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Shire Songbook  by Lindelea 1 Review(s)
InklingReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 3/9/2005
Good heavens Lin, is there no end to your talent? Not only do you appear to be the most prolific fanfic writer on the planet, but you compose songs too??

I was just browsing through your story list when I stumbled across this…so far I’ve listened to the first six songs and they are just delightful! They seem so very right for the Shire…and now I know what the Springle Ring sounds like! I think my favorite so far is “Lamp in the Window,” but they’re all wonderful.

I got a kick out of your note about ear worms; made me think of the babel fish in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy—you put one in your ear, then you can understand all the languages of the universe. And yes, “The Courtship of Samwise Gamgee” is stuck in my head now!

Author Reply: Well, hobbits seem to sing a lot.

Oh yes, I could use a babel fish. Wouldn't it be fun?

Just so long as the hobbit songs don't resemble Vogon poetry...

I really like the way #10 rolls along, rather like a wagon on a hilly road. #11 is a very sad song, written suring the time we were saying goodbye to my writing partner (our dog).

But you're right, I keep coming back to "Lamp in the Window" and the four-seasons song. Those both sprang from "Jewels". One of these days I'm going to have to finish revising that draft and post it on SoA... Sorry, you caught me talking to myself again (mumble, mumble).


Author Reply: "during" not "suring"
It must be time for bed. Anyhow, thanks again.

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