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Ten Thousand Years Will Not Suffice  by Agape4Gondor 3 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 59 on 7/20/2010
So, Gandalf and Pippin have come, and between themselves have managed to both flummox poor Denethor and to, in an odd way, comfort the man as well. Most interesting that Pippin reminds him of Amdir! Now, Pippin will become Faramir's Amdir!

TariReviewed Chapter: 59 on 9/15/2009
This version of Denethorís meeting with Pippin is much more to my liking than P. J.ís. You show a side of Denethor that Iím sure was there, while P. J. made him seem cold and unfeeling to all except Boromir. We know this is not true.

I found his conversation with Mithrandir to be interesting based on his total dislike of the Wizard. He does not want despair to fill his city, yet his own heart is full of it. How tragic.

You have written another wonderful chapter which is unfortunately bringing us closer to the end.

Author Reply: Yup!! Definitely closer to the end.... I dread it and long for it. Been a long time writing! Very grateful for your support and reviews!

Faramir says to Frodo in Ithilien that there is naught to hope for... Sadly, the battle has been long and the end seems already written.

ShemyazaReviewed Chapter: 59 on 9/15/2009
I think to be honest, that your story should be required reading for all fanfic writers who either try to tackle the subject of Denethor and his sons and Gondor's fight to remain out of the shadow or those who fling a mention of foul old Denethor into their stories as the token nasty cruel Faramir hating old cad.

Denethor was a complicated man, possibly one of the most complicated characters Tolkien created and the movies did him no favours whatsoever. We don't get the impression of a man torn in many different ways and forever over-shadowed by the horros he was shown in the palantir. Jackson didn't even mention the palantir with regard to Denethor. Instead he played Denethor not as a strong man at his wit's end and terrified for his children, his people, his city and his realm. Instead Jackson did him the disservice of portraying him as some monster who doted on his elder son and mistreated his youngest child. Y

Yes he set high standards for his sons and was disappointed because Faramir was not a carbon copy of his brother. He wa shortsighted in that event, because if he had realised his youngest son's good characteristics, the outcome might have been different. I often wonder what would have happened had Faramir gone to Imladris instead of Boromir and I know it's been the subject of a couple of fanfiction. I haven't found one yet that actually hit me in the right place though.

Anyway, your story and the history is tremendous. through it, Denethor becomes a real person.

Author Reply: I do not think I have ever received such a review as this. My deepest thanks! I sent it off to my betas... thanking them for their help in making this 'work' and bringing Denethor the honor he really deserves.

Bless you Ten Thousand Times!!!

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