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Song of the Waters  by Levade 5 Review(s)
AmmieReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/14/2007
Amaaaazing story! You are an astoundingly good writer. ^_^ I love well written stuff about Ecthelion, Maeglin, Tuor and Earendil. There just aren't enough of them these days, sadly. :) Keep writing!!

Author Reply: Hi Ammie,
Thank you for your review! I put muse bait out and hope they'll come around because they're some of my favourite characters too. Take care.

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/8/2006
Prophetic dreams are not all they're cracked up to be! I hope poor Ecthelion was too busy to recognise the situation when he was in the middle of it - but I suspect he knew what he was facing.

I love Ecthelion comforting the teething Earendil. And poor Tuor's frustration. It can't have been easy being the mortal husband of a beautiful elf among a city of elves. The complete opposite of Arwen's situation, in a way.

The feeling of being trapped in the city and yearning for the sea - and Maeglin being ... well, Maeglinish ... I'm glad Ecthelion got to enjoy the fountains in peace at the end.

Author Reply: I think Ecthelion probably knew, as soon as "dawn" came from the wrong way that summer morning. It would be frustrating to know and be powerless to stop it, definitely. Tuor was an amazing person, often ignored in fanfic. You're right, he was in the opposite situation of Arwen. I think it would be harder to be the sole human, but then he'd been raised by elves so maybe it was what he was used to. Thanks for the comments and for reading, Bodkin! :)

EllieReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/6/2006
What a wonderful story! It was interesting watching the tension mount first with the dream and then with Maeglin's appearance and then the calm brought by the calming of Earendil.

"In the waters dancing, in the play of the splashes he heard the ocean, and Ulmo's song. Varda's stars lit the night sky, and Ithil sailed over, brilliant and silver. Perhaps they were not as forsaken as it sometimes seemed. Ecthelion let his mind slip onto the dream paths, soothed and comforted by the song of the waters."

What beautiful imagery. Exquisite.

Author Reply: Thank you, Ellie. You're too kind, but thank you! :)

French PonyReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/6/2006
This is a beautiful little slice of life. You can see the city's ultimate fate set into motion, and you can see how unavoidable that fate was, with Maeglin's remark and Ecthelion's agreement that the people of Gondolin are beginning to find the city a prison rather than a paradise. But for now, there is Tuor and the baby. It's good that Ecthelion can find a little peace for now. You have to hold on to those moments.

Author Reply: Thank you for the comments! Gondolin was a bit like a gilded cage I think, and no matter what the Noldor just couldn't escape their doom. I imagine the inhabitants held to the good as much as possible until the very end. Thanks for reading. :)

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/6/2006
I thought this was beautiful! I love the idea of Ecthelion wandering in the night, hearing baby Earendil, and going to the aid of the human father, his friend. Poor Tuor.

When my son was an infant, I told my husband that I thought about sleep as an adolescent boy thinks about sex. I thought about it all the time, wondered what it would feel like, plotted how to get some. And yet, you know the poor baby is just doing what is has to.

Author Reply: Yes, it's a very good thing babies are so adorable and loveable, or ...well, sleep deprivation isn't pretty, is it? It would be fun to see if Tuor ever got to see the drool on the other tunic and razz Ecthelion about it.

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