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Ten Thousand Years Will Not Suffice  by Agape4Gondor 3 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 62 on 7/20/2010
That last glance of the Palantir at the coat of mithril, the Elven cloak, and the sword has destroyed his faith. Alas.

Raksha The DemonReviewed Chapter: 62 on 6/23/2010
You write well of Denethor's downward spiral; and, sadly, we know that the worst is yet to come. I always thought it must have been horrible for Denethor to realize, too late, that he should have given Faramir a better parting; and those long hours he spent watching his only remaining child unconscious and sinking closer to death were just a greater opportunity for Denethor's already waning strength to succumb to despair.

I don't suppose there will be an epilogue with Faramir alive and well and Minas Tirith and Gondor safe? Just so this doesn't end in total misery?

Author Reply: There is a small epilogue coming. Very small. Faramir, of course, is alive, but has only a cameo appearance...

I wasn't even going to write an epilogue because this is, in reality, all about Denethor, but it seemed necessary.

Author Reply: Oh - the main thought - shees! Regarding your comment of Denethor's downward spiral - honestly, Raksha, when you read in RotK what poor Pip suffers on that last day, as he stands guard for Denethor... he states it was even worse than when he and Merry were in the clutches of the Uraks....

Now - that must have been a hideous sorrow - to watch Denethor 'die' in spirit...

Many thanks for your kind comments and faithful reading! MOST appreciated.

SarasratiReviewed Chapter: 62 on 6/23/2010
I love the switch into Denethor's own words here at the end of all things. Very powerful!

Author Reply: Thank you! I really didn't know what to do - I knew it had to be 'different' - keeping it separate from all previous entries.

I'm glad it worked for you.

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