ferumbras that it was an accident.

'Miggle' sounds a lot like the game we in Britain call Ludo, with the coloured counters. Frodo is a sweetie to keep his cousins company, and to offer Merry such good advice.

Oh, and I'm happy that Pip is on the mend.

Author Reply: Maybe we could charge admission to see her turn purple or green or whatever? LOL!

Reggie is a very decent sort, and it is a real shame he was duped by Hyacinth, and ended up stuck with her. And he is being quite thorough--by leaving no stone unturned, he can make sure that unpleasantness won't follow Pearl.

Hmm...I was thinking of a cross between Chinese checkers and Castellan. I never heard of Ludo. How interesting!

Frodo is just a good older cousin, and he delights in them. I'm sure he much prefers to spend time in their company, than among some of the stuffy family heads.

Pearl TookReviewed Chapter: 13 on 5/19/2006
I love the game! And I love the build up of tension.

Can I put dye in Hyacinth's bath?

Author Reply: I'm glad you liked the game.

And the tension will just get built up more in the next chapter or so...

Feel free. I recommend a lovely shade of purple...

AndreaReviewed Chapter: 13 on 5/19/2006
He said, Im sorry I put ink in your tea, Laburnum, and then, inside his head, he said, I wish it had been dye in your bath. Green dye. Which, he said, he *did* mean, for it would have been a much better trick if he could have managed it.

Oh my! That's a little glimpse at the activities of the "terror of Buckland" ;-)
And I must say, I love it!
Frodo can very well understand why Merry reacted in that "drastic" way, maybe he even approves it (only in his mind, of course). He has such a conspirative way of letting Merry know what he truly thinks, but on the other hand he teaches him polite behavior. I wished I had had such an older brother. Like Frodo, I was always the eldest!

Author Reply: Yes, indeed, "terror of Buckland" at his worst, LOL!

Frodo does sympathize with Merry, and I am sure that he did think the little brat deserved to have her hair pulled. But he also knows that it's for Merry's own good that he learn more diplomatic ways of dealing with things. So, just as he taught Merry to read, or to swim, or to make tiny footprints in the frost, he will also teach him the ways of tact and diplomacy.

PeriantariReviewed Chapter: 13 on 5/18/2006
What a cliff-hanger--and i was about to click "next" when i realized it was the end of the chapter. I really like this story and really want to find out what Ferumbas going to do--i feel like Hyacinth is going to manage something really nasty before the end though. :p
And Pippin h/c is adorable and very well written so would like more of that as well... =)
yes, i'm all caught up. :)

Author Reply: Hyacinth is going to be far nastier and wicked than I had ever before thought her to be...

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 13 on 5/18/2006
A wonderful continuation. I find Ferumbras's decision to make Paladin Thain in spite of himself wonderful, and love that he recognizes Hyacinth is a brainless, blithering idiot. And love both he and Reggie both recognize she does NOT need a chambermaid! Poor Begonia. Hope she finds a good home.

Author Reply: It is wonderful, of course, for everyone except poor Paladin, who doesn't want the job, LOL! And Hyacinth herself is the only one who does not realize that she would be a complete disaster as the Thain's Lady. Even Lalia, who was a tyrant, had *some* sense.

We will deal with poor Begonia, you'll see.

GamgeeFestReviewed Chapter: 13 on 5/18/2006
Can't wait to see Hyacinth's reaction when she learns her plotting has been foiled, and by her husband no less.

"Miggle" sounds like an interesting game, something similar to checkers but with more players. That should keep Pippin occupied and forgetting to scratch for a while. I had to chuckle at his dismay over missing *two* meals, and that's some good advice Frodo gave Merry. ;)

Author Reply: Yes, well, she won't be a happy camper, and she will have her ways of making him miserable to be sure.

I conceive of Miggle as a sort of cross between Chinese checkers and a medieval game called Castellan, only more complicated.

Queen GaladrielReviewed Chapter: 13 on 5/18/2006
Merry and Pippin are such a pair! :) And Frodo conspiring right along with them as to how to apologize and still be truthful-imagine that! LOL!

Pippin looked puzzled. "Over-kill?"

"I think it must be something he picked up on his Adventure. Frodo says it means that you can only kill something once, and to keep on doing things to it
after it is dead is useless."

"Eew!" Pippin said, scrunching up his face in disgust.

Hee hee! Yeah, eeewww is right, but for some reason that just struck me funny.

I don't know why, but I just love seeing the Hobbits playing games! :)

*sigh* Oh, good, I'm so glad Pearl is cleared! Now, this meeting should be interesting.
God bless,

Author Reply: They are, aren't they? I love showing Frodo's sense of humor--it's not something we are often allowed to see.

I just thought that the phrase would be something totally *alien* to young hobbits, and would both puzzle them and perhaps disgust them, but fascinate them as well.

I like them to play games, too! Usually they play "Stones", but I've invented a couple of other hobbity games as well.

Yes, the meeting will be very interesting.

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