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Starlight at Eventide  by Ariel 7 Review(s)
EstëReviewed Chapter: 7 on 2/17/2006
Your description of the hobbits greeting King Aragorn - hugging and thumping each other so that they nearly knocked each other to the ground - had me in stitches.

You certainly know ho to combine drama and comedy. I applaud you.

Author Reply: :)

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 7 on 2/2/2006
Ah, bless sweet Diamond. I recognize our Aragorn and his queen very well, although I generally see him in slightly newer boots.

Author Reply:
LOL! Well, I figured the ranger had to be in there still and would have to show somewhere. Thanks for reading, and for providing me with delightful stories that I have to remember to review once in a while. ;) One of the problems of reading things offline is that you have to purposefully remember to review once you get back to a computer.

InklingReviewed Chapter: 7 on 2/1/2006
My heart went out to Estella weeping in the rocker…I remember exactly when and where I was the last time I nursed, and how sad I felt knowing the weaning was finally over.

This is truly a bond, and a loss, beyond Merry’s understanding, although it’s to his credit that he’s trying…

Author Reply:
I debated including this point in my story, but it is something I feel VERY strongly about.

I nursed my daughter till she was nearly two (I got pg and my milk dried up) and my son till he was 2 1/2 but I live in a part of my country where less than 12% of children are breastfed and where women don't even understand what kind of astonishingly empowering experience they are throwing away when they pick up a bottle. It breaks my heart for these children, but also for these mothers.

It's one thing if medication or your situation denies you this birthright, but to purposefully give it up out of ignorance, lack of support or some warped sense of aesthetics is an outrage. I put this in very deliberately, because I feel for those who truly can't nurse their child (a far smaller number than who thinks they can't, IMHO) and want to show those who haven't had the opportunity yet to know that the decision to nurse your child is most definitely one worth making.

aprilkatReviewed Chapter: 7 on 1/31/2006
Well, this is an interesting turn of events. Diamond seeking the help of the Queen for Estella - as Queen or as Healer elf?

The ties between the hobbits and Gondor Post-Quest is one I haven't often read in fanfic, and it's a fertile and intriguing one. I can't wait to see what Diamond has in mind!

Author Reply: - as Queen or as Healer elf?

Would you believe as Cupid? You know those elves and their skill with bows. ;)

I agree! That is a fertile ground that has been very infrequently tapped. If you like stories about that subject, I think you'll like the next chapter very much. Many ties and many common fears.

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 7 on 1/31/2006
Ah, ah, ah. Merry has begun to over-think and over-plan again. Instead of plunging in straightway, to court his wife and try to re-kindle passion--the way Pippin for example, would have done in a similar situation--he postpones it while he *plans* the perfect time and setting. And while it sounds romantic to have a second honeymoon at Crickhollow, in a way it is also a form of procrastinating as well. And again, we are seeing the echoes of his pain at Frodo's loss, as he wants to be in a place where he feels Frodo's presence strongly. He has such a need of that strong loving wisdom that was torn away from him.

And it is a shame that Estella's attempt to nurse Eadoc failed. What a bitter blow, when she had been so hopeful. But Merry is intrigued now, sensing depths in his wife that he has never realized before were there. And I love the musings he makes on the differences between motherhood and fatherhood.

I like your choice to show the reunion with Aragorn from Diamond's POV--she has heard, I am sure, so much from Pippin about this Man whom he loves and admires and is so proud to serve--and to see that the affection and pride goes both ways has to be both gratifying and satisfying to see.

I also love the way Diamond takes her courage in both hands to speak to Arwen. With the King and Queen on the case, that should help immensely. I am puzzled as to Estella's absence here--she was well enough to accompany Merry to see Pippin and Diamond earlier. Has she had a set-back then, or is Merry being overprotective again?

And I wonder as well--are Sam and Rosie privy yet to these troubles, or has Merry failed to confide in Sam?

Author Reply:
Yes, I am afraid you have Merry pegged absolutely. It does boil down to procrastination. Guys tend to want to find logical explanations for things anyway and there's an element of this that defies logic.

A bitter blow indeed. And she's not exactly in position to handle another rejection right now, not even one she can understand.

As for Sam and Rosie, I haven't included their input in this simply because it didn't fit in with the storyline, but I can't see Sam not being at least aware there were troubles (though I couldn't imagine him pressing Merry for an answer like Pip did. He'd have waited until Merry was willing to tell it and that might have been a long wait. Pippin's brass and lack of shame come in handy sometimes.).

harrowcatReviewed Chapter: 7 on 1/31/2006
Yes! Aragorn to help Merry and Arwen for Estella of course. And then, perhaps they need to swap too! Got to run.....

Author Reply:
Thank you for reading!

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 7 on 1/30/2006
Merry's curiosity has been aroused. That is definitely a good thing. He's not as sure that he knows everything about Estella, which will intrigue him. But it's not enough, I daresay. Very sensible of Diamond to involve Arwen. And then she can get Aragorn involved if necessary. Probably to confirm that Estella is recovered - because the rest might be better left in the hands of women!

Sorry to have missed out on reviewing - the next chapter arrives before I get round to reviewing the last! I do like the characterisations here.

Author Reply:
They are a sensible bunch. It's a very real issue and really couldn't be countered in any other way than sensibly, but, as Merry showed, even that needs a little more push.

No worries - any review is welcome! I am delighted you are enjoying the story.

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