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Consequences of a Fall  by Dreamflower 8 Review(s)
Indigo BuntingReviewed Chapter: 3 on 7/13/2006
Awwwwww. Pippin is very sweet in this story. I feel sorry for him, first being teased in such a nasty way by Amethyst and her sisters, and then losing contact with a favorite cousin. Merry's behavior reminds me of a certain episode in the Little House books - favorites of mine growing up. Laura and Carrie are at school, and the teacher doesn't like Laura very much. Carrie unfairly gets punished for a ridiculous trifle, and when Laura stands up to the teacher, they both get in trouble. Laura is defiant, and they end up being sent home. Life's not always fair. Some people ought to get their just desserts - and they don't, because it would be wrong to give it to them. I like how Merry handled things after pulling Amethyst's hair - how he decided to take his punishment rather than apologize. What he did might have been immature, but at the same time, he is mature enough to lie in the bed he's made. It's all about choices.

Author Reply: Oh, I remember that! I loved those books when I was growing up! And the early seasons of the TV adaptations were pretty well done, also.

"Life's not always fair" could be one of the underlying themes of this story--it's unfair for Pippin to be picked on, unfair for Merry to be punished for defending him, unfair for Pearl to be made the object of vicious gossip, unfair for Reggie to be yoked to a wife like Hyacinth, and unfair that Begonia had such a hard life with her mistress. Also, I suppose, unfair that none of the hobbits in line for the Thainship want the job.

I like to think this is a bit of Merry's future character shining through here--he's an honorable lad, worthy one day to grow up to be a Knight of the Mark.

AndreaReviewed Chapter: 3 on 3/22/2006
Oh my, that was a hard punishment, not only for Merry but also and particularly for Pippin.

Saradoc sighed. "Yes, Merry, I will tell them." Such stubborn pride. He must have that from the Took side of the family.

Well, I have a theory that pride is a Brandybuck trait, whereas the Bagginses are famous for their stubbornness. But hey, taking into account how close our three cousins are related it might be very difficult to find out the origins of those traits ;-)

On the other hand I'm not convinced yet that Sara can withstand little Pippin's tears for long...

P.S.: I'm so glad you liked my double dribble. At the moment there is no place where I put my stories, because that very piece was my first one ever.
My muse is a little lazy, you know. Maybe, when I have some more, I'll post it :)

GamgeeFestReviewed Chapter: 3 on 3/21/2006
Poor Pippin. As if it wasn't bad enough having Amethyst say that to him, now Uncle Sara went and took his Merry away. It's true Merry could have handled things differently, but I can't blame him for acting the way he did either. It's hard sometimes to do the mature thing when someone is being so blatantly rude and obnoxious.

Author Reply: Yes, poor Pippin. But it wasn't only Saradoc's fault. Blame the evil Author, who needs very badly to have the cousins separated so the plot can move forward.

Merry is half Took. His Brandybuck half usually keeps his Tookish impulsiveness under control, but one thing that is just about guaranteed to snap that control is to have someone harm his Pippin or his Frodo, and most especially if he sees that they have deliberately set out to do harm to his cousins.

PIppinfan1988Reviewed Chapter: 3 on 3/20/2006
Go, Merry. That wee wench ought to count her lucky stars that's *all* he did. LOL, and I think the Brandybucks have contributed their own bit of stubbornness to young Merry.

I didn't catch the part between Folco and Freddy the first time--his little remark is absoulutely hilarious. :-D


Author Reply: Well, she *was* a lass after all. I am quite sure if it had been a lad tormenting Pip so, Merry would have laid him out flat. *grin* Yes, I agree, I think Brandybucks have their own brand of prideful stubbornness, but Saradoc doesn't seem to agree, LOL!

The part with Freddy and Folco is new, and you can credit Lin for the idea--she was sure that Folco would come up with one of his clueless remarks if he'd been there!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 3 on 3/20/2006
This is far too hard a punishment for poor little Pippin to have to deal with, the dear lad.

All too believable, I fear.

Author Reply: Yes, any time a punishment for those lads involves separation, it means a punishment for them both--not just the miscreant.

I'm glad you found Merry's behavior believable. He's far too well brought up to give her the smack she deserved, but he miscalculated if he thought a hair-pulling was a lesser offense in his father's eyes.

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 3 on 3/20/2006
There are times and cases, Saradoc, where kids should get prizes for behaving badly. And this could well be one of them!

Amethyst is a nasty, vicious little besom who deserves to spend some time in the pillory, having rotten eggs thrown at her. Hair pulling is really quite moderate!

(Of course the passing troll should really head for Hyacinth and save everyone a lot of trouble!)

Author Reply: I should do an AU version of this. Of course, it would be *very* short! LOL!

Well, Amethyst has only her mother to go by, so it's no wonder she's behaving so badly. Personally, I thought Merry was rather restrained in pulling her hair, but his father is not going to agree with that. And it is very important that he punish Merry and not give him a prize, or we will be back, once again to a *very* short tale, *grin*!

And the passing troll, I hope, would have plenty of ant-acid on hand if he ever did decide to snack on Hyacinth. I think she would give even a troll heartburn!

harrowcatReviewed Chapter: 3 on 3/20/2006
Oh my! That may be justice but it is very harsh! Our poor lads. ('Tho I can't imagine that you are going to keep those three apart for one minute!)

Author Reply: Well, I kind of *need* to keep them apart, and for more than a minute, or the story won't happen.

But Saradoc is meting out what he thinks will be the best punishment he can. We shall see how long it stnads...

Grey WondererReviewed Chapter: 3 on 3/19/2006
I love Merry to the rescue. I think that's why I so often put him in that role myself. I did love how he came to the defense of his cousins even though it was not exactly proper behavior. Had I been in Saradoc's position, I doubt I would have done the proper thing on this one. LOL

Author Reply: Well, there were any number of reasons why this had to play out as it did, including Saradoc's punishment, as you know.

But Merry is always going to come to the rescue if he possibly can, whenever it concerns either Pippin or Frodo. He just is. Which is, of course, *why* Saradoc had to give him this punishment.

Otherwise, Merry would not have allowed to happen what has to happen next.

*evil grin*

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