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Ten Thousand Years Will Not Suffice  by Agape4Gondor 4 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 49 on 7/18/2010
I'm glad they got the condition properly diagnosed and treated so quickly. And Faramir will be very good, serving from Henneth Annun!

RugiReviewed Chapter: 49 on 3/29/2008
Fantastic chapter! It was fully of Hurin conversations and togetherness which I always love. In some ways, for all I felt sorry for Faramir that he was sick, I almost thought it was a good thing as well since it allowed him to engage with Denethor in a non-confrontational, simple way - they got to simply be father and son together instead of lord and vassal.

It's so interesting how you show that the damaged relationships Denethor has in his past effect his relationships now - it's interesting and tragic to think that the harm that was done him can sour the thought of Boromir and Faramir working together to achieve his aims.

I felt for Boromir in the last scenes, though I think, in the end, Denethor is right - it is their duty to serve Gondor and Faramir has an Ithilian mind - his patience and wisdom would work well in a guerilla-war setting. I'm glad that the brothers have made some peace with their futures, even though they can sense the darkness growing in their father and in the future.

Can't wait for more!

Author Reply: Bless you!

The muse definitely is headed in a certain direction with Boromir and Faramir. I'm glad you noted the 'togetherness' of this chapter. Denethor loves Faramir; we know that from Gandalf's statement at the end... but is definitely affected by his past. To have three people he loves and trusts most 'appear' to collude against him... though they had his goals in mind, all he can 'see' is the shadow of those past meetings between his father, Thorongil, and Gandalf. How else is he supposed to react?

Boromir knows his duty - he just wants to spare his brother - at least until the last moment. I love being able to write of these two. At last! However, I am hoping that their presence during these last years shows Denethor's 'isolation' once both sons are gone from his side. An aspect I am not looking forward to writing.

Most readers think that Faramir had the short end of the stick, so to speak. But I fully believe that Boromir's treatment by Denethor was just as rough. To have to be the 'savior' of his world... to know that his father expected him to 'breathe' Gondor... a difficult life since early childhood. As was Denethor's. Oh well... *heavy sigh*

A gazillion thanks for your constant reviews and support!

SarasratiReviewed Chapter: 49 on 3/24/2008
Wait a second, we're in 3017, not 3018... now I'm confused. Typo? Or does that mean good things for the upcoming chapters in 3018? ;)

Author Reply: YIKES! Must go and correct that - I am quite anxious to get to 3019 and forget a whole year! Thanks for noticing! Bless you!

SarasratiReviewed Chapter: 49 on 3/24/2008
Poor Faramir, he just can't seem to catch a break, can he? First the arrows and now this... I looked it up to see if it was a real disease and then realized you explained undulant fever when I got to the end. Either way, sounds rather unpleasant. I have the sneaking suspicion you are setting something up so that Denethor can send Boromir north instead of Faramir when they have their oh-so-cryptic dreams in a few months. It is interesting to see your take on the matter of the Ithilien Rangers, that Faramir doesn't take over the captaincy of Ithilien until now... a lot of other stories have him going there at age 18 or something, which I've always found to be somewhat unrealistic.

And 3018 is over? That was a long year indeed... I think it took more than a year to actually post it all! Congrats on getting through that, haha.

Author Reply: Pssssssssssst - don't tell anybody about my devious plan. Boromir will have quite a few things to 'use' to prevent Faramir from going....

I personally just don't see Faramir going there (due to its 'high danger' level) until Denethor was desperate....

Thanks so much for your continued support!

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